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  1. Nice Hurricanes... and rifles ! The first are easier to get, but much longer to assembly... @+
  2. Hi ! Happy New Year ! This Whitley is over since yesterday. Roundels painted owing to Mr.Paint's tints. I don't like painting, i am not an artist, it 's always a struggle for me to deal with any problem with every kit. In the end, i find a kind of charm in this aircraft, an old fashionned flying bombing device : i will probably not say the same thing for the Wellington... I also ended this one yes
  3. Good evening. Some decals problems, silvering, tearing when removing masktape... So only one way to proceed : removing everything and paint the roundels ! But first, get the right colours... Delays, delays... @+ :-)
  4. Hello, What a strange ship !! I'm not familiar with WW1 aircraft, but i have two pictures of an Anzani 100 cv and it looks very different from a Le Rhone type C 80 cv. Found them in Icare n°197 page 128. Good work ! @+
  5. Thanks to all of you. For Chris, well I'm French... and you may be the "Chris" i have to thank for two superbs pictures of Whitley's landing gear published here a few months ago ? If so, you will see how useful they have been ! Tonight, or rather tomorrow, some varnish work... See you later ! @+
  6. Good evening, It's the first time i start a topic with you. I'm not fluent with english language, but it is easier as i only have to write ! Main purpose is to share about plastic kit building, but also to practice again your language because, retired, knowledge is fading fastly... so i have a dictionary on my knees ! Why a Whitley ? Because a good friend is building a Manchester and i had to go with him on something in relation with his subject : too lazy to start my Planet Model Manchester kit after some hard previous work, i saw this recent box, and i also wanted to bu
  7. Thank you ! I checked once more : i had missed some valuable pics, we have everything we need. I do not believe my paint will match yours !!... @+
  8. I confirm, it's not an easy one ! Perfectly built and finely upgraded... Did you get informations about the extra fuel tank we can see behind pilot's seat please ? I have found one partial pic only, it's better than nothing, but i hope to find something more... @+
  9. Hello, First, i apologise for mistakes, but i'm not speaking nor writing correctly in English. First, as said Fernandocouto, don't build a Me 262 with two SC 500 or any 1000 kg payload : it was forbidden because lose of control occured and caused aircraft destruction and pilot's death. EKdo 262 only performed such trials under strict control but it never occured in operationnal units. Second, it is mentionned most of time, also in Classic monographie, that PC+UE was the only aircraft to use those RATO devices : for trials, yes, but Classic gives a picture of V10 with such device
  10. You will find several pictures of St Ex 's Simoun in ICARE n°71. He has had several aircraft of this type, some of them being his own aircraft. F-ANRY was his first own Simoun. It is also the one with which he tried his record flight. I have a picture of it crashed in the desert December 30th 1935 south of Alexandria in Egypt. If you have read "Pilote de Guerre", the flight which is the frame of the book really occured : it was an important flight which took place on May 23rd 1940 with the Bloch 174 n°24. He also flew Bloch 174 n°8, 21, 22, 53, all with GR II/33 from march 29th to june 9th 1
  11. Hello Killingholme, I also admire Antoine De Saint-Exupery and it is much more easy for me to read his books and letters as far as i'm french... I built neither of his planes but i have planned to do so for a Bloch 174 or a P-38, let's say in the future... For the Bloch 174, as someone said, there is nothing presently but the Heller kit with a big amount of scratchbuild if you enjoy... Otherwise, you may wait for Azur's annonced Bloch 175 and modify this one, great work also... Saint-Exupery flew several Bloch 174 during the disastrous Campagne de France, and i have these informations somew
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