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  1. And then I would like to know your opinion for what concerns the accuracy of the overall shape of this kit.

    In particular, what do you think of the nose, the canopy/windshield, and the lower fuselage.

    Deos Gabor have the kit? I see he was using photos from the review and from a post I made on another site.

    Gabor, if you don't have the kit and want me to take photos of specific areas (should you want to answer the questions), let me know. I have been looking at Eduard's Brass In seats for the Mig-21 as a possible replacement for this kit since I think I will keep the canopy closed. Hopefully, I won't have too much trouble adapting the sharkmouth from Begemot's decal sheet since it was designed for the Revell kit.


  2. I love that statement It is the enjoyment that counts.

    People tend to forget that this is a model which is being built, assembled, or made for our enjoyment. OK, some do it as a business. In any case, each of us has a take on what we want from it.

    I am a rivet/bolt/detail obsessed individual because that is what I try to add to my models. Sometimes I succeed, most of the times I fail miserably but I enjoy taking the path of making this my model. So, you will see me joining in on threads where opportunities for improvement are presented. Sadly, many take a negative view of the kit and see it as a thread pointing out failures, not opportunities for them (or an aftermarket company) to improve on what is offered.

    PS - almost forgot: Is that you Sharkmouth next to Darth Earl Jones?

    :banghead: I forgot to change my avatar. Indeed, that is I next to James Earl Jones. We know him as the voice of Darth Vader and my son knows him as the voice of Simba's father, Mufasa. James and I were together several times as he was the spokesman for the company I worked for...


  3. Before painting I primed the kit flat black, after the grey was applied I could simply use fine sandpaper to remove the grey from the raised panel lines and make them black again. Missing details and rivets were drawn with a pencil.

    Rene, that is a good technique but keep in mind that the stainless steel panels on this aircraft were spot welded, not riveted. Some panel lines are actually good as they are raised and reflect the welded panels quite well.

    Rob, keep looking at the Kittyhawk MiG-25 threads and decide what you want to add and what you can live without. In the end, just enjoy the model.


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