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  1. I hope so as well but their mentality MAY be that there is more detail on the larger scale kit they can simplify for 1/48th as opposed to having to add details to their smaller scale kit data. Who really knows what they think? I certainly don't! Regards,
  2. I am sure that Wasan Plastics (Parent Company to Trumpeter and Hobby Boss) decided to let Hobby boss release the quarter scale one (Trumpeter already have released the subject, using the same amount of R & D in 1/32nd and 1/32nd scales). Recall that Trumpeter also had an Academy 'inspired 1/38th scale kit out years ago. So, I am expecting to see a pantographed down 32nd scale Trumpeter Flanker (hopefully with the corrections in place). Regards,
  3. Well, Wasan Plastics (parent company to Trumpeter and Hobby Boss) entered an agreement with Merit International for Merit to release the last two listed as kits under Merit's label: TU00916 - 1:16 German 15cm s.FH.18 field howitzer TU00917 - 1:16 M198 155mm Medium towed howitzer will now be MIL-61603 - 1:16 German 15cm s.FH.18 field howitzer MIL-61602 - 1:16 M198 155mm Medium towed howitzer Wasan also took Hobby Boss' M19 Tank Transporter to give to Merit so: 85503 - US M19 Tank Transporter Hard Top will now be MIL-63501 - US M19 Tank Transporter Hard Top Regards,
  4. sharkmouth


    I am selling two obsolete Flanker kits (both for $10USD), one of which is this brand and has the cockpit off center: So far, no takers! Regards,
  5. Wow! I wish I saw this before deciding to build it for my son as a what if racer. Regards,
  6. http://www.generationv.co.uk/ejcgallery/albums/userpics/10002/j7aiv.jpg
  7. Deos Gabor have the kit? I see he was using photos from the review and from a post I made on another site. Gabor, if you don't have the kit and want me to take photos of specific areas (should you want to answer the questions), let me know. I have been looking at Eduard's Brass In seats for the Mig-21 as a possible replacement for this kit since I think I will keep the canopy closed. Hopefully, I won't have too much trouble adapting the sharkmouth from Begemot's decal sheet since it was designed for the Revell kit. Regards,
  8. Thanks for the photos, isn't Geneseo where they have an A-20G? Regards,
  9. Cost effective too! I like your breakfast... chocolate and coffee?
  10. People tend to forget that this is a model which is being built, assembled, or made for our enjoyment. OK, some do it as a business. In any case, each of us has a take on what we want from it. I am a rivet/bolt/detail obsessed individual because that is what I try to add to my models. Sometimes I succeed, most of the times I fail miserably but I enjoy taking the path of making this my model. So, you will see me joining in on threads where opportunities for improvement are presented. Sadly, many take a negative view of the kit and see it as a thread pointing out failures, not opportunities for them (or an aftermarket company) to improve on what is offered. I forgot to change my avatar. Indeed, that is I next to James Earl Jones. We know him as the voice of Darth Vader and my son knows him as the voice of Simba's father, Mufasa. James and I were together several times as he was the spokesman for the company I worked for... Regards,
  11. The difference is, I moan when something I want to build isn't done for me! You simply moan when you're not able but at least you try! Regards,
  12. Rene, that is a good technique but keep in mind that the stainless steel panels on this aircraft were spot welded, not riveted. Some panel lines are actually good as they are raised and reflect the welded panels quite well. Rob, keep looking at the Kittyhawk MiG-25 threads and decide what you want to add and what you can live without. In the end, just enjoy the model. Regards,
  13. Martin, I am always impressed by the true modelers (as opposed to the fantastic model assemblers we see everywhere). There is so much to learn and it is humbling after one spends hours complaining about a kits failings when someone like you would just make it yourself. Fozzy! Regards,
  14. Here is what the intake covers look like. I haven't found any photos online yet of the ones I remember on the exhausts. Click the photo to visit the web site from which this photo is linked. Be aware that there is a LOT of information and the Hasegawa kit is supposed to represent the MiG-25P which Belenko used to defect. Regards,
  15. That looks REALLY good! I have been buying Eduard 48th scale kits but should look at RV as well!. Regards,
  16. Ah, somehow I missed this thread! Gabor, I posted more photos of the kit contents on the other site. If there is something you need covered let me know. Regards,
  17. I got mine in today... The main landing gear bays are much too shallow too: Last, nowhere on the instructions is it made clear that the foreign markings are fictional. Regards,
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