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  1. Erm, have I misread this? Date 1st April?

    You didn't misread but it has no bearing on the news. The third OTV was launched from Cape Canaveral, FL on December 11th of 2012:


    This followed the 469 day orbit of the second launch I quoted above.

    As of today, April 2nd, 2014, the OTV is now in orbit for 477 days.


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  2. I believe it is the only kit of its type(awaiting to be corrected though),

    Aside from AER (with which you have done wonders) there is the Cooperativa release, a Japanese garage resin kit (for which ModelKasten released non-articulating tracks in their K series) and Arsenal Ace resin & white metal kit.


  3. I would have prefered to see this option included in the box.

    Well, I would also have preferred to have the Tomcat schemes in the box instead of the faux Harvards so no one would complain (wait, they probably would anyway), that the kit doesn't include the different rear canopy. So, neither of us got 100% of what we wanted.

    Having the decals in hand, I still state that I prefer the weapons sprues as these decals would be replaced (even the stencils). A replacement decal sheet is far more likely, affordable, and easier to get than weapon sprues specific to the Tomcat.


  4. Glad to see that there are raised rivets as on the real thing and not recessed !!!

    Only a few such as on the MG pods and the access panel on the fuselage side. The raised fasteners are visible on the engine cowling and the panel in front of the windscreen.


  5. Specific French weapons, but not even a French roundel in the marking choices.

    I must miss something there...

    You didn't miss something. I prefer to have the weapons included in the kit than have to find them once the Zotz decals comes out. Zotz' decals were sent many photographs of French and Portuguese Texans/Tomcats and they responded that they will include these schemes in their release. By the way, those specific French weapons were also used by the Portuguese and Katangan T-6.

    Does the final production kit have the incorrectly-placed main gear attachment points (too far inboard) as seen on the CAD images and the test shots?

    Yes, it does. I did take photographs but they're not posted here. The trunnions should be further outboard. However, the detail is not as bad as some expected.


  6. Simply, a wonderful build! Even though I know of no Zero with a sharkmouth scheme, I am so glad I took the time to look as I have been inspired! Actually, I bought Tamiya's 1/48th scale Zero as an investment (my way of voting with my wallet to show I appreciate when they downscale they stupendous large scale releases).

    Now, I may have to build it someday!



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  7. I quote for the click2detail exhaust nozzles. These are 3D printed parts (the long-feathered nozzles are offered as well), that means:

    BOTH burner cans, incl. outer, inner feather-rings (with actuators), the middle junktion, the aft flat-wall burner pipe and the forward wave-structured burner pipe WITH the flame-holder-rings (dome -correct- in flight-direction!) . . . comes as ONE PART.

    Hi Andreas88, have you tried these on the kit? I saw them on Click2Detail but did not order them yet.


  8. Excellent work Artie! I have the kit but shied away from the Argentinian examples due to the metal finish. I have two (the other for a Siamese Hawk) so may try it!

    I was lucky enough to go o the Thai AF museum in Bangkok and actually measure the spats on their example.

    Hi John, would you be able to share the measurements (and/or photographs)? The Siamese kit is one on my to do list.


  9. Thanks for the tip Saúl, but that's a bit pricey for me :(

    It is expensive but, unlike the Desert Eagle book, it includes plans for each variant (accurately described) and information not forthcoming anywhere else.

    Two examples:

    1. Note that there are two types of roadwheels. Look at the hub caps as a clue.
    2. Most of these vehicles had T-55 spider web wheels mixed within the assortment.


    Taken from Prime Portal. click image to visit if you haven't already.


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