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  1. If there is an available canopy which would be right, everything else is fixable with only a bit of skill and a sharp hobby knife... The canopy is my issue. Everything else is fixable. If Rob Taurus Has a canopy for the original mig-23 kit and it is right the rest is doable.

    I knew you see it my way (if shapes are close, work the plastic). The canopy is also available from Ciro Models. My concern is modifying the windscreen, if needed. $15 for the earlier MiG-23 kits is a deal! Another concern are the larger nose wheels (if noticeable at this scale) and the nose gear bay doors (blisters are far too small and not properly represented on the inner side).


  2. Looking over the kit parts and those of the previous releases (since Otakar had asked about comparison images on another site), I noted that I have replacement canopies and windscreens from Ciro Models (I just found out about Rob Taurus' release a moment ago). What does it mean? I have the kit canopy left over.

    Comparing to photographs I took of the real item plus some books I own (HEMA published one specifically on the MiG-23BN), I noticed that the canopy should be the same as the fighter variant. Trumpeter modified the canopy in this kit to take into account the sloping cockpit sills (which also means the add on armor is sloped as well). Once I used the standard canopy (putty on the front of the sills to make it sit level), the side view looked much better.

    The windscreen may be the problem then as I started straightening out the top edge of the nose so I could not place the parts together to see the end result of the standard canopy, kit windscreen, and straightened nose.

    As for the rest of the fuselage, correcting the asymmetrical air brakes was rather easier than I though (I have the Ciro Models upgrade should I have screwed them up). Adding the fuel tank weld beads is simple so that left the intakes for me to try to correct. If I screw that up, I still have a set from Aires and Ciro Models to replace them.


  3. OK, I see you updated the link and I am aware of the thread which is locked. Since no one can reply to it, why point it out unless I am to get the impression I should take this post down since the previous one degenerated? Is that it? If so, no worries by me! I simply wanted to know what I should look at to better the kit and give others a chance to see it. My next step, if I were to continue, was to post photographs of the PE, decals, and tape together the fuselage.. I didn't see that in the previous thread..


  4. I am publishing these photographs for a discussion on the subject, Trumpeter's 48th scale MiG-23BN. Please refrain from posting opinions of the company since it is not the reason for this post.

    Feel free to use these photographs and write on them to discuss points on the kit (as long as my copyright is acknowledged and not covered up, obliterated, or cropped out).





















    I still need to add the decals and PE photos.


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  5. Academy's LVTP-7 APC kit has a shark mouth option from Korea, iirc.

    Hobby Boss' kit also includes the Korean Marines marking/

    AirCam did a softcover book on this long long ago.......


    Patrick, Aicam did two books on sharkmouth schemes. I have over 3000 images of sharkmouth vehicles. I've started too many kits, all with sharkmouth schemes, this year as it was my New Year's resolution. While I may not participate, I'll be glad to offer images and (if I can spare them) decals to participants.

    Obviously, I'd like to see this GB take off!


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  6. I'd like to get some feedback please guys. Its the only way we will improve.

    We had a great deal of help with this project from some super friends and there are many to name.

    I believe Mike has the kit to review so here are some detail images since I am sure Mike will have the sprue photos:

    This strange joint makes me believe that the sprues are molded at the same factory in China used by Kitty Hawk Models, Panda Hobby, and Mirror Models:


    Note all the slide and multi-part molding in effect:


    Instrument panel


    Decal for the instrument panel:


    Some flash on this part...


    Cockpit tub...


    Note the sliding mold to engrave the lower fuselage detail...




    One of two shark nose tips (longer one is for the first prototype)...



    These trunks are supposed to be open but are flashed over...












    Excellent clarity to the windscreen and canopy...





    I will most certainly use lots of these parts (weapons, pylons, etc) to upgrade my AFV Club F-5N kits. It is a really well executed model but I need to dig deeper to know about accuracy and fit.

    [Edit - I just saw I reached 100 posts so I can now head over to the Buy/Sell forum. too bad I already spent my August budget.]


  7. Only ZVEZDA in 72 scale ....in 48 no yet good offer.

    I disagree, other than the twist which many didn't notice for over a decade, what is wrong that it is "no good offer?" Having the same references Monogram used (photos from Piotr Butowski, others not named, video provided of a defecting Sandinista Mi-25 which landed in Honduras), I can state that the designers made this kit very close to what they had provided to them. Adding a twist is not easy but it isn't impossible either.


  8. I have every Hind kit mentioned.

    72nd scale:

    1. Italeri (and Revell rebox)
    2. Hasegawa (all three variants)
    3. Hobby Boss
    4. Zvezda - only one with the twist.

    I agree with all stated, Zvezda's is definitely the best of the bunch.

    48th scale:

    1. Trumpeter (Mini-Hobby) - Not as nice as the original Monogram release they copied.
    2. Monogram (also in Revell boxing) - Most accurate for a long time since it was developed until the Zvezda kit. Based on close up photographs and video provided to the company to produce the kit. It does lack the twist.

    35th scale:

    1. Trumpeter - Nice kit


  9. The other thing that I discovered after adding the inerior PE (and not mentioned by any of the reviewers - grrrr!) was that the drivers compartment was open at the rear so that the fighting compartment could be accessed through a forward slanting opening.

    Really? None of the reviewers mentioned it?

    "One will note that, other than a driver's seat and some vertical bulkheads, there is no interior. The driver's rear bulkhead should be at an angle matching the bolt pattern seen on the sides of the hull." From my review dated September 18, 2011.

    Do you know if an AA version turret will be in the makeing for this kit.

    Will save me scratch building it. :coolio:

    No, no plans at the moment from them. They are working on their second STZ-5 tractor as their next release. I spoke to the owner last week.


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