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  1. Well, the OEZ (KP/Eduard) kit is now the low end, Hobby Boss (based on Mr, song's work when he was with Trumpeter) is second, with Kitty Hawk (Mr. Song's latest) being the best so far.  Who scanned the German museum's fitter?  Not AMK, doubtful it is ICM as they have examples much closer... then who?  Who had been scanning aircraft lately?


    Personally, I got rid of my OEZ kit in the hopes of the new ones but haven't picked up any instead... I can wait it out.



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  2. After reading through all 18 pages of the thread on scalemodels.ru, I see that the Russians seem to agree that the belly of the fuselage is the issue.  They had others such as the nose gear being too far back while the main gears are too far forward.  The Russians seem to enjoy overlaying images of the KH CAD on top of photos of the real aircraft.  Some even had some nicely done plans with cross sections.  Here are just a few of the images to be found on the forum.  Last, they didn't seem to have the fuselage problem Doog did and they did point out that he mounted the KKR pod backwards and forgot to remove the pylons on either side.



    The image above purports the landing gear being too close together (nose and main)


    Overlaying the KittyHawk CAD over photos of the real aircraft:





    This has some nicely done plans... I wish I knew the source.





    The main issue found:



    It affects the mounting of the KKR pod.  This is how it should be (instead of pointing downwards as in the kit):



    Trying to stitch an image together to eliminate distortion (these guys are serious!):




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  3. 38 minutes ago, Muzz said:

    Well that definitely isn't the Hobby Boss fuselage as can clearly be seen from this photo of the sprues taken of the HB site.......



    Luckily, Russian is easier for me to understand than some English from Argentina... :)


    The upper abbreviation is for KP and the lower is for KH.  Below is the post on scalemodels.ru:


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  4. 10 hours ago, Sprueloose said:

    I was rather disappointed with the after-market metal landing gear that I got for the new version


    Terry, sounds like you wasted your money on that SAC o' crap.  It is rumored they once (perhaps twice) corrected kit parts prior to casting but most are simply casting the kit parts as they are with seams, knock out pin marks (with the  expected raised or sunken areas), and the added flash.



  5. On 2/4/2017 at 08:56, ICMF said:

    You can see where the alternate parts will go; there are big, empty sections in the tooling that have been gated off:



     The empty areas around the mid and rear sections are probably clearance for the multi-part mold to impress details.  The fact the the outer edges do not have sprue tree gates and the inner gates trees are half round bear this out.  II'll know for sure when I get my kit.


    I'd love for Kitty Hawk to release many variants.



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  6. 14 hours ago, kotey said:

    Sorry, sharkmouth - MiG-29SMT is boring for you - only two types of camouflage (splinter-type and grey-green) from RuAF and Algerian camouflage.


    Well kotey, you spoiled me with 5 sharkmouth schemes on your first Fulcrum sheet!  I ended up buying it twice (48th & 72nd scales).


    General Designer, I can't see the images (they are blocked at work) but thank you for pointing out where I can find the decal sheet.



  7. I almost forgot.  Trumpeter's kit replaces the upper fuselage (I'm comparing it to their 9.12 release), a sprue tree with vertical fins, IFR probe (can be built extended or stowed), instrument panel, and avionics cooling intake, a new canopy, and a new weapon sprue tree Q2 (R-77 and Kh-31).  Of course, a new and uninspired decal sheet as well. 


    Problem is, the instructions tell you to build two Kh-31 missiles and then you realize there is only one sprue tree.  The parts map indicate only one sprue tree however, said sprue tree only allows the build of one missile.  :(






  8. 12 hours ago, Ryan Hothersall said:

    What about Algerian and Indian markings?.


    They don't really interest me as much.  Begemot will release the Algerian markings, among others.  One strange thing about the SMT is that there are three rather different aircraft with the name; product 9.17, 9.18, and 9.19.  The one on the cover of the Famous Russian Aircraft - Muikoyan MiG-29 caught my attention and is a MiG-29SMT but the product with the 9.12 upper fuselage:



    You can barely make out the Cyrillic stylizes MiG and the SMT on the out side of the starboard vertical fin.



  9. Glad I found this thread!  I have Trumpeter's 9.12 & 9.19 (the second nose is for this version, the MiG-29SMT), Zvezda's 9.13 (two sharkmouth schemes on the sheet so I may get another kit, Trumpeter or Zvezda?), and two Italeri MiG-29 (9.12).  Since I also have 48th scale kits (Academy MiG-29A & UB plus GWH 9.12 Early (2x)), 9.12 Late (German scheme), and 9.13), I feel ready to tackle all the sharkmouth markings from Begemot, Hi-Decal, and others.




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