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  1. Looks good, something a little different from the normal viewings and very well finished. Dan.
  2. This is absolutely superb, the finish on that camoflage is brilliant. Never had the hand or patience to try squiggle camoflage myself but yours looks amazing. Great job. Dan.
  3. Fantastic builds there, two top notch Harriers you have yourself. Dan.
  4. Awesome build. Building Revell's 1/72 P-47 at the moment and if my NMF comes out even half as good as yours I will be a happy man. All the best, Dan.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, will give that a miss then. May just have to find a new method or take a lot more time and care over my masking. Thanks, Dan.
  6. Rob, You know, I am still not sure. I have learnt that if I add a nice bright colour to it, you cant miss it. But, leaving it drying clear... Is a big mistake especially as once painted over, you cant tell. I had a rough panel line I was following so was easy enough to take off from there but small splashes elsewhere meant I actually will never know. Thanks for the comment and all the best, Dan.
  7. Hello, Here is my recently finished Hasegawa F-18C, from VFA-105 'Gunslingers' aboard USS Enterprise. Kit was very nice but I had some fit issues, was a first for me having the fuselage in about 10 pieces or so, really tested my new found sanding and filling techniques and skills. Painted with Revell AquaColour Acrylics by Brush, still not got a new can of White Spray so hand painted the white on the sidewinders etc, which was very annoying. I finished it with Humbrol Mattcote but, had to be finished by brush as the can stopped working. The brush was a new flat head, and had pink in it!? It w
  8. Hello all, Here is my Revell 1/72 SU-24 Fencer, brush painted with Revell AquaColour Acrylics. Has 2 metal ejector seats (cannot remember make sorry) and a cut up to fit etch from a 1/48 MiG-29 (I took the dash and console pieces etc and adapted them). Was a first for me, I masked off the camoflage and canopy using Revell Maskol, never used this stuff before but was quite pleased for my first go. Next time will mix it with some paint (Orange or Purple) so that it stands out... was peeling leftover bits off days afterwards. Anyway, here she is, I hope you like: Thanks for looki
  9. I have both HB Emil and this G-4 kit, slightly confused myself by having them both out at once but yes JG-27 in 1943 were flying G-4's but Gustav Rodel's was Yellow 4 not White 4, as depicted in the kit. The scheme is very unusual and I really like it so I will source some Yellow 4's and get them on or if worst comes to it will over paint them. Anyway maybe I put the lids on wrong and the E got the G lid and the G got the E lid, but this one is definately a G. Cheers, Dan.
  10. I have both, and both have been on the modelling desk, and look identical. I must have gotten something mixed up but as far as I can tell it should be Yellow 4 not White 4, so one small hurdle over and another crops up. Yes, shes a G-2 and the Emil is in the stash but the kit decals should have her as Yellow 4, will source some Yellow numbers out and get them on. All the best, Dan.
  11. Photos up in Ready for Inspection now, see Here. Cheers, Dan.
  12. Hi all, The latest off the line. A little 109 to get a quick fix between my SU-24 and a F-18. Kit is Hobbyboss' easy kit 109 E-4/7 but, it looks like a G-2/4 kit. What do you all think? Was just a stop gap between builds, canopy fit was atrocious even after filling sanding and scrubbing away. No extras, decals went on a treat with MicroSet/Sol and a quick brush of Humbrol Matt Varnish. I normally would spray it on from a can, but it ran out, and I had a small amount left in a pot so brushed on. Still, I am happy with it so good enough for the shelf. Anyway, done OOB as White 4 from JG-27, 1
  13. Hi all, Yes photos to come into RFI shortly, I ran out of Matt Varnish so while being done, she wasnt exactly completely done until today. While the Box says it is an E, I have been wondering whether what they actually have supplied is a G? When I post pictures I will link and you can all see for yourselves, but boxed as an E-4/7 this looks more like a G, and when I checked my references for a BF-109G White 4 in JG-27 I found this: Clicky Here. This shows a G-2 of JG-27, Triple Chevron YELLOW 4, as being the ride of Hauptmann Gustav Rodel, and in 1943 being in Tunisia, and then Trapani (Sic
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