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  1. Yes, the whole hood is covered with lead shot... if someone is interested in my building, then you can see it here...
  2. Hi everyone, I decided to lay out my extreme model from Trumpeter CJ-6 Nanchang on a scale of 1/32. The model was made from a box, with some modifications. In the cockpit, he made some modifications to the structural elements on the sides of the instructor's cockpit, added tethering belts, fitted and installed a canopy visor on metal pins. There was a lot of work and alterations with the main and bow landing gear struts, the necessary wiring was added to them. Applied an imitation of riveting on the wing. All onboard lights are re-made of color acrylic. Painted with Mr.Color paints, weat
  3. Excellent work, but paint is better to put a metallic on black luster! On opaque paint she looks as concrete!
  4. What interests you? I will try to do everything possible, but I am more pilot, than avf-modeler.
  5. Horror!!! It isn't red brown - is a light rust
  6. I think what stit to try to make something average between the 4 and 5 option.... Cheers, Gleb
  7. These are grids from here such teapot... I broke a glass flask and there were 2 big grids which have found for themselves application...
  8. Gremlin56, It is possible to replace lattices, while the getting is good...??? They look roughly and too deeply.... Look in my blog as I have made it. It isn't difficult at all
  9. Floor is smart!!!! It seems to me, but boxes for shells and a surrounding interior too pure, they look too contrastly with a floor!
  10. No, it is bought separately. resin. Gremlin56 And than you have pasted zimmerit to plastic??? Superglue for this purpose not really approaches because of fast hardening
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