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  1. Great show! My first time at the MK show, but I will definitely be returning.
  2. looking forward to it this coming weekend.
  3. I've not been to this show before (going this year), but it seems popular with our club (Wallingford). We normally only get 2-3 members interested in each regional show, but we have 6 clamouring to get to this one Simon.
  4. Hi, I'm building an f-14 in splinter camo, and recently bought the amazing looking Aerobonus 1/48 Pilot/Operator figure set for it. I've just found that the heads for the two figures are different sizes.....we're not talking slightly, but a good couple of mil difference. It actually looks comical when placed in the cockpit under the canopy. I matched them up to one of the bodies and it looks like the heads need to be an average of the two to fit properly. Has anybody else used these figures and noticed this? I've contacted Aerobonus (Aires), so hopefully will get some feedback. Thanks Si.
  5. Oh yes!! .....A tiger scheme as well. On the shopping list straight away. Thanks for the heads-up Homebee
  6. Excellent looking finish. I think I might have to try building a Gundam kit, each time I see one finished I'm more tempted.....
  7. Love a good F-5, and with the Sundowners scheme too......looking forward to this one
  8. Thanks for the information. I recently finished building the "MH-60R 166524" using the Olimp conversion and the Fightertown "NAVAIR Centennial Tri-Tone Trifecta" decals. It was a slog, but looks pretty good now it's finished. Thinking of continuing with the other aircraft in the Fightertown decal sheet (F-14, F-18, EA-6B).
  9. Benson

    Digital camouflage.

    Any particular aircraft?
  10. Excellent finish! I think you've just persuaded me to get the 1/48 version of those decals
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