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  1. I have a feeling that Airfix are correct here - I can't find the exact reference but I think that it is part of the wheel folding mechanism? Eduard's Spitfire IX kits also have a bulge in the same location.
  2. I have three of these Spitfire kits, purchased separately, and all of them are perfect!
  3. A Chipmunk to follow the Tiger Moth would be nice (plus a lot easier to make a Canadian one)!
  4. Is there any chance of a Tempest II before 2020? Or the Tempest V in a weekend boxing?
  5. Welkin

    1/48 Spitfire XIV

    Didn't mean anything to me either!
  6. Does anyone know if they plan to release any of their Tempest kits in WEEKEND editions?
  7. I would agree with John - fit the nose wheel bay first and everything should follow from there.
  8. I pre-ordered 2 from Wonderland Models a couple of weeks ago but haven't heard anything from them to date.
  9. Do you mean this? (Acknowledgements to the late great Charles Schultz!)
  10. I think that we are being a bit harsh on the Mk.VI; admittedly it wasn't hugely successful, but that was partly because the role for which it was developed (high flying Ju.86 reconnaissance aircraft) had pretty much gone by the time it came into service; the same could apply to the Mosquito XV; and as for the Westland Welkin - better not go there! The limitations of both the Mk.V and Mk.VI were partly due to the end of development of the single-stage Merlin engine; it needed the jump to the two-stage 60-series to carry forward the development of the aircraft. The Mk.VI did prove useful in the development of pressurisation, which would have helped with the much more successful Mk.VII, as the PR.X did for the later versions of the PR.XIX. I think that the HF.VI may have been the first example of a production single-engined fighter aircraft fitted with cabin pressurisation as standard (although I am open to correction on this!) - another 'first' for the Spitfire?
  11. 'Winkle' Brown thought that the Mk.XII was the best, mainly for its balance between power, performance and handling. Worst - don't know - maybe ANY version armed only with rifle-calibre guns - lacked firepower.
  12. Sounds good to me - when in doubt, always do the camouflage scheme that you don't have!
  13. I would imagine that you would keep them painted only in some sort of primer and then paint them the relevant colours after fitting.
  14. If the two-versions rule applies we should be OK for a high-back Spitfire XIV in 1:48.
  15. I suspect that I am like many modellers who will have a number of Academy Hunters in their stash, plus the additional resin/plastic/metal parts needed to make it into a decent representation, and therefore are now so committed economically that we can't afford to junk them and to acquire the new Airfix kit instead, particularly if the latter is going to retail at around £36!
  16. I have the Silver Cloud 1:48 MB5 - the instructions therein state that "possibly" the aircraft had the yellow undersides repainted in sea grey medium and the 'P' marking removed post-war - but I have been unable to find any photographs to verify or to disprove that. If I ever get around to building mine it will be ocean grey/dark green/yellow with a black spinner. It would be helpful to see the 'overall grey' photograph, but that might just be another
  17. Welkin

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Of course - the Spitfire is without doubt the most interesting aircraft ever!
  18. Welkin

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Any ICM 1:48 Spitfire IX comes with the blower intake - part E16
  19. Welkin

    Spitfire Mk XII

    'Winkle' Brown thought that the Mk.XII was all-round the best Spitfire.
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