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  1. Pity that they can't do something similar with their Spitfire FR.XIVe
  2. Thanks for posting your thread; I have got the diagram with the aerial positions. I think that the change to sky undersides came after L6836 was damaged on 16 August, so I imagine that she retained the standard black/white finish, with black control surfaces until SOC. Interestingly Ashfield also scored the second AI kill on the 7 November 1940; I can't find any details about that, but it presumably was another Blenheim IF? FIU was very proud of the fact that, despite not being an operational unit of the RAF, its crews shot down the first enemy aircraft to be destroyed by every type of AI, from Mk.III to Mk.X!
  3. What do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in common? Same middle name!
  4. I went into a pet shop. I said, “Can I buy a goldfish?” The guy said, “Do you want an aquarium?” I said, “I don’t care what star sign it is!”
  5. Welkin

    Airfix 2023

    I have just picked up Airfix's 1:48 Blenheim I. Looking at the layout I reckon that they could produce a Blenheim IV without too much expense - I would have thought that it should sell well?
  6. As a modeller whose eyesight and dexterity are declining rapidly 1:48 suits me just fine. I used to do 1:72 but there was never any time in my life when 1:144 was manageable!
  7. Resurrecting this old thread, I have just managed to secure Airfix's earlier boxing of the Blenheim IF (hard to find, but the later one doesn't have the sprue with the gun-pack). I am going to build Ashfield's L6836 but haven't been able to get much more information than above about the aircraft's markings. She has an even-numbered serial, so I assume type 'A' DE/DG on top, but no idea whether she would have had black/white or all-black undersides? Code 'ZQ' in grey, but probably no individual code letter in July 1940? Bowyer in 'Fighting Colours' lists Blenheim IF L6837 of FIU in July 1940 with unit code ZQ but no individual letter. Graham Warner's book states that "L6836 was damaged during a raid on Tangmere on 16 August"; sent to Cuncliffe Owen for major repairs, but damaged again during another raid on 19 September and SOC. Radar would have been A.I. Mk.III. Given the work that FIU were doing in the development of radar I suspect that there are few, if any, photographs of their Blenheim aircraft. I am hoping that whatever I decide no-one will be able to prove that I am wrong!
  8. Thanks; I thought that must be the case. I will have to find one of the original boxings if I can.
  9. Does this kit have the parts for the gun pack on the 1F? I can't see them on the sprues (I might be missing them)!
  10. I think that there is going to be an announcement around the time that Rob finishes this conversion!
  11. According to Wikipedia: Lützow was heavily engaged during the Battle of Jutland. During the battle, she sank the British battlecruiser HMS Invincible and is sometimes given credit for sinking the armoured cruiser HMS Defence. However, she was heavily damaged by an estimated 24 heavy-calibre shell hits. With her bow thoroughly flooded, the ship was unable to make the return voyage to Germany; her crew was evacuated and she was sunk by torpedoes fired by one of her escorts, the torpedo boat G38. Might be appropriate?
  12. MDC did a conversion set for the old Eduard Tempest; I might have a spare one that I don't want. PM if interested.
  13. I bought my wife a refrigerator for her birthday. It was a treat to see her face light up when she opened the door.
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