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  1. Welkin

    P51 Mustang, what if?

    Obvious comment, but - Martin-Baker MB.5 lookalike?
  2. I finally managed to locate the 'donate' button on the Home Page, but it took me a while to find it, as I was looking for a button with the word 'Donate' on it, instead of the blue button in the top right corner with the PayPal logo. Have you considered actually putting the word 'Donate' on the button - it would certainly be easier to find, and might possibly increase the number of donations? Just made a small donation - this is a great forum and thanks to the moderators for all the hours you put in running Britmodeller!
  3. I am waiting (and hoping) for a 1:48 Tempest V Weekend Edition.
  4. Welkin

    Airfix 2020

    A 1:48 DHC Chipmunk would be good - plenty of options there. Judging by comments on this forum a 1:48 Bristol Beaufort would be a no-brainer! Personally I would really love a 1:48 Brigand though!
  5. It's a depressingly familiar story - we get endless kits of every variant and sub-variant of the Me. 109 and the Fw.190, but there seems to be no chance that we will ever have a kit of all the Spitfire marks, whatever our chosen scale.
  6. Interesting approach (but I have still got my fingers crossed that Airfix will do a high-back XIV)!
  7. Great to have a good MR.3 at last, and so pleased they included the Viper option as well!
  8. There are some really unpleasant stupid people out there!
  9. I have a feeling that Airfix are correct here - I can't find the exact reference but I think that it is part of the wheel folding mechanism? Eduard's Spitfire IX kits also have a bulge in the same location.
  10. I have three of these Spitfire kits, purchased separately, and all of them are perfect!
  11. A Chipmunk to follow the Tiger Moth would be nice (plus a lot easier to make a Canadian one)!
  12. Is there any chance of a Tempest II before 2020? Or the Tempest V in a weekend boxing?
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