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  1. Great video! I notice that it appears to have a fixed tailwheel - presumably a later modification?
  2. I don't think that they built many of these, did they? Are any still flying?
  3. Thanks guys; that all very useful, particularly that I can download from the National Archives for free as the moment. Jerry - greetings from a fellow Devonian!
  4. Date of Crash: 3 November 1942 Location: Cholavaram, India Aircraft Type: Vengeance I Serial Number: ? Unit: 82 Sqdn Pilot details: PO. W B BERRY Source: ORB Details: Crash landed aircraft breaking undercart - no casualties I am trying to find out information about the above aircraft, particularly the serial number, but also any other markings that it might have had, although I think that 82 Squadron maybe didn't have unit codes at that time? The information above came from rafcommands. I have AZ Models nasty 1:48 kit, part built, but I was going to throw it away until I came across this information, and I would now like to finish it in memory of the pilot. I knew Bill Berry, now sadly deceased, many years ago, when we were both working in Bahrain. He was a lovely guy - he had had an 'interesting' war - he had started as a subaltern in the HLI with the BEF in 1940; was evacuated from Dunkirk; transferred to the RAF, and ended up in Burma. I knew that he flew Thunderbolts but not with which squadron, but until I found the above I hadn't realised that he also flew the Vengeance. Any suggestions as to where that I can find out information more would be most welcome. Martin
  5. I probably didn't express myself clearly. If an airframe was started and abandoned during construction or never flew, is it a What if or a genuine aircraft? If it was only a paper design or a mock-up, is it just a What if?
  6. AFAIK we don't have a model of the Miles M.52; I believe that they had started construction of the prototype before some idiot from the Air Ministry cancelled it!
  7. No mojo - build Lego! Works for me!
  8. Personally I don't understand "What Ifs" at all. There are more aircraft and kits out there than I am ever going to have the time, money and energy to build. Not to mention that ones that I would love to have but which have never been kitted and probably never will be!
  9. Great model and beautifully done!
  10. I think that we would have seen the other Spitfires by now. With regard to the Tempest VI, I may as well hang on to my MDC set and buy another Tempest V to convert - it should fit OK. I am definitely waiting for their Tempest II though! Has anyone thought of doing conversions for the Tempest I, III and IV?
  11. I know that they are doing a Tempest II but would they bother with a VI? After all, they haven't done a Spitfire VII, X or XI.
  12. Welkin

    Hawker Tempest mk.VI

    I have one somewhere which I've never used; as I recall it was usual MDC standard and I think it came with some decals as well. Designed for Eduard's early attempt at the Tempest.
  13. Welkin

    Scale issues

    And his mate would be "Shorty"!
  14. Gosh; that brings back some memories! I would have soloed about the same time at RAF Chivenor in North Devon, firstly on the T31 with some later flights on the bigger T21. We had the use of the airfield at weekends, although occasionally we would have to stop to allow 229.OCU's Hunters to operate. Great models - I had never heard of Dujin kits. Many thanks for posting.
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