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  1. I have several Academy Hunters (and the essential aftermarket to correct them), bought long before the new Airfix kit - it's probably got separated somehow - thanks for your help guys!
  2. Thanks for all the information; my (admittedly poor) memory seems to recall that it might be a Pavla seat? Possibly for the marks of Meteor/Vampire that had a bang seat?
  3. I was sorting through some old boxes and came across an unbagged, unmarked, unidentified resin seat - it will be 1:48 scale but I don't know which model it is supposed to be, who the likely manufacturer is, or which aircraft it was designed for - any help with the ID would be most appreciated!
  4. I know, but it's the tannin in tea that I'm not very fond of - hence the Rooibos. Coffee tastes and smells nicer. P.S. the tannin in wine doesn't bother me in the slightest!
  5. If I drink tea these days it's usually Rooibos (without milk) - I don't much like milk. Mostly though I drink coffee - freshly ground - - need the caffeine!!
  6. Ah, but milk first, or afterwards?
  7. Invested in some CA kits + Aeroclub correction sets + vacuform canopies, so I won't be buying the Airfix kit. But it's great that they are bring this out - hopefully other marks will follow. I am definitely getting some Chipmunks though!
  8. Unexpected and brilliant - now I need to dig out my old ATC log books for the aircraft that I flew in from Exeter in the 1960s!
  9. Scimitar and Swift - good Trumpeter? - not so sure But then, I did succumb to their Spiteful and Seafang
  10. What do you call a man without a spade on his head? Douglas. What do you call a man with a crane on his head? Derek. What do you call a man who’s always there when you need him? Andy. What do you call a man in a brown paper suit? Russell.
  11. Welkin

    Sherman ARV options

    Hi Guys Thanks for all the information - really useful. Looking at the photographs my impression is that 13th/18th used mainly the Sherman V hulls - I think that they had a mix of 75mm and Fireflies. It's not a project that I am going to be starting immediately but it's certainly given me a way forward. Martin
  12. Welkin

    Sherman ARV options

    Thanks Guys; very useful starting point. I will try and stick to a larger scale if I can as dodgy eyes and too many thumbs make 1:72 a bit of a trial these days! Dad served with 'B' squadron 13th/18th; I am sure that his tank (he was tank commander) was a standard ARV, not a BARV - he had it until it got knocked out by a German 88mm at Mont Pincon, after which he had a replacement. I don't have details as he died many years ago when I was a teenager, so I am anticipating that I may need to do a fair bit of research before starting.
  13. I am almost exclusively an aircraft modeller, so I know next to nothing about AFVs. However I would like to make a Sherman ARV; probably 1:35 scale; specifically the tank driven by my father when he served with the 13th/18th Hussars from D-day through to the end of the war in Europe. I suspect that nobody does this as a complete kit and that I will need to get a base kit and aftermarket set? Any advice would be welcome. Martin
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