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  1. Cheers, Andy! I'd never come across Hataka paints before (not a prolific modeller), but I'm amazed at their range. I see they not only do a 'standard' British NATO Green, but also an IRR specific version, which is a subtly different shade. These are exactly what I was after, so sorted now. All the best! (another) Andy
  2. The subject would be 1/24-scale RAF vehicles, circa 1980s. I'd already bought a D-I-Y rattle-can of supposed 'NATO Green', but in the cold light of day, it didn't look quite right. As you say, Andy, there are many shades of green available out there. Perhaps I should have posed the question as, "which green shade looks closest to that used on RAF vehicles in the '80s?"
  3. Opinions sought .... Who makes the most accurate NATO Green paint for modellers? SFX: Sound of, 'Worms, Canned, Mk1', being opened.
  4. biffer

    How big is?

    The Ex-Military Land-Rover Association (EMLRA) website, states the following:- "The bridge classification sign should be 230mm in diameter, but sometimes towing vehicles and their trailers show a sign on the right side facing outwards. This sign should only be 150mm in diameter." There is a 4-page article on this site which provides a shed-load of info' on vehicle markings for the Army, RAF, and Royal Navy. Well worth a look. Here's a link to the pages .... https://www.emlra.org/index.php/articles/painting-and-marking-post-war-british-vehicles-p-1-4 ht
  5. Bit late to the party with this post, but great looking job there. Can I ask, which make/shade of green did you use? Andy
  6. Thanks, Das Abteilung, I'll check those out. Meanwhile, I came across the following site with tons of interesting info' on post-war vehicle markings (Army, RAF, and RN):- https://www.emlra.org/index.php/articles/painting-and-marking-post-war-british-vehicles-p-1-4 Notice that there's four pages of info' on the site. I personally found Page-4 to be most relevant to my queries, but well worth checking out the others too. I'm sure this might answer a lot of questions others might have on the topic of markings. For myself, it states that for RAF vehicles, the
  7. Graham; they're from Kingfisher - http://www.kingfisherminiatures.co.uk/raf-9-inch-vehicle-roundels-i175.htm Just ordered them last night so not arrived yet. Even if I can use them, I won't need the whole sheet. You can have them for just the postage cost. I'll let you know, soon as. Andy
  8. Fat & Das - thanks for your replies. I'll stick with a matt-look, then. The Kingfisher decals are all the wrong scales, but I've ordered some 1/76 RAF roundels and lettering in hopes the larger examples might look OK on a 1/24 model. If not, well, they didn't cost much, and maybe I can pass them on to someone on here. Cheers! Andy PS Still need a recommendation on whose paint I should use.
  9. Hi All, Not sure if this is the right section to post this, as it's not 'armour', but not really 'aircraft' either??? Anyway; I've got a couple of Italeri 1/24 vehicle kits (Land-Rover & Ford Transit) which I intend to finish in RAF colours from the '80s. As most of you will know, by that period the RAF had undergone a 'toning down' phase, which resulted in most 'B' vehicles being painted NATO Green. So, what would your recommendations be as regards the most realistic source of this colour? (PAUSE TO ALLOW WORM-CAN OPENING). I bought a rattle-can of supposedly
  10. Thanks, Goggsy, but I'm sorted now. I just showed my computer a microwave oven and told it this is what it would be recycled into if it didn't behave itself - and it worked! Best regards, Andy
  11. Thank you, Paul and Reggie: the first for a brilliant example of imaginative modelling, and the second for asking the questions I was going to ask for myself. I could add one more ... does anyone have an illustration of the Mini interior with the back-seat removed; just wondering about the exact shape of the panels? Like Reggie, I haven't built a car model in many years, but I'm tempted now to have a go at an 'Italian Job' diorama. I watched the DVD last night, and my imagination was caught by the scene early in the getaway, where the Minis drive down that elegant staircase. It's probably
  12. Derek; get a hold of that boy - at once! Yeah, I know, I'm nine years too late ... he'll have grown up now and sold it on FeePay for the equivalant of a small mortgage. It's an extreme longshot, but I have to ask - did you by any chance keep the box or instruction sheet??? Any photos??? "Oh my God! You GAVE IT AWAY???!!!" Sorry about that, it just sort of slipped out. Andy
  13. Sorry, John; I was based in the Glasgow area. I made ocassional special clinic trips to Edinburgh, but the only contact I had with the 'locals' would be a quick brew and a chat (mostly grumbling about station-officers; pay-rates; the public; etc, etc). I'm afraid none of those names ring a bell with me. Thanks for replying, though. Andy
  14. Are any BritModellers old enough to remember the Frog 1/16 Dennis ambulance kit? I used to think this kit was a figment of my childhood imagination, but I came across a photo of it the other day on the interblob. As a kid in the '60s I can vaguely remember seeing this in a shop window, but I could never afford to buy it. Many years later I found myself driving a real-world version for the Scottish Ambulance Service - hence my interest. Just wondering if any one remembers building one, and better yet, do you still have it and/or photos??? Cheers! Andy
  15. Chris, I agree ... knocking seven bells out of it, even as we speak Andy
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