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  1. Courtney

    Wanted advert deleted

    Thank you - do I win anything?
  2. Courtney

    Wanted advert deleted

    Whoops - I told an untruth! I posted another wanted about 6 months ago asking for 'wargames spares'. I wonder if that was classed as a duplicate thread but surely the older one would have been deleted. I wonder if it's worth not tidying up for a week to see if posts stay put. Most times I would assume that the problem is 'the loose nut in front of the keyboard' but I haven't deleted my own post so it must be a software glitch. Can I just add that I appreciate the work that the moderators do to keep the site up and running which I'm sure is a full-time (with overtime), part-time, own-time unpaid and unappreciated job.
  3. Courtney

    Wanted advert deleted

    I only had the one request. No duplications (well there would be now because I reposted the ad. So could it be that the 'system' may say that you have an ad. but isn't displaying it so you repost it and then it's deleted by a moderator because you then have two ?). My head hurts!
  4. Courtney

    Wanted advert deleted

    No - over 100.
  5. Courtney

    Wanted advert deleted

    Hope so - I wouldn't wanted to have flouted web etiquette
  6. Courtney

    Wanted advert deleted

    Hello - I posted an add for some older Airfix parts to finish some kits off. This has since been deleted. Have I offended someone or broken a rule? I'd just like to know so I don't do it again.
  7. Courtney

    Sd.Kfz.222, 1/35, Tamiya

    Another mystery solved Thanks
  8. Courtney

    Sd.Kfz.222, 1/35, Tamiya

    Very nice. What are the bottles on the front. Smoke grenades at a guess?
  9. Courtney

    1/72 Sd.kfz 4/1

    Now that is nice - I see that they were tool boxes
  10. Absolutely brill - well done Can I point you in the direction of this chap who tackles the canteen trailer near the bottom of this page. He makes good use of chrome. http://www.emgauge70s.co.uk/model_omwb96.html