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  1. Hi Andre. I posted those so the difference in tone between semi-gloss Sea Blue and N.s.Sea Blue could be noted. Cheers, Pete M.
  2. ANA colour swatches from the Monogram book. Not sure how they will come out on-screen, so caveat emptor as they say. Hope these help. Unfortunately the scans do not show the gloss or semi-gloss finish on these real paint chips. Also note the known variations in the earlier Blue/Gray (sic) upper side colours. Cheers, Pete M.
  3. Unfortunately, all the photos are gone from that linked thread! Cheers, Pete M.
  4. Hi Michael. US belts and radios both in the Islands and back in NZ. Cheers, Pete M. (now retired and having more time to haunt the boards and further his RNZAF research)......
  5. And millions of sheep! Pete M.
  6. At least there appears to be some breeze out there at Ardmore! None here on the North Shore. All windows and doors open, and a fan on.. Cheers, Pete M.
  7. See if this works... Cheers, Pete M.
  8. Pete M.

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    The NZ Sky Grey was not a grey colour, but was a greyer version of SKY Type S. (NZ) Sky Grey: BALM S13-907. 33B/293 (Fs.35352 - RAF/FAA Sky Grey Bs.631). Although called a grey, it has a distinctly blue/green tone to it. Undersides on P-40, Ventura, Hudson, possibly Corsair, and code letters. My notes from my old (and unable to be updated website*). The colour is from a chip removed from P-40N NZ3220 'Gloria Lyons' which was repainted in the Foliage Green/NZ Sky Grey scheme. The Foliage Green to all intents and purposes was the same as the Australian colour. Cheers, Pete M.
  9. Hi Andy. Yes, card and decals had arrived here yesterday! Our postal system has been super slow this time of the year, worse than ever...cutbacks on staffing levels as usual. The decals look great, better than the poor efforts I did many years back and brought over for the UK based FFM! I'll send you an email this arvo when I get back from work. Pete M.
  10. Hi Andy. I received mine last Friday, so will be taking notes from your build! Mine will be one of the Malayan based Mk.I's, naturally flown by a Kiwi... Cheers, Pete M.
  11. Hi Ade. As promised, some details on 'Tiger LIL'. Firstly, two pics that may help: (Hope this works as I'm trying out Imgur for my photo hosting)! I wouldn't worry about the drivers hood style as the spare track obscures those in the photo (it does appear to be the early DV style, hence the track reinforcements). Simple front sprocket type (unlike the artwork), straight return roller mounts, early one piece transmission housing, and Crusader type turret bin used by many of the Kiwi Shermans. Narrow gun mantlet with cheeks, both No.19 radio aerials, and POW container rack on the right front mudguard. 20th Armoured regiment tac sign on the right hand rear hull plate (silver fern in black over over 52 in white on red square). Silver fern only on the aerial pot on the right hand glasis plate. T48 type tracks. Colours as per the plate, Light Mud and Blue Black. As most have commented on this post, the Tasca/Asuka kits are far more refined, but one pays the price. The Dragon kits with some 'fettling' do come out rather well. And a link to help refine the Dragon Sherman kits that may be of help to you: http://paulbudzik.com/tools-techniques/Sherman Construction/sherman-construction.html Cheers, Pete M.
  12. Hi Ade. To answer some of your questions on 'Tiger Lil', I too believe it is a 'direct vision' hull, but the spare track mounted on the front hides the hatches, so very hard to tell. The NZ 4th Armoured Brigade used the British No.19 radios in all it's armoured vehicles, so will require both the A and B type aerials on the turret. if you can wait until this weekend, I'll post a photo of said 'beasty', and add more notes to help with your build of a Kiwi Sherman III in Italy. Cheers, Pete M.
  13. Hi Simon. Did you receive any responses to your request? if not, I'll dig my kit out from my shed, and send you the necessary information. Cheers, Pete M.
  14. Hi Calum. The Aeromaster ones are still the best, other than the ancient old Roodecals sets! I haven't seen the Eduard SBD ones 'in the flesh', just their box art/instruction sheets which did appear to be pretty close. They didn't even send me a set of decals, let alone the kit as a thanks. That's the last time I will do any research for them, they are 'off' my Christmas card list! Surprisingly, Hasegawa got it pretty well spot-on with their 1:32 Kiwi option boxing!!!!! Cheers, Pete M.
  15. Oh bugger, they ARE still around! Eduard should know better, as I did the research for them on the special edition 1:48 Dauntless, and they managed to get those correct. I must shoot them a 'line' and see if they can correct them before they issue the kit..... Cheers, Pete M.
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