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  1. Falcon kits are mostly still available from NZ: https://www.falconmodels.co.nz/kits.html
  2. I'm sure I've posted these before, but these are from P-40N-20 NZ3220 'Gloria Lyons'. I have seen samples of the Curtiss Interior Green at AVSPECS at Ardmore from P-40B's to N's and they are all the same dark colour! Nothing like the so called standard US Interior Green. This is used throughout the airframe and it appears to be sprayed over a coating of Yellow Zinc Chromate. Photos by Kerry Carlyle and Damon Edwards of IPMS Auckland Branch. Cheers, Pete M.
  3. Actually in Cornwall, but have you looked at Fantasy Printshop's range? Can't see any in 1:48 scale, but they do have Blue with White outlines in 1:72 scale. https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/ I have had good service from them here in New Zealand with reasonable postage rates. Cheers, Pete M.
  4. From the repair manual: FB.1 fin and rudder. FB.2,3 and 4 (with small variations). The booms remained the same for all marks. Cheers, Pete M.
  5. Excepting the FG-ID from Goodyear...not one of my fathers photos taken in Japan when he was there with No.14 Squadron RNZAF appears to have an Ns.Sea Blue forward upper cowling! It is hard to spot, but looking carefully at other RNZAF F4U-ID Corsairs does show the matt finished upper cowlings. Cheers, Pete M.
  6. As promised, Dh Goblin pics from the manual to compare to the Ghost. Of note is the intakes on each side, not a single one as per the Ghost. Airfix got this completely wrong in their 1:48 kit...it's more like a Venom intake!!!! Hope these help, Pete M.
  7. Dh Ghost details from the manual. Micro made a reasonable job of both, but much simplified: The Goblin in the Vampire was similar, but different in front and rear. I'll post some for that one tomorrow along with a few more notes on the Venom FB.I Cheers, Pete M.
  8. I have just received my kit, and find there are no fins/rudders for an FB.1 despite the boxart... all parts, instructions and decals are for Mk.4's. Looks like a kit bash using the Aeroclub FB1 in my stash to get my RNZAF leased aircraft in Malaya! Lots of flash as well, but not as bad as a FM kit!!!!! Cheers, Pete M.
  9. Possibly 'War Eagle' in the USA. Vacforms were supplied by Falcon here in New Zealand, resin from??? I have the 1:48 vac in my stash but would have to dig it out to confirm. Never saw the complete War Eagles sets here. Cheers, Pete M.
  10. Here's a better photo showing the differing tones and colours: Note how much gloss there is on the upper wings compared to the N.s.Sea Blue on the leading edges. Cheers, Pete M.
  11. Below are two photos taken of NZ3220's wings when they were being refurbished by Avspecs Ltd at Ardmore airfield. Note how dark the Curtis interior paint is after some 70 odd years. This airframe stood out in the open at the Rukuhia depot for many years before John Smith purchased it and stored the fuselage in his shed. The wings were stored outside but under some corrugated iron sheeting as a cover! Photos by Kerry Carlyle. Hope this helps, Pete M.
  12. I have just received this kit and luckily, no twisting is visible in the pods. One question I do have is that the undercarriage legs appear to be very anemic compared to both the Aeroclub kit and the CA kit! Do any of you have dimensions for the main u/c legs? Cheers, Pete M.
  13. Hi Sosezi. There are a couple of massive threads here on Britmodeller covering just this subject..just do a search... is just one. Cheers, Pete M.
  14. Ooops, typo...yes should have been XX829...bloody fat fingers! Cheers, Pete M.
  15. It'll be interesting to see if you do receive one! All my messages to Kittyhawk have so far gone unanswered...👎
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