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  1. Hi Mike. Unfortunately, Alan has this wrong..the white bands on the prop blades and white prop hubs WAS a identifier used by Number 3 Servicing Unit for it's charges while operating from Green Island after it's occupation by US and New Zealand troops. There is a sequence of official RNZAF photos taken both on Green Island, and after the move by No.3 S.U. to Jacquinot Bay on New Britain One or two have been posted by Alan, but I've attached a few more as follows. All photos other than the model are Air Force Museum Of New Zealand copyright. PR5250: Group of No. 3 Servic
  2. Hi Ben. Luckily both had broken off right at the pour stub, no actual damage to the struts so still usable. If I do have a problem with them then I am lucky enough to have a good supply of Aeroclub/Contrail strut material left.
  3. I have to agree 100% with europapete's summary of the kit..'bloody nice'. Other than a couple of the struts breaking off the pour stub, it also survived it's long trip to New Zealand! I will add one recommendation that anyone building this or specially the upcoming 1:32 scale version (if they don't already have a copy) is to search out the Phil Jarrett book..I found a copy on Ebay UK and it arrived yesterday. Not cheap, but more photos of IIIF's than I've ever seen before! The chapter covering the anatomy of the IIIF makes the price well worth it alone. Highly recommend
  4. Popped up on another of my Facebook feeds but too good not to pass-on! Get well soon tentacled one. Pete M.
  5. I received my kit from Ben last week, and it's a bloody beauty. Well packed, and only a couple of the struts had broken free from their molding block. Took it along to my local IPMS Auckland club meeting on Tuesday evening and much 'ooing and aahing' over it. Even the ex managing director of a certain now closed Kiwi kit producer was impressed.... I can see a couple of small detail changes needed for the Kiwi ones, but well within the capabilities of most modellers with some experience of working with resin kits. I had downloaded the two 'E' manuals and have now managed to fin
  6. Hi to all. While not answering the question on the prop size, these photos of No.11 Squadron Wapitis operating on the North West Frontier may be of use. All from the Air Force Museum Of New Zealand photo archive site. https://fotoweb.airforcemuseum.co.nz/fotoweb/ Note: I have resized these to post here, full resolution photos on the site. There are also a couple of photos of Hart's as used by No.11 as well. Image from the Geoffrey Newland Roberts personal album collection. Senior British Army officers inspecting No. 11 Squadron personnel and aircraft. Westlan
  7. Nice work Woody. Those cowlings look great so I'll have to keep an eye on the AIM's listings at the big H! Cheers, Pete M.
  8. I too downloaded the manuals which will help with further detailing. Ben, I'll go with whatever you've done mate, too bloody late now! Cheers, Pete M.
  9. Links as below. All .pdf format. print at 100%. Drawings, part of an article from Flight magazine, and the original article by Harry Woodman. Left click on the 3 dots on the bottom of the menu to the right right hand side and choose download then save. https://www.dropbox.com/s/a6rnud7p1mc06k1/Mactaggart Scott Shipboard Catapult article.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8iyx0w6t6yjl2g/guq7bSz.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rcenjmh2t055t99/LOnif4m.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zy15bnut1mrhld/c6Sscz7.pdf?dl=0 https://w
  10. Will be done Ben and Jens. I'll post the links when I reload them to my Dropbox. I'll leave them up there for a bit longer this time as I'm now paying for extra storage there. Cheers, Pete M.
  11. Only the rear and mid extension..the other parts will have to be scratchbuilt (Evergreen structural shapes) or as Ben has noted, 3D printed. Earlier this year I posted a link to my Drobox account containing 1:48 scale plans and diagrams originally drawn by Harry Woodman. I have since deleted these. If any of you missed downloading these, give me a shout and I'll reload them. Cheers, Pete M.
  12. I first met Andy at Telford in 2001 and we have been firm friends since then. He is considered to be an honorary Kiwi by his mates down under. RIP Andy. A very rare picture of Andy (in yellow) sitting down...Telford 2019.
  13. Pete M.

    Gloria is saved

    Hi Alan. Looks very close to my old mk.1 eyeball. I have a few more to process and will post tomorrow. My thanks go to Damon for taking these shots while the parts are up here in Auckland. When and if I manage to get into my site to update it, I'm going to have to re-do a lot of my drawings and colour notes for the P-40's..including the green 42 blotching on the wing surfaces of the original paint scheme..these have not shown up on any photo I've seen of 'Gloria' before! The true colour of the operational RNZAF roundels has always been a pet hobbyhorse of mine after see
  14. Pete M.

    Gloria is saved

    Hi Steve. Yes, that is the remains of the (NZ) Sky Grey and as you will note, it's not actually a grey colour! It appears that when they repainted them in the Foliage Green and Sky Grey scheme, they overpainted all of the white bars, just leaving the roundel. Cheers, Pete M.
  15. Pete M.

    Gloria is saved

    And here we go...All photos were taken over the past couple of days by my mate and fellow IPMS Auckland member Damon Edwards who retains copyright to them. Wings from NZ3220 at Avspecs, Ardmore September 2020. Very faded original factory finish of OD and Medium Green 42 blotches but no traces left of the Foliage Green overpainting when NZ3220 arrived back in NZ. Underside of starboard wing. Note the size , colour and position of the RNZAF roundel. Most of the (NZ) Sky Grey paint has flaked off back to the original Neutral Gray.
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