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  1. So, Tony - do you have a Mosquito production line set up in your workshop modelled after the Willow Run B-24 line? You'll be turning out Mossie replicas at the rate of one every 59 minutes! Excellent work mate! Cheers, Bill
  2. Thanks Col. Once the cockpit is inside the fuselage the seats look darker. The black wash is still noticeable though. ***** It looks like I have to install the cannon into the port fuselage half before the nose section gets closed up. Not keen on that, as it makes for an interesting masking situation, but whatever. I suppose I could have the cannon doors closed, but I like the idea of things open. As I mentioned before, I will close the nose cone, but the cannon bays, electronics bays, refueling probe, and spoilers will be open/deployed. I haven't decided about the open spine - that just looks weird and there is no "bay" underneath it, just the inside of the model (intakes, etc.). Fine Molds provide two spines - one open and one closed. Hmm, maybe the fit is good enough that I could do both, without gluing either one of them to the fuselage. The old switcheroo. Cheers, Bill PS. Oops, almost forgot. There will be a slight delay in the build as I assist my grandson in his build of The Roadrunner's "Beep-Beep" T-Bucket dragster. The regularly scheduled program will resume shortly. PPS. If there is a gene for model building in human DNA, I'm afraid young Master Carter has inherited it from someone.
  3. I built both the CMR Buccaneer S.2 and the Scale Resin (cast by CMR) S.1 and I thought they went together fine. Expensive for sure, but at the time (before the new Airfix kit) they were the only way to get a nice Buccaneer. I'm not sure either is readily available nowadays. Ha! One only has to scribe some panel lines if they'd rather have them recessed. That's what I did with my Heller T.3. HPM make a resin "rear end" for the Airfix FAW.9 to fix the narrow fuselage. While not entirely free of its own problems, my opinion is that it's better than trying to graft on an old Frog rear fuselage. Like Graham earlier, I'm still waiting for a modern tooling of the Javelin. Cheers, Bill
  4. As it turns out, there is quite a bit of the photoetch for the Revell F-14D that I can use in this build. For instance, the air conditioning vents (I think that's what they are): I tried to hold the bulkhead at an angle that would show the PE vents the best. There are a few more things I can use in the cockpit, and quite a few for the fuselage and landing gear. As far as the cockpit goes, I managed to get that and the ejection seats finished up. I used the decals supplied by Fine Molds for the instrument panels and side consoles and I have to say they have that Hasegawa-Tamiya-Fujimi decal syndrome. In other words, gallons of decal solvent was needed to get them to conform. I'm not entirely happy with how it looks, but at least it looks better in real life! These enlarged photos don't do it justice. Control column and radar joystick will get added much later... And the other view, showing the thousands of circuit breakers on the rear bulkhead. I just applied a wash to make them stand out a bit more - they are quite nicely moulded. The ejection seats were enhanced with PE harnesses from the spares box but otherwise are as supplied with the kit. The seat frames are, of course, black in real life. I've seen some folks who spray the seats black and then apply a grey wash to highlight details. I always thought this looked odd - shadows shouldn't be lighter than the object. So I sprayed the seats a dark grey (Tamiya NATO Black) and then applied a jet black wash - I think it looks more realistic. But what do I know? I'm just an old geezer. Here the seats are posed in the pit: Next, I'll add some additional details for the sidewalls and get the nose section closed up - Fine Molds supply nothing here. In any event, she's finally started. Cheers, Bill PS. Our local club had their annual contest yesterday. I rented a table in the vendor area and sold about one third of my stash. I didn't want to, but there is just no way I'm ever going to build all this stuff. Not unless I live to 152! I did OK in the contest. The big shocker was my 1:72 F/A-18 CONA Hornet taking a Gold and winning Best Aircraft. I guess my description of making all the Aires resin fit the kit got me the sympathy vote! What else? My Tucano took Gold, my Firebrand got a Silver (they were in the same category), my DH.88 got a Silver, and my 1:32 Spitfire IXC won Best of the Masters. My Martin Mauler struck out - just like the real aircraft!
  5. Beautiful work! Very nice indeed - your paint finish looks perfect for a glossy racer in 1:32 scale. Cheers, Bill
  6. And now I know why. They never made one. The kit of the prototype was made by Aoshima. D'oh! Cheers, Bill
  7. Thanks! What the old Monogram kit lacked in details (cockpit, wheel wells) I think it made up for with accurate shapes. It was a good place to start for this project. Thanks! I have quite a few builds here on Britmodeller, so please feel free to search them out. I'm glad you like the Tigercat. Thanks! Better late than never. I like it when older threads that I may have missed get bumped back up again. Glad you liked this one! Thanks Luis! I hope I've been of some help with your build. The Tigercat is such a beautiful aircraft. Thanks Eric! I looked around for the Octopus (Pavla) kit and never could find it. I never could find the Nichimo early version Tigercat either. I read somewhere that AZ had acquired the Pavla tooling and were going to reissue it, but nothing ever came of that. Maybe someday. If you want to see a really crazy build of an old kit, check out my Revell PB4Y-1. Especially the part where I added the relief tube for the waist gunners. Thanks Tony! I wonder if we could convince someone like Arma to make a new tooled Tigercat in 1:72. I'd buy one... Cheers, Bill
  8. Very nice indeed. Fantastic painting skills, and special thanks for not going overboard with the weathering. Cheers, Bill
  9. Well, I didn't get much accomplished today. I ended up with baby-food making duty, manning the food processor to make mush out of squash. Yum. The cockpit engineering is interesting. The side console top panels are separate pieces, which will make painting them a bit easier. I will probably use the decals for the actual knobs and switches as I think these will settle down nicely over the topography of the consoles. That will help save my eyesight. The cockpit itself has a LOT of ejector pin marks, but I'm pretty sure these will all be hidden by other parts. I spent some time removing the parts and cleaning them up, and I added photoetch rudder panels from the Eduard set that I fortuitously found. No doubt you'll never see them again. Speaking of that Eduard set, there is a lot I can use even though it's designed for the Revell kit. The nose gear well attaches to the bottom of the cockpit floor, and the outside of the well on the port side is part of the cannon bay. All of this will be painted white, so I can leave that off until I have the pit painted. I test fit everything in the front of the fuselage, and it seems great. Tamiya-like even. Now, about those seat headrests. I downloaded a lot of photos today of the NACES seat, and I've come to the opinion that the headrests on the Aires resin seats are too small. The kit headrests might be marginally too large, but I think they are closer. So, I'll be using the kit seats. They are actually quite detailed and should look fine. Fine Molds provide injection moulded seat harnesses and lap belts, and these are quite nice. But they are exactly the same for both seats, which wouldn't happen in real life. I will most likely use photoetch bits from the Eduard set. They have better scale thickness, and are already painted. Woo hoo. The kit is designed so you can display the refueling probe deployed, the cannon bays open, radar displayed, and the boarding ladder down. None of this appears in photos from the Tomcat Sunset ceremony, but who cares. I think I'll build it as I like. Except for having the nose open and radar displayed. I just think that the Tomcat look better with her nose closed, thank you. Cheers, Bill
  10. It appears (read: pure speculation on my part) that CMR is now focusing on being a supplier to other kit manufacturers. https://www.castinginresin.com/home The short history on the website says that CMR split in two in 2012; the model kit development and sales taken over by Mark I, and the production business operating as CMR Moulding & Casting. The Scale Resin kits used to be shown on the latter's site, but are no longer there. Hannants probably sold them until they ran out of inventory... Cheers, Bill
  11. Thanks Terry. You can be as late as you like, you're always welcome. Especially if you're going to throw all those superlatives around so my fat head can get fatter. Wow, that sounds like a crazy display at that airshow. I've been to a few that were like that - exhilarating, yes, but quite dangerous as you say. I had the misfortune of being at a show in Niagara Falls (mid-80s I believe) where the two solo Blue Angel pilots collided. One pilot ejected but the other sadly lost his life. You absolutely never want to see something like that again. Thank the guy upstairs that neither of the two stricken aircraft were near the crowd. I really enjoyed building this Buccaneer S.1, but whatever happened to Scale Resin? Was this the only kit they produced? I received this kit as a pre-production sample from Petr (the founder of CMR) so I don't even know if it ever went into full production. Beautiful kit. The only other Scale Resin product I have is a corrected nose for the old Hasegawa F9F Panther. Cheers, Bill
  12. Perfect! Both open they shall be, which is great because they look best that way. I wish I could read Japanese as these magazines are chock full of some great stuff. I never had anything fall out of my cornflakes. Cracker Jack, sure, but not my cornflakes. The moulding and detail is just exquisite, especially for 1:72 scale. Fine Molds deserve their reputation. ***** I found more goodies! For some reason I have two sets of the Eduard detail set (73233) for the Revell F-14D Tomcat. This is strange as I only have one of the Revell kits. I assume this is another one of my old age issues - forgetting I had it and then ordered it again. I have no idea if this will be of any use for the Fine Molds kit, but maybe. We'll see. The Revell kit, by the way, kinda sorta looks nice in the box, but it is not in the same league as Fine Molds, GWH, Academy, Fujimi, and Hasegawa. Another missed opportunity for Revell, I think. But I'll build it someday - it was a gift from someone and I really should build it for them. I spent some time researching other accessories for the FM kit that might be useful, and the Res/Kit open exhausts look fabulous. Eduard has some nice PE for the FM F-14A, but I didn't see anything for the D. Quite a bit of the A set can also be used for the D, so I may pick it up anyway. OK, I have removed the cockpit and ejection seat components, and will commence painting this afternoon. Sunday the 26th is our local club's annual model contest and I suppose I need to get ready for that. I haven't built much in the last couple of years so my entry list will be slim. Cheers, Bill
  13. Wow, the kit looks amazing! Not my scale, but it's a Viggen, so I'm pulling up a chair. Cheers, Bill
  14. Thanks Steve. Yup, that's what I meant. I grew up in the 60s, and colourful USN squadron markings were the best. I understand the need for the TPS, but it's just so boring. Unless, of course, it has colourful squadron markings but that kind of defeats the purpose. ***** So, I should check my stash more often. Look at the goodies I found: The Res/Kit F-14D wheel set, the Furball F-14 generic stencil decal sheet, and the Master "Late Style" Alpha and AOA probes. Good thing I didn't order them again! Cheers, Bill
  15. I hope it turns out good, it sure seems like a super kit. I should get the Master turned nose probe and AOA thingie though. I have the Res/Kit resin wheel set somewhere - I just can't find it! I believe Res/Kit also make some killer exhausts - which brings up a question. Does the F-14D have one open exhaust and one closed exhaust after engine shutdown like the F-14A? If so, which is which? I have two 1:72 Tomcats currently in the display case with the wings forward, and slats and flaps down (both Hasegawa). This kit doesn't offer that option (not easily anyway) so I'll build her with the wings swept. Looks very cool that way. My photos above show what look like bomb racks underneath the "Anytime, Baby!" bird. Not sure those are in the kit... And yeah, I like the Tomcat. When I was first starting to build models the F-111 was all the rage (or infamy depending on which article you read). I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then, the Tomcat came along, and not only did its wings also swing, it had two tails! Double the fun. Cheers, Bill PS. It's not a Phantom, though.
  16. Hi mates, My choice for this group build is the relatively new Fine Molds F-14D in glorious 1:72 scale. For those who may not have heard, this kit was originally distributed as part of a ModelGraphix magazine promotion in Japan back in 2015. How cool is that? You get a real kit with your magazine! (At the time, I wondered what might be included with your Japanese copy of Playboy, but never mind.) To get the kit, you had to get three separate issues of the magazine because, well, why should they let you get it all at once? I didn't have to subscribe to the magazine as all issues were available through HobbyLink, but you needed to reserve your copies in advance. The three portions of the kit each came in their own very sturdy boxes (Revell and AZ/KP, please take note): Each box features two or three sprues. The contents of each box is basically keyed to the suggested assembly procedure which is documented in each issue of the magazine (more on that later). Of course, there are some parts that will be used in a later stage of assembly. Here is Box No.1: And Box No. 2: And finally Box No. 3: I don't recall which box the stickers came in, but I won't be using these: My plan is to build the "Anytime, Baby" Commemorative aircraft that VF-31 painted up special for the F-14 Sunset Ceremony. Here are some nice shots of the actual aircraft: I like this scheme because it's painted as a proper USN aircraft should be, namely Light Gull Gray over White. And, it has the cool twin-tailed, pistol-packin' Tomcat on the fins, with "Anytime, Baby!" on the gloves. And since it was fresh painted, I don't have to do any of that crazy weathering that Tomcats acquired when they were past their expiration date. So, let's look at the instructions. ModelGraphix is printed in full colour on nice glossy stock. The instructions are spread over all three issues: The assembly steps are presented using photographs as seen here: And also as the more traditional line drawings: The photos are nice since they sometimes show tips and techniques, and I'm sure they paid a bunch of yen for the perfect hand/fingernail model to pose holding the parts. As you may have noticed, pretty much everything is in Japanese which seems reasonable to me as it's a Japanese magazine. It's all quite easy to figure out once you learn to start at the back of the book and follow the steps from right to left. I couldn't find an aftermarket decal sheet for the markings at the time, but I was able to convince a fellow modeller to fork over the sheet he wasn't going to use with his Hasegawa kit. These should work fine. Of all the 1:72 Tomcats I've built or seen over the years (Airfix, Revell, Fujimi, Hasegawa, etc.) the Fine Molds kit certainly looks the nicest. We'll see how it goes together. Should be fun! The only aftermarket I have in the stash that may come in useful is a pair of resin ejection seats and PE harnesses: I picked these up because at first glance it looked to me like the headrests on the kit seats were perhaps too big. But I'm not sure... Anyway, with any luck this will be finished prior to the deadline. Luck hasn't been on my side lately, so then maybe not. Cheers, Bill
  17. A man who quotes Aeschylus in a Mosquito build - what's not to like? Great work so far, I'm loving it! Now, about those 50 pounds. I've lost 50 pounds on two occasions - but I don't recommend cancer. Best to stick with Noom. Cheers, Bill
  18. Yup, we make some pretty good chicken wings. Cheers, Bill PS. Seriously, he didn't get the athletic thing from my side of the family. But my wife's Dad was all-state (in several sports) when he was in high school, so I'm guessing an errant gene or two snuck through that pipeline.
  19. It not only looks exquisitely cast - it is. Beautiful work. How many Czech Masters are there? More than one, I guess, as the name is plural. I thought there was a connection between CMR and CMK but the CMK web site states "The company was founded in 1992 as a Special Hobby filial." Odd use of filial. So I guess it started as a sub of the MPM empire. Anyway, yes, you are also correct that CMR resin kits are exquisite as well. I've built a few and they were very nice indeed (especially the Firebrand). When Petr retired from CMR in 2012, the kit production and distribution was taken over by Mark 1, Ltd. After that, the last CMR tooling that Petr worked on was the 1:72 Buccaneer S.1 which was sold under the name Scale Resin instead of CMR. For awhile there was a Scale Resin website, but I can't find it anymore. ***** Oops - I forgot that I signed up for the F-14 Group Build. I'll be building the 1:72 Fine Molds F-14D in the VF-31 "Anytime Baby" Commemorative Scheme seen at the Tomcat retirement ceremony. Expect some delays on this build and the Privateer since the Group Build has a deadline. At least I'll be busy! Cheers, Bill
  20. Good news: I have some additional resources for Ol' Blunderbuss that will help considerably with the painting of the model. The "other" news (it's not bad news): I forgot that I signed up for the F-14 Group Build. I'll be building the 1:72 Fine Molds F-14D in the VF-31 "Anytime Baby" Commemorative Scheme seen at the Tomcat retirement ceremony. Because Felix rules! This will mean that I have three builds going simultaneously - and I have a tough enough time with just one! Unfortunately, this will make progress updates slower than usual. Sorry about that! Cheers, Bill PS. It's Autumn! And that can mean only one thing - wifey has trips planned with the grandkids to Disney. This time we'll be there on October 31 for the special Halloween party. Gee, I wonder how big of a super-spreader event that will be? PPS. Just got back from Delaware where my son competed in a triathlon. He placed #21 out of 319 entrants, and #4 in his age group (he's 39). God bless him. Now, where's my beer? And give me some of those chicken wings.
  21. Beautiful job on the Stringbag, Heather. What's your opinion on the photoetch rigging? Cheers, Bill
  22. Ah, I missed that indeed. I was most likely using my averted imagination wondering how on earth I am ever going to finish the Matchbox Privateer... I really like the detail in the office, but I also missed the hydraulic lines you added on the starboard sidewall. Man, I have to get my mind off that Privateer and start paying attention to the good stuff!! Your work is excellent, Cheers, Bill
  23. Great work, Mr. Friday. I'm surprised that most kits leave out the bracket that holds the gunsight. Since you're going hog wild with the detailing, might I suggest the gradations on the dials for the gunsight, the bumper so the pilot doesn't smash his head against it, and also perhaps the three extra light bulbs on the fuselage sidewall? I'm of course just being silly. You're probably already planning for these, and much more! Cheers, Bill
  24. My plan is to build the 1:72 Fine Molds F-14D in one of the VF-31 retirement schemes, probably the Anytime Baby commemorative markings: Cheers, Bill
  25. I bought one from them a couple of weeks ago, so they had some inventory then. It's the very definition of a short run kit. ***** I built the MPM 1:72 kit back in the day: Sure, many issues. But if I had never seen it and someone asked me what it was, I'd say it's a Sea Vixen. I've also seen several copies of the Cyberhobby kit built up, and they look like Sea Vixens to me too. I guess it all depends on how concerned you are with the shape issues. Horse for courses. Cheers, Bill
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