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  1. I have no more superlatives. I'll have to invent some... Now, on the subject of astronomy. How high above the horizon will Jupiter and Saturn be for you when they get all nice and cuddly on December 21st? I think it's only going to be about 9 or 10 degrees altitude at sunset here in Navy Birdland. Too many trees in the way for me to catch that, so I'll have to find a spot with a clear view of the horizon. Also, watch for a nice and thin fresh moon near the two on December 16. Cheers, Bill PS. Of course, the statistics say that I have a 99% cha
  2. We're here for you mate. I may be on the other side of the ocean, but I've had the opportunity to meet Martin on several occasions. (He does have tentacles, by the way). I first met him at the RAF Museum when he and @CedB graciously offered to host my visit and be my tour guides. Rarely do people in real life live up to their Internet personality, but Martin certainly did. Friendships were cemented on the spot - over a coffee underneath a Sunderland, I believe. I've been through several medical crises myself, including nine spinal surgeries, a femur rod, and two bo
  3. With each new update, my saliva incontinence increases. Anyone have a mop? Cheers, Bill
  4. Now that's a sweet MiG. Your paintwork is very realistic, and the chipping nicely subdued for realism. One to be proud of! Cheers, Bill
  5. I like it! It sums up my geographic position and orientation perfectly. And in only 13 syllables! So instead of manual back breaking, you have motorised back breaking? But the result is still a bad back. Hmm... Speaking of internals, I volunteered for a research study concerning cognitive decline in old folks. Hey, I fit the profile. They did MRI scans of my brain while I was listening to some dude read from "The Old Man and the Sea" followed by me answering questions about the story. They even sent me a JPG of the MRI scan of my brain, suitable for f
  6. OK, I promised some photos. The cockpit is 100% out of the box except for a couple of decals for the compass faces. The instrument panels are the typical photoetch/film sandwich, and other parts are resin except the photoetch throttle levers (devilishly tiny!). One of the throttle levers went "zing" after being painstakingly positioned. It will be rediscovered at some point in the future (perhaps at the same time that Chernobyl No. 4, TMI-2, and Fukushima reactors re-start). In other words, it's unlikely it will ever be found. For some reason the photos are a bit darker than real l
  7. Here is my Hasegawa 1:72 Tornado F.3 - she was built in 1990 right after the kit came out, so she's 30 years old. I think she came out OK, and she still sets in my display case. Strictly and out-of-the-box build. Cheers, Bill
  8. Great idea to print the radiator meshes. I've done the same thing for jet engine faces and exhausts. I think you can get away with this in 1:72, but in larger scales you sometimes need the 3-D effect for more realism. I faked the 3-D on some 1:72 jet fan blades by incorporating a drop shadow into the artwork. Once it was inside the intake trunks, the effect looked pretty good. Cheers, Bill
  9. Welcome to the club! Beautiful work on the Sea Fury, and a RAN version at that. She's a sleek bird, and you've captured her well. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers, Bill
  10. Now that's a late mark Spitfire! Great work, you can be proud of that one. Cheers, Bill
  11. The only photo I've found that "hints" at a shoulder strap is the typewriter shot (in the rear seat): But if that is a strap, there is only one. The front seat doesn't appear to have any shoulder harness. Anyway, I'm going to go with just the seat straps. I assume the typewriter was held with Velcro. Cheers, Bill PS. By the way, what is the large cylinder above the starboard side of the rear instrument panel? This doesn't seem to be present in other photos I have. It appears to have a linkage or cable of some kind passing through it.
  12. Great job! Really nice work with the paint modulation. You've given the monotone finish some personality. If I ever build one, it'll be the grey bird, just because I like to be different: I have to admit that a flock of these things does look like an alien invasion... Cheers, Bill
  13. Thanks. Maybe @Dave Swindell can help? Cheers, Bill PS. Could you post links to the online photos?
  14. It sounds like a typical Special Hobby kit. Which is not a bad thing, by the way, I have more Special Hobby kits in my display case than any other brand. You're doing a great job so far, and your build notes (as well as the document from @Tailspin Turtle) will really help when I build mine. I've always wanted an original Phantom in my collection, but all I could find way back when was the MPM kit (which was one of their earlier efforts). Luckily Special Hobby came along with the new tool, and the old MPM box went the eBay route. I'm anxiously awaiting your next installment! Che
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