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  1. why the hell are we getting rid of HMS Argus
  2. guys the Italian aircraft carrier was Aquila which translates as Eagle gary r
  3. Hi Sam i too have the GZ but in 700 and am gathering p/e and wood decking for it the photo that you think is or is not GZ is the Italian carrier eagle a much better thought out design than GZ i mean just look how complicated and vunerable to weather damage that catapult is anyway good luck and keep posting your French battlecruiser is outstanding mate gary r
  4. yippy well that's my accommodation booked gary r
  5. Rod outstanding paint job mate which kit is that gary r
  6. guys i would love to order from them but the UK is not on there list of countries gary r
  7. Gisbod thats some very impressive shading right gary r
  8. thekz Your painting is outstanding sir a lot of thought has gone into that any chance you can do a quick run through of the hairspray method for me cheers gary r
  9. Sir your paint work is outstanding is there any actual room to train those torpedo tubes cheers gary r
  10. hi Michael M thats very impressive mate im interested in how your dirty up the lower hull and the dock gary r
  11. hi steve5 i will be following your build with great interest gary r
  12. hi there is a 350th on its way from veryfire hope this helps gary r
  13. hi Liizio great build so far mate on such a small ship i know what you mean about loosing your modelling mojo I've had my Victory on the go now for a year and its stalled anyway keep up the good work and enjoy cheers gary r
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