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  1. hi good job im looking forward to you getting to the torpedo tubes gary r
  2. hello from memory the bulge is hollow so stick a thick bit of plastic on the inside of the hull then add the internal bracing. this will hell keep it ridged and when cut will hive you something to fill against after you have cut out the bulge have fun gary r
  3. hi good luck with this its going to be a shed load of work thats a lot of grinding i would glue the hull together then add cross braces to the hull for strength i would be temtped to add the deck at this time unless your going to use an after market deck then i would not bother have fun gary r
  4. hi how can do do edinbugh without doing the hull good luck though gary r
  5. guys can you tell me the model length of the revell uboat vc11/41 thank you gary r
  6. hi sorry guys german 1/350 life rafts like the one's along the hanger of scharnhorst or in front of the bridge of prinz eugen thank you
  7. guys can anyone point me in the direction of german life rafts resin or otherwise looking for the kind that are along the hanger of scharnhorst or in front of the bridge of prinz eugen thank you gary r
  8. Chewbacca thanks for the quick reply i am thinking of the size below 200w x 500l x 200h mm what do you think cheers gary r
  9. hi Chewbacca do you have the link for the perspex supplier love the lutzow where did you get the torpedo nets from cheers gary r
  10. hi Pat Very well thought out and informative I'm currently building the Airfix 180 scale Victory which is crap the mould is so old and warped hull halves would put a banana to shame the decks look like the rolling South Downs all was dunked in boiling water and then clamped to try to get them straight anyway enough yours is fantastic well done Sire cheers gary r
  11. hi yes lots of heat i use watercolour mediums by Daler & Rowney its a clear varnish 75 mil is enough for 700th scale you can get it from art shops hope that helps cheers gary r
  12. hi your a fast builder and the force is strong with you the your photo etch skills are excellent what colour did you use for the after funnel cheers gary r
  13. hi as others have said great build and i too would like more info on the base the only thing i can find out of place is the fore top should be square otherwise outstanding sir cheers gary r
  14. hi guys is there any photo etch or after market decking available for this very nice kit cheers gary r
  15. hi guys i have and am using the scalewarship photo etch set right now its a work in progress gary r
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