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  1. tom all in ready to go mate gary r
  2. Sam check out any good models of the Yamato the training stops are very prominent cheers gary r
  3. hi mate those frames are training stops cheers gary r
  4. Beefy66 many thanks for the clear description and step by step walk through that's all i wanted to know and it was in English rather than jargon cheers gary r ps its too late for the hood but i think Ark or Bismarck is up next and they will defo benefit from hairspray
  5. hi i find diluted white glue and tissue paper work great for canvas dodgers gary r
  6. RAF4EVER i would like to know how to use hairspray in ship model painting how to get the effects of a distressed hull and painwork gary r
  7. gentlemen your answers although gigglesome are not helping gary r
  8. guys can some of you point me or show me how hairspray is used please gary r
  9. wangmm2047 your build is bloody awesome mate very impressive gary r
  10. Massimodels great build i like the fact that they have the railway tracks round the barbets nice paintwork keep going following with interest i have the waterline version in the stash cheers gary r
  11. very impressive bravo zulu
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