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  1. I am wondering since Airfix did a very ncie job on the 1/72 Supermarine Swift (and 1/48 Sea Vixe)... if they will be doing any new tool kits of these in 1/72 or even 1/48??: -Sea Venom (desperately needed--the Cyberhoby kit is not very good) -Supermarine Scimitar (only recent kits are the CMR and Xtrakit) -Blackburn Buccaneer 1/48 Hunter & Sea Venom (again) Any ideas guys? Steve
  2. This is good news BUT this seems like the 1/48 Hobbyboss F3H Demon story again...Hobbyboss makes good kits when they can copy or use major parts (from other manufacturers) for masters as it seems they did with the 1/48 Demon and 1/48 Fury (ala. Grand Phoenix)?? --which are good kits. Good news for us since they prob. took the Tarangus kit and used it as a base for a master and added detail. Good News for US Bad News for new kit developers. I wonder why Hobbyboss hasnt scaled down the FJ-4 and F3H to 1/72 scale since both kits in that scale are ancient and not very good on the detail side...perhaps this is the kryponite to their method since it doesnt seem they can pan or scale down easily....BUT arent these made with CAD design??? ANY THOUGHTS?? Steve,
  3. Count me in too. When will it be available? Still waiting for Season 2 on Blue-Ray. Season 1 was phenomenal ! Steve
  4. It is a beast of a build esp. those intakes BUT it is the only game in town...Dont expect to see anyone else tooling up this kit in 1/48! On the 1/72 note...The Sword kit is rather nice and has some nice aftermarket resin and etched brass for it ( the only area of concern is the three piece canopy which could be tricky?/) http://hyperscale.com/2013/reviews/kits/sword72074reviewmd_1.htm http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PAVC72125 http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RESIMP7230 AND even decals if you dont fancy the kit ones: http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/PSL72087 It would be nice if someone did this treatment for the Squadron-Czech kit in 1/48?? IT could use a new interior?? Tommy Thomason may have something to say about that!?! Steve,
  5. Colin, Aint that the truth..>The Fujimi 1/72 kit (although nicely engineered) is really just a facsimile of a Seasprite way too many problems with that one.. I scratchbuilt my interior but it would be nice to see a re-release of the Seasprite by Airfix and maybe some aftermarket decals & resin and etched brass sets?? Steve,
  6. Still think the old 1/72 Airfix kit is the best Seasprite in any scale? Steve
  7. Unfortunately the Aoshima kits are ALL expensive over $100 USD. There seems to be a few different versions?? Some have white metal engine parts ( Blower) some have a white metal dog figure and the latest incarnation seems to have etched brass detail parts too? Again the kits is a bit expensive but it seems to be out of production. Ebay is your best shot? Steve, Steve
  8. or Hannants: http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RA7205 Steve
  9. OR we can call it the Peoples Front of Judea OR is the Judean Peoples Front.....So what is really in a name? OR magazine title! Steve
  10. I agree wholeheartedly!! I hate Facebook too It has become a forum for self-aggradizement & has really truncated the ability of the individual to actually conversate with other human beings. Steve
  11. OK I know it is from Turkey BUT I wonder where the IM production molds will be cut?? Since this is in the prototype stages? Could be China? The molds coming out of China are a wide range of quality and some are still improving. I feel the best quality moldings still come out of Japan & Korea. This is across the boards since the current Bandai Sci-fi stuff are simply amazing moldings! ..and we all know about Tamiya?!?! But China is gaing ground fast! I hope this hits the shelves soon love to build one for the collection...or a possible article Steve,
  12. How about the 1/48 Javelion? I dont image it was too impactual either compared to those other types? Steve,
  13. OK I just got another Hunter F.6 on Ebay so I hope to build both BUT unfortunately I am missing a set of stabs from the FGA 9 kit. Part # C2 & C4. IF anyone has a set lying about let me know and I would love to take those parts off your hands. I can buy or trade for them. My email : scorvi@verizon.net Thanks Steve,
  14. What is the differences in the Academy kit releases if any besides decals markings between the F.6 and the later released FGA. 9 release?? Are there any significant plastic differences in the two like the tail pipe perhaps?? I couldnt find any real comparison on the net. I KNOW YOU GUYS will KNOW!! Thanks Steve
  15. I agree about the Scimitar but I really like the lines of the aircraft. But I would take all those others too: Vampire (1/72nd & 1/48th), Canberra B.2/6 (1/72nd), Hunter T.7 (1/72nd & 1/48th) and the Venom (both single and two seat in 1/72nd & 1/48th), Lightning F.1/3 (1/72nd) AND A BUCCANEER !!! Steve
  16. We will see..It was just a thought. The Vampire is an important early jet that needs to be done by Airfix. Both 1/72 ad 1/48 would be great!. Now the Scimaitar would be all them since there are very few injected molded Scimitars in any scales: 1/72 Frog right? everything else is either vac. resin or limited run stuff?? Xtrakit & Skybird 86 did one and I know the CMR resin kit is superlative but very expensive. There was a 1/72 Vac. kit too..Rareplanes maybe??? In 1/48 I only know of the Dybavector & Falcon kits (both vacs.) ?? Steve
  17. Nice info. Well needed. I just wish someone would do a 1/48 and 1/72 early crusader (A, C, D) and RF models (Early [for Cuban And Vietnam eras] and later) or at least a decent conversion w/ decals that doesnt cost more than the kit?? Steve,
  18. Just curious since the 1/72 two seater T.11 is a rather nice kit at an amazing price. Love to see them do a a single seater Vampire in both 1/72 and 1/48 at the great quality & price. Anyone have any thoughts on this?? OH Ya Will Airfix do a 1/48 Supermarine Scimaitr to go along with the Sea Vixen. I loved buildling my Sea Vixen!! Steve
  19. OK This is a must have. Cant be any worse than the other kits from China... Now USAF markings are in good order since it was originally OUR aircraft we loaned it to you Euro types LOL. Seriously this will be nice in the collection of USAF Recce birds. Who carries this line?? Hannants? i wonder if Spruebrothers will pick it up? Steve
  20. On the Hasegawa note there EA-6B is an excellent kit ALL new tool and best of that type in scale. BUT yes there A_6A &E are old tool not very good Steve
  21. Lets hope Airfix does stuff that hasnt been done And Luftwaffe is a little overdone IMHO....Now on the 1/72 front the Fujimi FG.1 Phantom is a real nice kit perhaps they can re-release it or release it under Airfix licensing and decals for a better price? Fujimi shared molds with Testors back in the day perhaps they could do it w/ Airfix? Why re-invent the wheel when you have a real nice 1/72 FG.1??? Now lets see a 1/48 Scimitar to go along with my 1/48 Sea Vixen http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s315/scorvi/DSCN2534_zpsc640f375.jpg Steve
  22. 2015 Airfix releases are....... 1/48 Supermarine Scimitar 1/48 F11F-1 Tiger (special secret release to blind side everyone!) 1/72 F-4 phantom family 1/72 P/F-80 family 1/72 Buccaneer Steve
  23. It isnt that bad. It has some issues but if you go in prepared you wont have problems. The good things is you can just build it and correct as I did or use an older Monogram kit etc.. But overall it isnt bad. BTW- I just picked up the KH F9F-8T and some are calling it "unbuildable" again same can be applied to this one. Just be aware of some of the fit issues adn you will alright!. Hope to get this one written up in a dual build articel with the Monogram F-101B that i built at the same time for a side by side! Steve
  24. Real clean build. Like your paint work nicely executed Steve
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