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  1. In the interest of self inflicted pain, I built both the Tauro and Hasegawa versions, the tauro one first as if it had been the other way round the tauro one would never have been completed
  2. Thanks John, Check PMs Paul
  3. Hi, Just enquiring would anyone know of suitable engines and propellors for this kit. Its Contrail / Sutcliffes kit. I have the Shorts Rangoon / Calcutta fron the same manufacturer and this came with the engines and props in white metal and I'm wondering were any produced for the London. I don't have a 'parts' stash as I usually build 1/48th scale, but fancied some thing out of my comfort zone. All and any help appreciated. Paul
  4. The dayglo /international orange/red varied with the time frame up to the latter days when it was a more stable base and didn't react to light as violently so its spot on. The smaller tanks are indeed correct, the bigger tanks were used occasionally and once upon a time they flew without tanks, but it changed the handling characteristics so markedly that they never repeated the practise. The silver colour overall is of a painted finish and not NFM and again was sensitive to weather and time so interpretation is fine. My prefered model of the CM170 is the new Kinetic 1/48th one , although has its vices can be made into a nice representitive Fouga
  5. My Honest opinion I don't the scheme is what is expected and dark /grey /blues is first come to mind. It tends to grow on you and is nice,
  6. Perfect....lovely build and paint job...
  7. Another fantastic replica of the best piston engined fighter of all time!
  8. Thats the best looking Sea fury I've seen, every thing stands out but nothing is overpowering. Perfect.
  9. I have one in the stash, and now I know I'm never going to build it. It is a pig of a kit, but from pigs ears come silk purses. Sweet!
  10. Blown away....anyone who has the film will understand the detail, those who haven't....well you just haven't lived..... Outstanding.
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