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  1. Now that's something you don't see every day! Really interesting choice of subject and colour scheme.

    I never heard of the Do-27 before Aerosoft released a really good one for MS Flight Sim a few years back and ever since then I've been quite a fan of the little aeroplane. The Air Museum in Belgrade has a load of them parked in storage outside with the wings removed.


    In 1964, a substantial number of Do27Q and Do27A were donated by West Germany for AOP use. This unit has operated the Do28B since 1971 for general cargo and personnel transport around the various IDF bases.



  2. Got a couple of those insulating the loft. Your build has made me want to go and dig one out and get started. Very nice build - any problems with the kit?


    First thanks for the compliment.

    There is no problems with the kit, this kit is simply perfect. I really like the new models of Eduard.



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