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  1. Your not wrong, it's on purpose. It's a later model. I combined the earlier and the later. From photos of this reall plain, it is not clear...
  2. Thanks very much guys! appreciate that
  3. Had sum problem but now it is there.
  4. Just finished my first F-35 model. The model: Meng 1:48 F-35A IAF Adir from the 116sq. I also used Reskit, resin parts for the Exhaust nozzle and the wheels. Kasl Hobby resin for the Ejection seat and GBU-39 SDB Guided Bombs from Eduard. Decals are from IsraDecal, set no. IAF-107. The rest is from Meng. Hope you will like it. Thanks for watching
  5. first Thanks very much! Kinetic is a lot of work but the only 1 around. Tamiya is in the other hand Perfect!
  6. This is the IsraCast F-16l Correction set for Kinetic kit Set no. 48030 that I used.
  7. Hey thanks! Yes I would but, the last time I asked Mr. Weiss from Isradecal told me that it is no more available for some years already. So I guess you will have to use the kit parts. ☹
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