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  1. Dr_Fester

    Launch 14 - Cooper's Rocket

    A great project and admiring your detail modelling. Doc
  2. Great history and superb build Elger. Subtle weathering looks spot on and a tremendous amount of detail in the build. Thanks for sharing. Doc
  3. Dr_Fester

    Britmodeller has changed!!!!! (again)

    Well I'm keeping to the original, but only cos I designed that logo.......
  4. Dr_Fester

    Ju52 desert camo scheme

    Hi all, I'm looking to build a 1/72 Ju52/3m in desert North Africa scheme and like the look of the image below:- So can anyone tell me what theatre this one is from? Also if anyone has any profiles for the full livery that would be great. Cheers Doc
  5. Dr_Fester

    Ju52 desert camo scheme

    Thanks guys all very helpful info, knew I should ask here first To elaborate a little this is part of a 2 ship commission build, and the request was to produce a desert scheme similar to the one shown below:- I realise this one is again a warbird (tailwheel giveaway?) but I quite like the scheme although detail photos are a little scarce online. The first of the commission builds being an Eagles Dare Ju52 which I completed last week:- Thanks again Graham, Chris and Jure and my hunt continues for desert scheme references. Alas I fear the camo might be a DIY job All the best Doc
  6. Dr_Fester

    SAS Jeep (Tamiya 1:35)

    Good start there and having started exactly the same kit yesterday I'm at about the same position. What are the extra details you have? I'm looking to get a much better pair of Vickers guns than the kit offering, any ideas? Cheers Doc
  7. Dr_Fester

    1/350 Titanic

    Hi, Always hankered to try a Titanic build, one of the most famous (or should that be infamous) ocean going liners. I wanted to build a big model and set my sights on the Academy/Minicraft 1/350 scale, which makes a model around 1m long. Eventually one appeared on Evilbay and I managed to get it for £20 and better still it was the deluxe version which includes the etch fret for the rails etc. The downside of this purchase was although complete it had been brush painted (rather badly) both hull and deck so this would need to stripped before I could make a start. Having contacted the previous owner he assured me that the paint used was acrylic so I chucked on the Mr Muscle oven cleaner and waited. Deck colour came off with no problems:- The one piece hull however still has paint in the top row of windows, but along with drilling out the portholes I will need to file these out anyway so no great shakes:- The deck planking detail on the kit has raised lines, so raised in fact that the passengers would have to step over them! Not too sure how to attack them but obviously they will need to be sanded off and possibly rescribed, or grand plans of replanking might be an option. So now the setting: I guess a couple of options here either; 1. Titanic complete on a stand 2. Waterline model in the sea showing her in full glory steaming from Queenstown in Ireland to New York. 3. After the iceberg collision and starting to sink. The intention is to build the sinking diorama with lifeboats launched. Lights will be on and I will be using LED's to illuminate the interior with F/O for runs to nav lights etc. Got a few sets of unused twinkle lights which have everything I need resistors, switch etc. Just a spray with clear yellow to give an incandescent glow should do the trick. LED's run much cooler than bulbs and have a longer life which is important if the hull is assembled and access impossible. Plenty of online research sites and many devoted to Titanic model building, I'm currently using TRMA and a site devoted to building the Minicraft kit Rivet Counter. So that is the challenge, sorry for the long intro but I feel this build will be a long one! All aboard ! Doc
  8. Dr_Fester

    IJA Ho-Ni Colours?

    After some advice guys. I have to repaint a japanese Ho-Ni for a friend in 3 colour camo and hope you can help with the colours I need. It should look something like this when finished:- Any idea what the 3 colours I need, preferably Tamiya but open to other options. I bought the Vallejo early IJA set but none of them seem to match the light colour, nearer Tamiya Buff or Desert Yellow really. Any help appreciated. Cheers Doc (Armour rookie)
  9. Dr_Fester

    IJA Ho-Ni Colours?

    Thanks for the info Mike, just what I was after. Your a star! Doc
  10. Dr_Fester

    Source for cable wrap?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get hold of the plastic spirowrap cable sheath for braided cable? Shown here on Imster's wonderful NSR500 build http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234986850-tamiya-honda-nsr500-1984/page-6 . Tried to PM Imster but no reply so wonder if anyone knows where I can get hold of this? Cheers Doc
  11. Dr_Fester

    Source for cable wrap?

    Thx for the reply guys, I'm sure this is available off the shelf as I have seen it on quite a few builds, have tried Hiro and many other sites Rick with no success. I may have to go down the route Colin suggests either with a wrapped strip or spiral cut clear tube. If I do ever find it I'll post a link here Cheers Doc
  12. A long while since I posted any builds and thought I would share my latest project. Not the normal bike build for me as I'm used to fairings and solid wheels but the intention is to build an exact copy of my dads 1953 Vincent Rapide Series C. Not a standard Rapide by any means but externally the Matchbox/Revell Black shadow is a good base to start with. Lots of chrome parts, I think the chrome plater went a little crazy and in fact the fork blades had been chromed before my dad even got the bike. For the Vincent aficionados the internals were actually brought up to Black Lightning spec so in fact it was a Vincent White Lightning! Very few reference photos of this bike and the best one shown above. So the build... I picked up a Matchbox kit on fleabay and had intended to make 2 simultaneously, so 1 for dad and 1 for me. Picked up a Revell Vincent a few weeks later which is essentially the same kit. By the way if you get a choice I would go for the Matchbox as this was original molds and the later Revell offering has shallow detail and shows tired moldings. So made a start a few weeks ago and have the main lump done. All fixings replaced with RB Motion as I will throughout this build. Also turning a few pieces from ali myself and trying to talk Rob @ RB Motion into turning some custom intake trumpets for the carbs. The usual bugbear for this kit being oversize spokes which my first attempt to replace I'm not that happy with.. I tried to make them without a jig and simply cut a few of the spokes out and replaced with tin copper wire as I went, this kept the hub central but leaves a seam when you join the 2 halves and a real pain to smooth out. These will be okay for this build and I can replace the wheels later with a wheel set with turned hubs and separate rims. Only other product out of the stable worth showing is the tank which is glossed but not polished. I have to add 2 petrol taps (normal and reserve) and filler caps etc. More to follow. Cheers Doc
  13. Dr_Fester

    1/12 Matchbox Vincent

    Thanks for the kind words Ian and yes I hear what you are saying about the mounting rods. I had intended using acrylic rod or block and still might for the finished article, just had some s/s tube to hand. Of course I could have displayed it with the rear stand down as most people do but to me the Vin looks best with both wheels on the ground. By the way the rear stand in the kit is too long as standard to display folded up so needs surgery! So when is that 1/8 Black Shadow going to make an appearance...... Cheers Doc
  14. Dr_Fester

    1/12 Matchbox Vincent

    Thx guys for your kind words. Yes MW of the 2 versions of this kit the Revell is definitely the worse in terms of soft molds and even an inaccurate speedo decal....kmh not mph.....! Cheers Doc
  15. Dr_Fester

    1/12 Matchbox Vincent

    Thx Billy, Yes I remember getting the thing over compression used to make my Dad's face very red! I hadn't intended adding a tax disc originally but as further reference photos of the bike emerged it was very prominent on the nearside. The tax disc holder was homemade from stainless along with the none standard horn cover which I both replicated on the model. I used some thin ali shape cut and folded as per the original and added an image of a '74 tax disc after printing out reduced to 7mm width. Amazing what you can find on t'internet All the best Doc
  16. Dr_Fester

    1/12 Matchbox Vincent

    Cheers Marc Engine had a gloss black base and then Alclad Polished Aluminium and Chrome although if you're modelling the Black Shadow the whole engine has to be black. Cheers Doc
  17. Dr_Fester

    1/12 Matchbox Vincent

    So the Vincent is near enough complete and thought I would post photos of the build as it stands right now. As you can see I have bought a Tamiya 1/12 display case and made a base with logo to set it off. I actually have more photos now of the real bike so I could generate more detail such as tax disc '74. Thanks for looking and next on the bench Fujimi's Suzuki RGV500, Schwantz style Cheers Doc
  18. Dr_Fester

    1/12 Matchbox Vincent

    Thx Guys, Good spot Billy with the red trim, wondered if someone would see that. Obviously the red trim should be on both wheels but on this particular bike Dad replaced the 19in steel front rim to a 20in but that didn't have the hallmark black/red trim. Just another deviation from standard....! Cheers Doc
  19. Dr_Fester

    1/12 Matchbox Vincent

    Thx guys, Sorry for my lack of updates but my model build is a little sporadic to say the least and not had a chance to update the build thread as often as I should. The Vin is still in progress and nearing completion so a few more photo updates for you... Like the stand The more I handle the model, the more parts get knocked and broken, its a model that has no easy way of being picked up! I have plenty left to add including all the electrical wiring, fuel lines, exhaust, tax disc etc so very much work in progress. I am however, happy with the spokes and all the trouble they caused re-lacing seemed to be a worthwhile effort. I have recently received a few more photos from Dad of the Vincent I'm building which requires a few more alterations to parts already made, but no biggie. As I mentioned at the start of the thread there are so many changes from a stock Vincent that makes this an individual and enjoyable build. Hope to update the thread more often and need to get this finished in the next few weeks as I have a Fujimi RGV and GSXR waiting in the wings. Cheers Doc
  20. Dr_Fester

    1/32 Wildcat

    Hi, Eventually completed this 1/32 Trumpeter Wildcat, not the most fun I've ever had building a model but its done now. Various build issues which I won't bore you with, here are the photos and hopefully I should get some better shots in daylight. Thanks for looking. Doc
  21. Dr_Fester

    Tamiya 1:12 F1 Cars

    Great minds think alike Garth By the way how did the Calsonic stencils work out? It has been a few years now since I popped my head around the door of Britmodeller but good to see some familiar names here on the forum still. My interest piqued by the impending Williams build which promises to be 'a bit special' but I will save that for a dedicated build thread. Cheers Doc
  22. Dr_Fester

    1/48 Airfix Super Etendard

    Hi, Always have liked the graceful look of the Super Etendard and having picked up a 1/48 Airfix SUE a few years ago this GB seems a good time to jump to the top of the 'to-do' pile. I searched earlier in the year for a Neomega cockpit set for it but had no luck, ".....should have some in for SMW Telford" I was told. Indeed I managed to grab one at this years show and now ready to go. Looks a nice kit initially only downside being the sparse cockpit, but that is sorted with the Neomega pit. Panel lines although engraved are a little shallow but no worries. Eventually made a start today with the fitting of the resin pit, never really had much luck with resin and however hard I try it always seems a tight fit . After much trimming/dry-fitting/trimming I eventually got to point ready for some paint. Still have to make the HUD but that will be added after the fuselage is assembled. Before I shut up the fuselage does anyone know if this is a tail-sitter? I can add plenty of weight to the nose if I have to, but if anyone can help that would be great. More soon. Doc
  23. Dr_Fester

    Short Stirling

    Well Mike did hint that he would be interested in a build article for the Stirling I'm about to start. First off I have previously requested info on ARC regarding the particular Stirling I am building for a friend. Take a peek HERE So with this build in the back of my mind I picked up an original Airfix kit at a show for £5 and also some numerals for the serials etc. Just had a quick look in the box today and pretty disappointed to find most of the parts with severe warp, to be expected I suppose with a kit of that age. So converting this to a Mk.IV I need to replace the front gun with a clear dome and remove the upper turret, plus a few extra bits and pieces. This one will take some time......... Cheers Doc
  24. Dr_Fester


    Great dio Fozzy, superb attention to detail. Even a knackered tyre on the old girl, fantastic. Cheers Doc
  25. Dr_Fester

    WNW Albatros DV

    Thats a cracking build Gary, beautiful detail work and painting. For some reason I have a hankering for a big 1/32 WW1 model, so Roden or Wingnuts? Looking forward to seeing the rigging coming together. Cheers Doc