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  1. Thanks for the info Iceman, still not clear in my mind about the trolley elevators but maybe beefy has the answer. Well I don't think there is any fear of coming close to your build mate, still I rate that as one of the best I've seen and thanks for sharing. Doc
  2. Superb work Iceman, very neat painting there and a perfect display plaque. Doc
  3. Evening Beefy, Other than the Korean build my other main go-to build reference is RGL's build HERE which I'm sure you've read. I'm not sure how much extra detailing is required on the boat decks as I have no accurate reference for vents, doors etc. RGL used the Mk.1 detail set which had extra doors to access gun platforms and from the Island but my trouble is getting bogged down with finite details so the intention is to crack on and create what looks good on the fly. I intend to have at least 1 aircraft ready on the cat with a few trundling along on their launch cradles and
  4. Beefy, you will enjoy making the PE AA guns in the infinity set. Good progress and if you need anything 3D printed give me a shout. I have some extra anchors if you need em. Cheers Doc
  5. Thanks Beefy, Your build prompted me to post some pics of mine so maybe we can learn from each other, I will be following your build with relish Cheers Doc
  6. yeah you have a point.... maybe a little Baltic cruise just to iron out the niggles.
  7. With plenty of scope to scratchbuild I will be making use of the 3D printers I have and already produced a better version of the anchor:- In an ideal world the carrier deck will be populated and with the 3D printer I can produce as many crew as I need, not much to find online for free but at only around 5mm high not much detail is required. So that has brought the build log up to date. Next on my to-do list is finish the hanger deck and populate before closing the top. Hopefully more updates in the not too distant future.
  8. I've just got to the point of putting my first wooden planking on. The intention is to have a water diorama so before I painted the hull I prepared a base:- As you can see part of the water dio will have a U-Boat on guardian duty and give a good sense of scale to the massive ship. Smaller projects as part of the build include the collection of lifeboats and launches:- Most of the armament has been built and awaits primer:- Along with starting the air wing:-
  9. Evening all, Been a while since I graced the BM site and posted some progress builds of models so here is first for about 8 years! So the DKM Graf Zeppelin, a fascinating 'what-if' which piqued my interest after see the infamous model of Hyan So Kim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX5bU2_HLCM . I'm no ship builder but it looked an interesting project so got hold of the Trumpeter 1/350 Zepp along with the Infinity detail set, I toyed with getting the much more comprehensive Mk.1 set but with supply issues and availability the Infinity set is plenty for me.
  10. Great progress and lighting looks spot on with the F/O, definitely the method to cut down on light leak. What colour LED's have you used, they seem a perfect warm incandescent colour. Cheers Doc
  11. Got a batch printed that I'm happy with now. PM your address mate. Doc
  12. Great start there. I had started the same build way back in 2008 with the intention of lighting her up etc For whatever reason this build got shuffled down the 'to-do' pile and eventually yesterday I blew the dust off the box and it's now on the bench. This was prompted by ordering the Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic yesterday and as I have a while to wait for its arrival I thought the Minicraft kit could be made into a wreck model to sit under the Trumpy kit. So much scratchbuilding ahead and I recently got hold of a 3d resin printer So when I get a usable 3d file I ca
  13. An EPIC build Mr Nut. Been following in the wings for all this time and have to say the end results of your hard work are clear to see, well done and thanks for sharing your work. Strange to think the build has taken this long that modelling has evolved during its build to incorporate 3D printing as a practical part of modern modelling. I too have just bought an ANYCUBIC printer and your results are an inspiration. Of the few prints I've done it seems the build plate requires leveling after every print, is that right? Cheers Doc
  14. I'm intending to scratch from plasticard with formers and filler probably skin with thin plasticard sheet. I envisage a shiney metal finish so some foiling ahead! Yes I will start a WiP when it's underway, just have to scale some drawings up. Doc
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