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  1. Hi Everyone, We are pleased to announce a new release from our friends @ Warp Models, following on from the hugely popular Honshu conversion kit, they have today announced the Phoenix Nebula Conversion kit. This model allows you to convert a ERTL Enterprise D (not included) to a Phoenix Nebula Class type Star Ship as seen in STAR TREK TNG This resin model comprises secondary hull, new pylons, pylon battle bridge,engine connectors, top sensor dish and other additional details. Warp Models 1:1400 PHOENIX NEBULA Conversion Kit (For Ertl Enterprise D) £89.95. Head on over to check it out and order yours now! https://l.outfy.com/EfJB1
  2. hi @Nocoolname, Please see below a couple of pics of some of the parts of the large BOP, we have had no issues with the Warp kits over the last couple of years. Feel free to check out the 28" BOP on our site also - https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/warp-models-large-bird-of-prey-28-wingspan/ Thanks, Chris
  3. Hi Guys, We have just restocked some of the popular Moebius & Model King (Moebius kits with added detail etc) truck / pickup kits, available now on our website but very limited quantity so act fast to order any you want Head here to check them (and many other cool kits) here or comment / pm us to deal with directly.
  4. *BACK IN STOCK - LIMITED NUMBERS* Hi Everyone, We have just received a small restock of some great Pegasus Hobbies 'War of the Worlds' kits, covering both the 1953 and 2005 films, these kits showcase some of the key craft and creatures from this iconic tale. You can check them out in more detail and order here
  5. Hi Guys, we have just one of these kits left Moebius Models MMK1400 - 1/72 Nuclear-Powered Fast-Attack Submarine USS Skipjack for just £115.95. All new, large 1:72 scale submarine kit. Design by David Merriman. Perfect for R/C modeling too. Order here - https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/moebius-models-mmk1400-1-72-nuclear-powered-fast-attack-submarine-uss-skipjack/
  6. Hi Everyone, In partnership with Warp Models we are pleased to announce the planned re-release of their great 1/537 (12" Wingspan) Klingon Bird of Prey kit The kit is a mixed media kit with resin and white metal parts. Designed in scale with the Ertl and Warp 1/537 kits The kit will be £94.95 + P&P An initial run of 10 will be made available. You can pre-order yours now with a £25 deposit via the link below or send us a message to discuss https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/preorder-deposit-warp-models-1-537-12-wingspan-klingon-bird-of-prey-kit/ Once we have filled these pre-orders production will be started and the final balance plus shipping will be invoiced for when the kits are ready to ship (Est: Oct / Nov) 2 Per Person for this initial release 1) *SOLD* 2) OPEN 3) OPEN 4) OPEN 5) OPEN 6) OPEN 7) OPEN 8 ) OPEN 9) OPEN 10) OPEN Head here to place your pre-order now - https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/preorder-deposit-warp-models-1-537-12-wingspan-klingon-bird-of-prey-kit/
  7. We are now taking pre-orders for this exciting new kit from Warp Models Coming October/November on pre-order basis. Limited production run, so book early or you might not get one. Mixed media resin Model kit. https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/new-warp-models-1-35-starship-troopers-tanker-bug-preorder/ Warp Models Starship Troopers Tanker Bug! 1/35 scale and in scale with both of Warps Warrior Bug A's and B's. Will interlock with Warp's previous Bug diorama bases. Tanker will be emerging from the ground preparing to melt any opposition it finds. This is going to be a BIG KIT! NEW! Warp Models - 1/35 Starship Troopers Tanker Bug! - PREORDER Our Price £109.95. https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/new-warp-models-1-35-starship-troopers-tanker-bug-preorder/
  8. Hi Guys, We still have a selection of great Moebius Models kits on stock, including these awesome American trucks and trailers. You can check them out here - https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/moebius-models/
  9. LAST FEW REMAINING! The new Polar Lights 973 - 1/1000 Star Trek Discovery U.S.S. Enterprise - https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/polar-lights-973-1-1000-star-trek-discovery-u-s-s-enterprise/ , these will sell out fast so be quick if you want one. We have a great range of scifi kits in stock, be sure to take a look around the store www.abovebeyondretail.co.uk
  10. No worries Mike, we are working closely with Cozmic Models to bring this exciting range (ever expanding) to modelers
  11. (UK & EU) Hi Guys, we are this week receiving an initial selection of scifi kits from the great Masterpiece Models, we have a limited number of each of these amazing kits available so please order quickly if you want any, you can order via our website or via comment / pm. https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/masterpiece-models/ 1/6th scale The Time Machine Kit - £219.95 MMBL001 - Blakes 7 Chase Craft - £59.95 MMBL002 - Blakes 7 The Liberator Kit - £149.95 MMBL004 - Blake’s 7 Pursuit Ship - £59.95 MMBL005 - Blakes 7 Scorpio Kit - £109.95 MMCE001 - 1/35 Lima Type 604 Construction Shovel Kit - £189.95 MMNA001 - The Nautilus 16***8243; 20K Submarine - £119.95 MMNK0001 - 1/93 SEALAB III limited edition resin assembly kit - £149.95
  12. (UK & EU) Hi Guys We have a limited number of the amazing Polar Lights 950 - 1/350 Star Trek Klingon K'T'Inga model kit in stock now - https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/polar-lights-pol950-1-350-star-trek-klingon-ktinga/?ctk=55ef34b2-58d5-4055-8d5d-e4a17685a8e5 Our Price £129.95 +P&P Grab one before they are gone again!
  13. Hi Guys, We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Cozmic Scale Models ,we are now exclusively stocking a cool range of 1/72 Star Trek Work bee resin kits, plus a Shuttle Pod and Travel Pod You can check out the range here - https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/latest-arrivals/ we have a limited stock in but more available soon so Preorders are being taken.
  14. We may be able to offer payment plans on this item, please contact me to discuss
  15. Hi Guys, ABR Models (Above and Beyond Retail Models) Are pleased to announce that following our purchase of the impressive TB4 project masters from Andrew Grimshaw we are doing a limited number re-release of this kit. This kit is 31" when built and is a replica of the largest model used in the TV Series. We have attached a few photos provided by 2 owners of a previous release of this kit showing how amazing it looks when built. All photos of the kit are of the production prototype, every kit will be produced to order so please allow 2 weeks for delivery from date of payment. If interested please contact me via pm or comment to arrange purchase as these will sell fast, the price of the kit is £450 + Shipping calculated at cost from UK depending on buyers location. *A big thank you & credit to Dave Howard (2 photos of his amazing built and weathered model) for allowing the use of pics of the built model*
  16. !!!AOSHIMA CHRISTMAS!!!! Look what arrived this week Reserved orders have been fulfilled, and remaining stock is now going into general sale, if you see anything you want please get in touch to buy, we have a nice mix of kits as shown in the pics below. SciFi 00359 - THUNDERBIRDS 1/72 THE MOLE £39.95 00525 - 1/350 THUNDERBIRDS FIREFLASH £39.95 00735 - THUNDERBIRD 3 £39.95 00786 - THUNDERBIRDS RECOVERY VEHICLES MOTORISED MODEL £39.95 00871 - THUNDERBIRDS EXCAVATOR & PILOT SET £59.95 00954 - FULL METAL PANIC 1/48 ARX-8 LAEVATEIN SNAP TOGETHER MOULDED IN COLOUR £59.95 01142 - THUNDERBIRDS 1/48 THUNDERBIRD No.4 £49.95 05502 - 1/350 SCALE THUNDERBIRD 2 WITH 11 RESCUE VEHICLES £32.95 TV & FILM 00559 1/48 AIRWOLF CLEAR BODY VERSION £42.95 01185 - 1/24 BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLOREAN from PART I £27.95 01186 - 1/24 BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLOREAN from PART II £27.95 01187 - 1/24 BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLOREAN from PART III & RAILROAD £29.95 03066 - 1/28 KNIGHT RIDER TRUCK & TRAILER (KITT CAR NOT INCLUDED) £59.95 04127 - 1/24 KNIGHT RIDER KNIGHT 2000 K.I.. SEASON 1 £34.95 04130 - 1/24 KNIGHT RIDER KNIGHT 2000 K.I.. SEASON IV £34.95 Ships 05266 - 1/700 BRITISH HEAVY CRUISER HMS DORSETSHIRE BATTLE OF CEYLON £39.95 05270 - 1/700 BRITISH HEAVY CRUISER HMS EXETER BATTLE OF SURABAYA £39.95 Motorbikes 05298 - 1/12 Kawasaki 750RS(Z2) with custom parts £29.95 05397 - 1/12 Kawasaki GPZ900R NINJA A2 £29.95 05430 - 1/12 YAMAHA Vmax with CUSTOM PARTS £29.95 05454 - 1/12 KAWASAKI GPZ900R NINJA A7 with CUSTOM PARTS £32.95 Cars 05402 - 1/24 LB***9733;WORKS R35 GT-R Ver.1 £39.95 05403 - 1/24 LB***9733;WORKS R35 GT-R Ver.2 £39.95 05487 - 1/24 FX-4 London Black Cab ***8217;68 £24.95 05552 - 1/24 VOLKSWAGEN 1303S Beetle 1303S '73 £24.95 05572 - 1/24 VOLKSWAGEN 15ADK Beetle 1303S Cabriolet '75 £24.95 05579 - 1/24 JENESIS AUTO DR30 SKYLINE '84 (NISSAN) £26.95 05580 - 1/24 RE AMEMIYA FC3S MAZDA RX-7 SAVANNA '89 £26.95 05590 - 1/24 LB***9733;WORKS R35 GT-R TYPE 1.5 £39.95 05613 - 1/24 TOYOTA MA61 CELICA XX 2800GT '82 £24.95 Pics to follow once i work out the system
  17. these are lovely detailed kits, each of the kits is as issued, sealed and most are ex shop stock Pm or comment for pricing, shipping based on weight and value of order All items in Bristol UK.
  18. Masterpiece Models 1/77th scale (31") Disney Nautilus Model (RC Suitable) Our Price £299.95 https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/masterpiece-models-1-77th-scale-31-disney-nautilus-model-rc-suitable/?ctk=5dac273f-2001-4111-82d5-394e9ea0770f Complete kit for the construction of a Museum quality replica of Captain Nemo's famous submarine from Disney's 1954 classic,"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (31" overall length). Amazing reproduction of Nemo's Nautilus in 1/77th scale. Kit is manufactured from resin with resin detail pieces and features a fully detailed wheelhouse and removable skiff. A beautiful Victorian-styled display stand is also included. The hull is hollow, and a suitably talented builder can add any number of details such as salon pieces, lighting and much more! This kit is sold unassembled and requires the buyer to assemble and paint it. The kit is composed of resin and white metal detail pieces. Paint and adhesives are required to complete the model
  19. Hi Guys, We have just received our first shipment of IBG Models kits These 1:35 Military vehicle kits are great quality quality and cover a few designs / subjects usually overlooked so be sure to head over to check them out, we are confident these will be popular and intend to expand on the range over the coming months https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/brands/IBG-Models.html
  20. *NEW PRODUCT RANGE* We are pleased to announce we have received our first shipment of the amazing 1:32 and 1:48 aircraft kits from the Zoukei Mura Super Wing Series (SWS) range, these are some of the highest detail and quality aircraft kits I have personally ever seen. Our first shipment is limited so act fast to grab one of these great kits and check out the awesome range of Brass photoetch. White metal, resin and Decal enhancement sets also available for each model https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/brands/Zoukei-Mura.html
  21. *NEW PRODUCT RANGE* We are pleased to announce we are now stocking Mission Models amazing range of acrylic paints. MMP Acrylics are simply put, the acrylic hobby paint we've all been waiting for. No more messing with lacquer thinner! Just a few drops of their thinner plus a few more of the optional MMP polyurethane add-in (reduces tip dry and increases durability, cures to an eggshell finish) and your paint will come out beautifully smooth All paints are airbrush ready. By nature all paint may vary in consistency based on pigment. You may find some paints to be slightly thicker than others which are natural properties of paint. We do not add any additional additives to our paints which results in no shelf life , hard settles or breakdown. To kick off this new range we are running a 3 for £15 promotion on MMP coded items (excludes thinners etc), this is a great deal so stock up now https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/paints-weathering/mission-models-paints/ The range is divided up into handy subjects (German Aircraft WW2, British Armour WW2 etc) to make it easier to find what you are looking for depending on your project / build
  22. Hi Everyone Our website is up and running www.abovebeyondretail.co.uk we are adding more lines daily but we already have a great selection from brands such as Tamiya, Moebius, Beemax, Zoukei Mura, Molotow and Paragrafix. Our site is set up to auto calculate UK shipping, if you wish to buy from outside of the UK please drop me a pm Thanks, Chris
  23. Hi Guys, thanks for the review Mike, we just received our restock so have a great selection of this range in stock now, so its a perfect time to get yours. http://thehobbyshack.co.uk/brands/HobbyZone.html Chris
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