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  1. Thanks Dave, I have sent you a pm Michael
  2. No, not available in Australia and Hannants only post their acrylics, of which I have loads. They will not post the enamels. I will work something out from the acrylics. Michael
  3. Dave, Ray, I have sent a pm to RichW. Thanks. Dave, I look forward to that pm with the decal list and contact. I have received an email from Richard at RJS ( I am assuming this is a different person) and he is investigating mail costs and will get back to me, Forum members have been very helpful, so thanks again , Michael
  4. Thank you Dave, I am thinking it might still be worth chasing the decals, but I have been warned, Michael
  5. Jeff, Thank you for the lead and the advice; most appreciated, Michael
  6. Thanks Dave, Your common sense approach to Facebook does not allay my irrational fear of such media. I will try to contact Richard by pm. Michael
  7. Thanks Dave, Join Facebook? That's a leap of faith for an old man like me, Michael
  8. I may have the spelling wrong but I do mean those upper wing parts that are a darker grey. Are such decals for my Revell A380 available and indeed, for A320/ 321 types? Any advice would be appreciated Michael
  9. Thanks Mike, A remarkably fine build on your A380. Also sent a PM Michael
  10. Hi Mike, The high degree of advice and helpful commentary on this forum never ceases to amaze me. I will keep your observations in mind. Whilst waiting for the A320 and A321 kits and decals to arrive, and in a state of impatience, I went to my local hobby shop and purchased a Revell A380 - complete madness for one who intended to enter the 1/144 airliner domain with caution. Fear of trying to successfully apply the British Airways white/ blue demarcation has now led to a further purchase of Air France decals from F-DCALS - a more white on white scheme. Presently I am working on whether it is possible to bring the A380 fuselage together prior to installing the u/c. There is a site that describes such a procedure but I found it completely unintelligible. Setting aside my learning difficulties on that guidance, I will see if some dry fitting reveals a solution, Michael
  11. Ian, I have sent a PM about that resin kit, Michael
  12. Thanks Dave, Advice much appreciated, Michael
  13. Dave, Thank you for more excellent information. I will get those 8A decals in due course. Fine work on that Tu 204 too. Now if we could just get that new, improved 757, Michael
  14. Hi Dave, Thank you for your advice. Yes, that is a very informative thread on the Revell build. Your advice for the preferred decals came after I had purchased some, but as they were the F-DCAL ones, it works out quite nicely. On your advice, and because selling all those military kits has left me with some spare cash, I have also ordered the Authentic Airliners windows. They seem to have a limited range: I have plans for an A380 after my test runs with the A320 but Authentic Airliners do not seem to have an offering for that. Michael
  15. Hi Ian, Thank you for the comprehensive reply. It is most appreciated. I just purchased the Revell A320 but I will now acquire the Zvezda one as well. Regards, Michael
  16. Hi Eric, Thank you for your advice. Your message arrived as I was typing the reply to Ian. What a marvelous forum this is, Regards, Michael
  17. Hi Ian, Yes, it does help. Thank you for your advice. For this first attempt, I will go with the glue-in-the windows then sand option, I think, Regards, Michael
  18. I seek the Forum's views on the best way to close windows up , obtain a smooth surface and then use decal windows. There appear to be two broad options cited on the interweb: 1. fill them in with filler from the outside and sand or 2. mask the outside of the fuselage and fill the spaces from the inside with a five minutes epoxy The latter seems preferable but being new to the airline business, any advice would be appreciated, Michael
  19. Thank you Michael, and AP. This is very helpful. Based on your recommendations, I will proceed, Regards, Michael
  20. Having been an active military aircraft modeler for sixty years and having sold off my entire stash, I am turning to civil aircraft in an attempt to redeem myself: all those guns and bombs and things were too much. I mention this because I am quite ignorant when it comes to civil aircraft modelling. I wish to build an A320 in Air France Livery in 1/144 scale. The Zvezda version appears to be the preferred brand over Revell. Should I purchase the Zvezda kit, where might I find Air France decals - cockpit screen and windows included - to fit? The sites I have come across appear to have decals for the Revell version only. Any advice would be appreciated, Michael
  21. Well I cannot find anything wrong with it either. It looks very sharp indeed, Michael
  22. 1/72? Amazing result. Exquisite paint work, Michael
  23. What an amazing piece of modelling. How you get that rigging detail in that scale is beyond me. BTW, that base is most appropriate - its height relative to the model and the absence of excessive detail gives focus and value to the subject, I think, Michael
  24. And another great piece of modelling, with fine paintwork, Michael
  25. That Cat looks great. Superb paint job, Michael
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