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  1. Thank you for your kind words and help! I’ll take your advice on board and hopefully get a ready for inspection post in the next few days!
  2. https://imgur.com/qEMnmbe Video of 360 degree lighting Can't seem to embed in the post, will visit the FAQ section
  3. Hi there everyone, firstly a big thank you to all those who have inspired me with your builds, now its my turn, I hope you enjoy! Revell Schlingmann 1:24 fire engine Intended to modify and try to make it a bit different and more UK like https://imgur.com/2ErDXiS Box art https://imgur.com/Dilukra Masked and sprayed the black in primer, this left a nice matt finish https://imgur.com/0CzPrhR Cab sprayed in Tamiya red, thinned with Mr Levelling Thinner (RB8 also clear coated) https://imgur.com/hSmMygN Dry fitting - can see the size of this now https://imgur.com/XKELxfs My first attempt at lighting a model, used pre-wired SMD's from ebay https://imgur.com/JNux4E1 Quick test - they work! the SMD's have a built in flasher, working off 3v source (2x AAA batteries) https://imgur.com/5q70sYg Bit more soldering https://imgur.com/yKhiD59 brush painting, all Tamiya paints https://imgur.com/AGQYfbV Nearly there!! lockers / shutters go up and down, added some fluorescent Revell paint for side reflective - if I'd have seen this earlier, would have done the tip panels in this! https://imgur.com/YkONyVV Lights all work! on a picture frame base of cobble stone Still loads to do, this is never ending, still need to pluck up the courage to glue together Have got a few LED candles to take to bits to create a bit of a scene to accompany Would love to hear feedback, any pointers welcome! Hopefully more to follow soon Jon
  4. Hi Paul sorry to resurrect this old topic.. frantically trying to find UK air ambulance decals for my 1:32 build.. unfortunately my friends at Whirlybird only produce 1:72 and cant upscale on this occasion. are you still producing decals and have any archived that I could purchase please? Thank you! Jon
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