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  1. Hi, For decals there is the recent FCM set. There also used to be a Kits At War decal sheet, long out of production though! Guillaume
  2. I’m also expecting a set of HARM missiles... Years ago when Tornado test shots were first revealed in Cosford, those were on display. G
  3. You may very well be right, but the Heller single and two seaters have a different geometry. Somehow the N nose looks good, so does the C, but the B looks wrong to me....
  4. They are basic but very nice indeed. A resin burner and ejection seat is basically all I would bother with. But an observation on the B kit, which as far as I know was only released by Airfix and not Heller themselves. The radome on that one is a bit off. They correctly engraved the radome line further back than it is on the N, but the N/D radome is less bulbous in real life. So the B kit radome looks too skinny, especially when put next to the C kit. My solution: I have a Renaissance resin radome to convert a C into a -5. The leftover C radome will be grafted onto the Airfix B ki
  5. I'm pretty sure yes. Have a look at this video .... All of them with the larger tanks, even the T.8C's! Also this shot for example G
  6. If you are making a ‘late’ GA.11, note that many (if not all?) received capability to carry the larger fuel tanks. Therefore they received the cutout flaps. Those are not included in the Airfix kit. Of course with the flaps retracted this a simple scribing job... Regards, Guillaume Ps: It is interesting to note the GA.11, when carrying the large tanks, did NOT have the extra strut which was seen on FGA.9 and F.6A Hunters....
  7. guillaume320


    I was lucky... Saw the PLAAF display team in action at the airshow in Zhuhai a year and a half ago. Except the Pakistani JF-17, I had not seen any of the aircraft in the flying display before. Definitely a 'refreshing' experience
  8. If you are on Facebook, I recommend to join ‘Belgian Wings’... There is an insane amount of Meteor pictures being posted lately. And some very knowledgeable people in the group who I’m sure would be glad to help you. G
  9. That’s what I was trying to explain, but English isn’t my first language haha
  10. Stunning attention to detail throughout... Truly a faultless built! I'm looking forward to your next project already
  11. Ah ok... I had never heard of them. So this Heller Mirage will remain a mystery a little longer I guess!
  12. I can see a Kinetic Mirage IIIRS on that particular stand... Is that a hint?
  13. They did, but it was a IIIC/B, not an IIIE/O/R/RD/EE/EA. That's why I was suspecting Kinetic as those versions can be covered from that specific kit... G You beat me to it!
  14. Heller 1/48 Mirage IIIE/O/R/RD/EE/EA and F-104G... Could those be Kinetic reissues??
  15. The Revell Tornado kits in 1/48 are definitely delicate to put together. The transition from radome to fuselage is definitely something to watch. -On the GR or IDS kits, the dome shape of the radome should extend to the next panel line (the physical line between the kit radome part and the fuselage needs to be blended in completely). On the kit built as such there is one panel line too many. The first molded panel line should be the base of the radome. The overall kit length seems correct, but the radome part too short and the actual fuselage too long. This is however easily fi
  16. Will we also see the FRADU T.8C with the Harley light in the nose?
  17. The ‘vanilla’ 1/48 F-104 (Hasegawa) reissue seems to have been dropped.... A shame because I was looking forward to the decal sheet
  18. I find them way too rounded on the outer point. Also the splitter plate with the fuselage is pure fantasy. It's doable to fix it, but as I'm a 'serial Hunter builder' I'm glad those days are over! I agree converting the Academy to two-seaters gets rid of some of the most obvious issues G
  19. The Academy Hunter does have some good points, like the fine and crisp panel lines. Also the flaps are more detailed than Airfix, and the wing pylons have better proportions. However the whole kit suffers from weird shapes and dimensional inaccuracies, from the underscale cockpit to the bulbous nose, the windshield, air intakes, etc.... I won’t be buying any more Academy Hunters that’s for sure. Airfix anytime for me! G
  20. I flew to Niamey few months ago... I also saw German C-160, French C-135FR and Atlantique. And a Ramstein marked US C-130J came in shortly after us. I didn't manage to spot any fighters while I was there though. G
  21. Also some Belgian (and possibly Dutch?) F.4's received the dog tooth modification...
  22. Agreed... All boxes are similar enough except few detail parts. You can easily make a Gr.1 out of a Gr.4 box G
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