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  1. I don’t think we are necessarily looking at different nose length. Eduard has the upper part molded to the fuselage and Tamiya a separate piece. The photographer should move slightly to the left to assess the situation accurately! G
  2. I think you can build a Gr.1 from most (if not all) boxes... However for a Gr.4 you’ll need to get the parts from somewhere else. Many people robbed the Airfix kit of the specific parts. It is an expensive donor however! G
  3. I’ve seen an online build recently where the guy used MR Paint reference MRP-281 ‘Grey Blue RAL 5008 Israeli AF’.... Looked very convincing!!!
  4. @Ali, I hope you consider making a set of gun blast deflectors as well With regards to the 2-seaters I’m not sure what the set will include, but I suggest NOT to include the small bore exhaust (as did the Aeroclub and Heritage sets). Purely on cost saving basis... I say this because Airfix is gonna include that in their F4 soon anyway and this is the airframe the T7 was based on. Looking forward to your Hunter improvement/correction sets!!! G
  5. The lack of BOL is of course disappointing, but that didn’t come as a surprise. That being said, if you compare the price of the Revell and the Eduard box, you do get a lot in the latter for the few quid extra. If you had to get the decals/resin/masks separately it would have been much more expensive. And the top opening box is priceless The Eduard F3 seems to have done well as it’s already sold out in many of the major online shops... So hopefully the Gr1/4 or even an ‘early’ F3 not far behind? ... I’m in!!! G
  6. I don’t know which one is right or wrong... The main issue I see is when dealing with decals for schemes covering the whole tail. However with regards to the overly thick top of the Revell fin, my prefered method is to sand the left and right top mating surface before glueing both halves. With no force applied, you are initially left with a gap on the very top of the tail. But that gap is easily closed with a clamp once the rest of the tail has set. That way the detail is preserved on the outer surface! G
  7. I do hope the BOL rail will be included, as well as some ASRAAM/AMRAAM... But I’m not holding my breath honestly. The decal sheet looks nice, however most of the choices have already been covered by Model Alliance etc. So nothing really new for me unfortunately. I’m still waiting for an ‘ultimate’ early colors sheet: 5 and 11 Sqn in the early days, and last but not least 65(R)/229OCU G
  8. My sheet came with a small correction set of accurate 66 Sqn markings!!!
  9. Not this picture but this very aircraft yes... The caption next to the picture said XG225 though but maybe they used the same source as Xtradecal?
  10. Just saw a picture of XG225 ‘27’ with the yellow spine in a magazine in WHSmith... Canopy is normal camo, not yellow G
  11. With regards to the new Xtradecal sheets, I think I've identified an inaccuracy with Xtradecal X48191 paint guide. More specifically the top (and bottom) view of XE587 in A&AEE scheme. Compare the paint guide with this picture. The red area around the wing tip follows a different pattern. G
  12. On a different note, with regards to XE597 63 Sqn as offered as an OOB option: All pictures I've seen of this particular airframe show it had white wingtips. Nor the Airfix box art nor the paint guide show this. I guess it wouldn't have been unusual for an airframe to get small paint modifications over time, but in this case I haven't seen any conclusive evidence yet... Ready to be corrected on this one! G
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