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  1. guillaume320

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    With regards to the new Xtradecal sheets, I think I've identified an inaccuracy with Xtradecal X48191 paint guide. More specifically the top (and bottom) view of XE587 in A&AEE scheme. Compare the paint guide with this picture. The red area around the wing tip follows a different pattern. G
  2. guillaume320

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    On a different note, with regards to XE597 63 Sqn as offered as an OOB option: All pictures I've seen of this particular airframe show it had white wingtips. Nor the Airfix box art nor the paint guide show this. I guess it wouldn't have been unusual for an airframe to get small paint modifications over time, but in this case I haven't seen any conclusive evidence yet... Ready to be corrected on this one! G
  3. The separate louvres on the lower forward fuselage and the windshield both seem to be done similarly to the Airfix kit, which is very smart I think. Can never have too many Mustangs
  4. guillaume320

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    Yes indeed some Belgian F.4's were brought to almost F.6 standard including dogtooth and blast deflectors... The Hunter which used to reside for decades at the entrance of Koksijde AB, ID-123, was one of those... Any suggestions how to tackle the lack of gun blast deflectors in the Airfix kit? G
  5. guillaume320

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    What about this Hunter F.6. It seems to have the area aft of the diagonal line left natural metal, like it was on many small bore engines, no? Of course this doesn't strictly imply the presence of a panel line... G
  6. Apologies for bringing this up once more, but here is the aircraft Airfix has in mind: https://www.airliners.net/photo/Belgium-Air-Force/Hawker-Hunter-F4/1849837 It's worth reading the photo description. So technically it's not 100% inaccurate, but it doesn't represent an operational aircraft... G
  7. Extremely excited about this release!!! I do however hope they ditch the Red Devil because they never flew the F4 but the F6... Only the Hunter F4 in the Brussels Air Museum has been painted that way but is technically ‘inaccurate’. Also note the Belgian F4’s were registered ID-..., the F6’s IF-... So IF-70 is definitely an F6! Also note some Belgian F4’s were modified with the dog tooth leading edge which might make visual identification a bit more difficult sometimes... G
  8. guillaume320

    Eduard 2019-2020-2021 - pre-programme

    Looking forward to see what schemes they will come up with for the Tornado And that ‘Mighty Eight’ Mustang limited edition will be a must have!!!
  9. And a recce version with dedicated fuselage With regards to the Eduard vs Airfix (and other high quality Mustang kits available), I’m firmly in the “and...and...” rather than the “or...or...” camp. We are all winners hahaa G
  10. guillaume320

    Hawker Hunter XE601?

    Considering it’s carrying the larger tanks, I would assume it had the cut out flaps... I don’t think those are included in the Airfix F.6 kit but an easy scribe job, especially if you leave the flaps up. Or wait for aftermarket flaps or the future FGA.9 boxing G
  11. guillaume320

    How accurate are the 1/48 and 1/32 Revell Eurofighter kits?

    It’s one of those kits that doesn’t look too tempting just looking at the sprues... definitely not on par with their Rafale or F-15E which dates from about the same period iirc. That being said, every time I see one built online, the result is almost always stunning!!! So despite the work involved, in my opinion the kit is worth the effort. But I think it’s time for a new tool kit... Something I would love Kinetic to tackle going by their current standard! G
  12. Hopefully an improved propeller spinner... Good to see Remy Van Lierde's JN862 JF-Z included as well. That means at least two boxes to find a way to my stash
  13. Here's a sheet covering two seat Hunters: https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/shop/fantasy-printshop-airfile-fpaf-48-002-hawker-hunter-twin-seater/ G
  14. Be extra cautious when searching for references: The Brussels military museum has a Hunter in Red Devil colors, but it is an F.4 and the Red Devils never flew the F.4 but only the F.6... it is basically a ‘what if’!!! Don’t use this one as a reliable source