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  1. I’m not into 1/72 so not following this release very closely, but I do like the F-1... Interesting to see the different size of the “5-OA” compared to the other codes. First time I see this. The Berna sheets certainly didn’t cover for that. Has anyone got any ideas?
  2. One small thing I noticed is the shape of the tip of the ailerons. I think they should be similarly shaped to the elevators and rudder, with that unique ‘curve’ at the trailing edge tip... A 10 second job with a sanding stick and I’m in no way saying Airfix should retool the parts, but I rather make people aware and avoid seeing Hunter after Hunter built with this ‘mistake’ Looking forward to hold the plastic in my hands!!!
  3. guillaume320

    Future Decal Release from Fantasy Printshop

    I don’t think the Navy Hunters sheet was ever released in 1/48....
  4. I would sell a kidney for one of those
  5. And hopefully some love for the early F1 through F5.... small bore engines and straight leading edges. Maybe a manufacturer like AlleyCat would consider?
  6. Yes indeed the parabrake tail was included in the test shots. But maybe Airfix won’t include them in this offering? Time will tell. If they end up doing an FGA.9, I suspect and extra sprue with rockets, large tanks and cutout flaps will be included Well I wasn’t a big fan of this conversion set. I much preferred the Aeroclub. The fuselage cut was forward of the wing which made it much more forgiving if your cut was slightly off... The Heritage had you cut the fuselage mid-wing which left absolutely no room for error, and I found it a pain to get the whole thing together. I never finished mine. If AlleyCat takes the ‘aeroclub approach’ and includes a resin canopy, I’m in for at least 6 or 7 sets
  7. guillaume320

    1/48 Mirage V, whats out there?

    I think the upgrade had been completed by 1985, but I don’t have my reference books handy so hopefully someone else can confirm. There’s this for example from 1979... early jet with the LAG underside
  8. guillaume320

    1/48 Mirage V, whats out there?

    The Mirage 5BR and 5BD would be much easier to model starting from the Kinetic kits available because their noses were quite standard with the variants Kinetic produced. That being said, for the 5BR you would be limited to an ‘early’ airframe as later on they received additional antennas on the tail (provided as a replacement resin tail in the Wingman kit) My ‘to do list’ includes the following combinations: - a late 5BA based on the Wingman kit - an early 5BR based on the standard Kinetic box (the first one), need to scratchbuild an arresting hook - a 5BD based on the Kinetic last two seater box, also home made arresting hook. So my recommendation is: if you don’t have the Wingman kit, go for an early 5BR or 5BD G
  9. I’m so looking forward to this release The main thing I wish to see included (and I cannot see on the sprues) for this F6 release are the gun blast deflectors... Maybe a job for the aftermarket if Airfix doesn’t give us the option? Available no, but I remember there was a rumor AlleyCat was working on a conversion... Let’s wait and see! Guillaume
  10. guillaume320

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C Eagle PT49

    I'm planning on getting 2 GWH Eagles (on top of already 2 Hasegawa C/D and 1 Revell E in the stash). I never considered getting rid of my Hasegawa F-15's, although the GWH is most certainly a step above. That being said, in my eyes, one of the big letdowns with the GWH is the thickness of the ailerons and flaps, and also the stabilisers: very toy like..... Definitely needs a serious sanding down, but that really shouldn't be required on a kit this day and age. G
  11. This is a dream coming true.... I can’t wait for this one!!! I hope they will NOT consider doing a Jaguar family in 1/48 after this, or I will need to file for bankruptcy
  12. guillaume320

    Belgian F-16A MRP questions

    I can’t really answer your question, but beware: Belgian F-16A’s only flew a short time without the parachute housing in place. As far as I’m aware, the retrofit came very early in service life and was not linked to the Carapace upgrade, meaning most (if not all) already had the long tail well before that particular upgrade took place. I think the MRP wasn’t used in those first years of operation you were looking at, but would love to be proved wrong. As a side note, the Belgian two-seaters never received the parachute housing... Regards, G
  13. guillaume320

    GWH MiG-29 Luftwaffe

    Hi Muzz, Thanks for the feedback... I shall buy in confidence G
  14. guillaume320

    GWH MiG-29 Luftwaffe

    Hello, I seem to remember the initial release of the GWH MiG-29 had some fit issues, especially on the engine nacelles. It appears GWH made some changes in subsequent releases to improve the fit. I’m looking at this particular boxing: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/316805-great-wall-hobby-s4801-mig-29-9-12-late-type Can anyone either confirm or deny those are the updated or original molds? Regards, Guillaume