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  1. The B43 and B57 (as well as the B61) are included in the Daco F-104 upgrade set, sprue E. (Sprues can be purchased individually from Daco if not in need of the full set...) G
  2. Yes those look like the large ones. I have no clue about their capacity though! Looking forward to see the result Smashing job so far!!
  3. Looking at pictures it seems the larger tanks aren’t carried very often in recent years, mostly small ones. Two more interesting shots if you allow: first one again with the large tanks inboard, and Orpheus pod on the centerline https://www.airliners.net/photo/Italy-Air-Force/AMX-International-AMX/4227433/L Next is the configuration I want to make my single seater (one day!), also Orpheus with the small tanks: https://www.airfighters.com/photo/102058/M/Italy-Air-Force/AMX-International-AMX/MM7132/ The Orpheus in the Kinetic kit can go straight to the bin (underscale). Thanks god I’ve got some spares in the Daco F-104 upgrade sets Apologies for highjacking your WIP.... Looking forward to more updates G
  4. Those last generation composite fan blades are a royal pain in the back to paint accurately though
  5. https://www.airfighters.com/photo/6422/M/Italy-Air-Force/AMX-International-AMX-T/MM55047/ https://www.airfighters.com/photo/34277/M/Italy-Air-Force/AMX-International-AMX-T/MM55037/ https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/220109 https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/34340 The last two shots are the same airframe, once with the large tanks inboard, the other time small tanks outbourd... I’m not saying the large tanks couldn’t be carried outboard, I just can’t recall ever having seen this (at least on Italian aircraft). More than happy to stand corrected on that of course Anyway your build quality and finishing standard is spotless
  6. Awesome! I really like the AMX If I may point out: it is more common to see the small fuel tanks being carried on the outboard pylons rather than the large ones you seem to have used. Carry on if this is intentional of course...
  7. The USAF F-4C/D and RF-4C kept the movable inboard leading edge flaps throughout their carreer... Apologies for not sticking to FGR.2's, but I just love Phantoms a little bit too much haha
  8. From what I understand, The initial F-4B's in the US Navy had the inner leading edge flaps deflecting. Those were later deactivated and the loss of lift compensated by drooping ailerons instead (also on the F-4J and FG.1). One of the side effects of the drooping ailerons is that it created a pitch down effect. Therefore the tailplane needs more deflection in order to compensate. That would be the reason the FG.1 and F-4J tailplanes have a slot on the leading edge as the unslotted 'standard' tailplane would be too close to stalling at low speed / high AOA... Maybe someone with more knowledge on the Phantom can either confirm or deny this?
  9. Yes indeed. My point was: depending on where you live, the best deal for one person won't necessarily be the best one for someone else...
  10. For me on the Eduard website it says 53€ (give or take), but once I proceed to checkout it ends up at more than 70€ due to shipping and handling (to Belgium)... I ended up ordering one for cheaper on ebay. Your mileage may vary...
  11. Worth remembering: The FG.1 had drooped ailerons, the FGR.2 not...
  12. This Dual Combo is a must have for me... So many great options! One not on the schemes presented: Eduard calls for the standard RAF Ocean Grey to be used for the 112 Sqn machine. But I remember a discussion somewhere that the grey used on those Italy based birds was supposed to be significantly darker grey? Can anyone confirm or deny? After this box I also look forward to the 'special 8th AF' one... O dear I better start building again! G
  13. The initial box of the two seater I have came in a larger box than the single seaters.... There should be room enough
  14. That’s what I was trying to explain in my post (#4)
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