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  1. As far as I understand all kits will include ordnance. That ‘preorder deal’ would include an extra separate box of ordnance....
  2. I remember having seen pictures of that in the past! Trying to find some now but my search doesn’t yield anything.... Have you (or anyone reading this) got a link to pictures of that reversed fin flash?
  3. Awesome bit of knowledge, thanks a lot!! I hope Kinetic continues to surprise us with new releases of the same standard
  4. Awesome build and write up ! I look forward to adding a few to complement my Hasegawa/Daco kits.... One question though: Are you sure the ailerons drop as well? I thought they would remain in neutral position G
  5. I’m planning one of those ‘early birds’ as well... Italeri, in one of its boxings, has included those early (smaller) 9 Sqn markings which will come in handy the day I get to start building again G
  6. Let’s be optimistic.... At least the decal sheet will be 100% better than the initial one from a decade ago
  7. This set is probably not a bad investment if wanting to do a T.4... Bonus point is it corrects the canopy as well.
  8. Hi Everyone, I noticed PJ Productions (besides the GA.11 and FR.10) have issued a set to convert the Airfix Hunter into a Swiss Mk.58. A picture on their facebook page shows a new nose cone, pylons, antennas of all kind, new sabrinas, gun blast deflectors and the Swiss tanks which (I estimate) were in between the 2 sizes of british tanks used... The set however doesn’t include decals. Is there anything out there that covers Swiss Hunters? I know some of the Italeri reboxes of the Academy kit include Swiss schemes, but A) I really don’t fancy buying a whole kit I have no intention to build, and B ) I have some reservations with regards accuracy of those sheets. Best regards, Guillaume
  9. I spoke to my accountant... I will have to file for bankruptcy if I get all the sets I want to get
  10. As per Ali’s own words: So I think the appropriate T.7/8 tailpipe ought to be included otherwise a British jet can’t be made. Aeroclub did include one back in the days... Just my 2 cents
  11. Is the correct tailpipe included in the conversion? If not, only a T.12 can be built from the Airfix F.6 box... The F.4 has the small tailpipe, but not the parabrake housing... Maybe with some surgery one could graft an unused parabrake housing on the smaller tailpipe but it looks like a delicate operation.
  12. My feeling is that model builders are split pretty much 50/50 when it comes to rivets... Some will take the Eduard 109 over the Tamiya, for others it will be the other way around. Everybody happy. That being said I agree Eduard has some of the most petite and restrained rivets there are. I like the recent Eduard kits a lot!
  13. I think that’s a very personal/subjective statement... Yes Eduard’s Mustang looks like the best ever in 1/48. I can’t wait to get my hands on one! But I will not get rid of the Airfix kit (neither of my several Tamiya and Hasegawa). I think you can build all off them and unashamedly put them next to each other. The modelers are the real winners here
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