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  1. @John Aero thank you for sharing the drawings they are a big help. Apologies for the late response but work has kept me busy this past week. Best regards H
  2. Thanks Mike, that's helpful Thanks Ross I will send it now Thank you john, I would love to see them That's a great photo and very helpful Chris. I've been after Vol 1 for a while. I've got vol 2 and it is very useful. Thanks to all of you for your help! best regards Howard
  3. Excellent job on a very nice kit. I enjoyed building mine but it recently met a very violent end. Your work has inspired me to get another one. All the best Howard
  4. Good afternoon all, I’m working my way through a Classic Airframes Hudson and need some help with the turret. I’ve already given up with the one that comes with the kit and have pinched one from my Revell Ventura which is far better in profile. However, one thing they both have in common is the total lack of interior detail. Does anybody have any interior photos or diagrams they would be prepared to share? I’m aware there is a restored one at the Yorkshire Air Museum but a trip up there isn’t convenient at the moment. Best regards Howard
  5. Not being critical, just a little baffled. For what its worth I enjoyed looking at your models. kind regards Howard
  6. You’ve obviously put a lot of work into this but am not sure what you have accomplished. Given that each bottle is clearly marked with the nationality and era and their website allows you to search by the same criteria I feel that I am missing something. https://mrpaint.sk/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_61_85 Kind regards Confused of Warwickshire
  7. Thanks Jack, will definitely be ordering a copy ahead of getting the new Eduard Mk I. Regards Howard
  8. Matt, They are definitely lacquers and can be diluted with any lacquer or alcohol based thinner besides their own of course. I have only sprayed over primer and haven’t had any adhesion problems. Do you have anything you can use as a paint mule to test the clear coat. I’m pretty sure I’ve sprayed Vallejo Matt over them but can’t be sure. My biggest issue with them is some of the colours look a bit ‘iffy’. Regards H
  9. For comparison, here is a photo of freshly stirred jars of Mr Color RLM 02, (C60), AK Real Color RLM 02-1938, (RC265) and AK Real Color RLM 02-1941, (RC266). Please note, the caps are transposed in the photograph. The first 2 are very similar but the third one is way darker and more olive. I'm no an expert but have not heard of the colour changing during the war. Apparently, Jurgen Kiroff contributed to the formulation of the colours but have not seen any feedback regarding the finished product. And here is my current project which features the Mr Color version mottled over a black base with some additional mottling of the two AK colours for a little variation. Thin layers of Mr Color were then sprayed over until I was happy with the shade: To my untrained eye, Mr Color looks the better shade.
  10. The complete Aqueous range was revised last year but I have no idea what effect this had on colours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StCbYLehXJQ Personally, I found the original iteration of H72 a bit on the orange side and prefer the laquer version, Mr Color C369. I would echo Charlie’s comments and not use the cap colour as an indicator but try it. Best H
  11. Exemplary work Jurek, looking forward to seeing the paint go on
  12. Very impressive, definitely one to be proud of! Regards Howard
  13. It gets a bit complex and you are right the Mk II did pre-date the Mk III. The gyroscopic sight was designated MkIIC for flexible mounted guns such as turrets and the like and the version for fixed forward firing armament became Mk IID. Some years ago, R Wallace Clarke produced a couple of volumes on British aircraft armament which are a good source of info. Happy to provide you with scans of the relevant sights if needed but do t want to post here for copyright issues. All the best H Forgot to mention second volume of said book mentions the Mk III being used on Mollins Gun Mosquitoes but nothing else.
  14. The Mk III gunsight could be depressed for firing rocket projectiles so maybe most likely? The Mk II gyroscopic gunsight, (GGS), was a late war development that didn’t reach volume production until mid/late 1944 and I would have thought the priority would be to supply the fighter squadrons. The K-14 is a US manufactured Mk IID GGS. Hope that helps H
  15. Great looking Spit with some nice touches. I like the weathering, particularly your treatment of the prop. Regards Howard
  16. Just had a quick look in Roger Lindsay’s Cold War Shield vol. 1 and he mentions the full Perspex canopy and wide bore intakes started to appear mid 1953 if that helps. Regards Howard
  17. Thank you Sky Keg and thanks to all of you that have hit the 'like' button! All the best, Howard
  18. P-51D-5 Mustang "Miss Steve" William Cullerton 357th FS/355th FG 8th Air Force Steeple Morden 1945 Thought I would share my latest completion, the excellent Eduard P-51 from the Chatanooga Cho Choo Ltd Edition. Plenty has already been written about this kit so won't add anything further. I built it OOB with the exception of filling the wing panel lines and adding fuel lines to the external tanks. Paint is a mixture of Gunze Super Metallics and MRP. All the other colours are from Tamiya. Thanks for looking, Howard
  19. Lovely job. Really like the chipping and worn effects and such a great paint job too.
  20. Superb Transall and the base sets it off nicely. Disappointing to hear of the fit issues, puts me off starting mine! Howard
  21. Uwe, You can buy the wet transfer sheet directly from HGW. You don’t need to be a bunny
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