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  1. Looks very good! Perhaps - as ailerons looks somehow accentuated, perhaps even elevator might be improved the same fassion, as well as some lines.
  2. Found in stash old Hasegawa. Still unsure, whether it's worth of improvement by etched parts, but some wires, some needles will be incorporated during build.
  3. Oh, I'd like to add also another one Dambuster by Hasegawa...
  4. Try to drop a mail to AZ/legato, explain them your problem, never got a problem getting spare part. If it were fuselage halves, I had somewhere a pair of intact, as I built PK312 grafting AZ's XVIII with wing of 22.
  5. Having spare Spitfire 22 in the stash, I somehow didn't like the kit as Spitfire 22. As I have some spares from AZ's Spitfire 22/24 kit from my PK312 build, I decided I'd take the AZ's kit seafire propeller and tail sting, and graft it on Airfix Spit 22. Still makes me wonder, why Airfix didn't release seafire 46 based on their spit 22 tool...
  6. Having in the stash amount of new tool spitfires, after long consideration (a few seconds) I decided to use it as very good basis for some kitbashing. Reviewing the box and spares, only modification needed would be scribing some new lines, adding some guns and bulges from spares or from properly cut sprues. Decals would be mix of kit ones, prefferably, except for code letters, that would be from spares box.
  7. I got even cheaper - ever tried trash diving? (F-100D from ESCI, trashed because of short shot )
  8. Not sure, how to tell it politely... But looks you had wasted your time as well as sight. PM's kits are just worth of dustbin. Getting properly looking float Mk.V would have taken less time with better look from Airfix or - though far from perfect - Revell (let's say, I wouldn't feel myself so brave to sacrifice Tamiya ). Try it once again with proper basis, and see for yourself
  9. Surprisingly good looking, considering the age.
  10. Looks good so far. Thanks much for info about glazing!
  11. I'm just courious - does E-3 from Airfix the correct glazing as seen on 109's from B till E-1 (and E-3), or does it have the same glazing as E-4/E-7? I found no detail pic so far.
  12. Pity you didn't invest your time and effort into somehow better Academy, though it has it's shortcomings.
  13. As this year is 40th anniversary of yom kippur war, what about this GB? May be both AFV as well as airplanes or mixed.
  14. Hyponeedles I use as guns, sometimes as struts, rarely I use it in order to strengthen joints. Concerning the AZ's kits, especially Spit 22/Seafire 46, amount of BS had been written - especially on Czech websites - as bad fitting, out of schape, etc.. Some pointed out, that in order to get wing/fuselage joint okay, the fuselage has to be widened, but that's wrong, as it leads to wide, odd looking, fuselage, correct way is adding piece of styrene to the wing/fuselage joint (or add there some putty). Certainly, not a tami/gawa fit, but with a little effort nothing to be concerned of, and, IMHO, this kits line is excellent starting point into short run kits.
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