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  1. Dragon

    MiG-15 bis

    Outstanding build! A fine addition to the display case. I have a couple of these in the stash I need to get to one of these days. Good to hear it's a enjoyable kit to build. Mike
  2. Great looking build, really well done! I need to get around to building one of these I have in the stash.....
  3. You're not alone.... Great looking build!
  4. Dragon

    B-2 Stealth TESTORS 1/72

    WOW, what a fantastic build!
  5. Magnificent build and fantastic job on the weathering! Mike
  6. Dragon

    Cessna O-1E Bird Dog - Hasegawa 1:48

    Very brave men who flew those missions with this aircraft! Magnificent build!
  7. Wow, that is fantastic! Magnificently done! Mike
  8. Dragon

    TU-95 Bear-D Intercept

    That's pretty cool! Congrats on the award!
  9. Dragon

    OV-1A Mohawk

  10. Yep, you were very successful! Great job! Happy New Year! Mike
  11. Dragon

    Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-19PM Farmer E

    Thanks for the tape dispenser link! Got one ordered! It'll definitely help with organizing the bench. Looking forward to the rest of your build!
  12. Dragon

    Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-19PM Farmer E

    Great looking build! Where did you get that tape dispenser? It looks quite handy for the work bench!
  13. Dragon

    Canada, Eh? GB 2018/19?

    Since I'll have a high-vis JMSDF P-3 built by the time this GB starts, I'll do the two-tone grey scheme. Mike
  14. Dragon

    Canada, Eh? GB 2018/19?

    I'd be in for this GB with a 1/72 Hasegawa CP-140 Aurora. Mike