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  1. Very nice! Would have been an easy thing for an RN version to run a British engine, too, as the Tiger had a Wright J65, the Americanised Sapphire!
  2. Simply phabulous... Art, really. Best thing I've seen in a while.
  3. Wonder if that would also lead them to consider a TA-4F/J? Guess it depends on how they've engineered the hump, intakes and various other details.
  4. Absolutely correct, Julien. If he wants to limit himself to a minority of the global market, he's entirely entitled to do so. Now, if someone else wants to create another solution that the rest of the world can easily buy without having to submit to the highway robbery that is Western Union (not even the most efficient service of its type), that would be very welcome, I'm sure.
  5. I'd like a Phantom and a MiG, please!
  6. That's very nice. As I recall, the Trumpeter F-100F has fewer proportional issues than their C or D? Certainly yours does look right...
  7. And the rather cool HH-2D, of course, with a chin turret rather similar to the AH-1G... Actually, that should be buildable from this SH-2F/G kit without too many issues... The earlier single-engined versions would be quite a big conversion task, on the other hand. Easier in 1/72, where a resin conversion kit is available for the old Airfix SH-2F kit.
  8. Very nice - is that off a Viggen? No canards?
  9. Sounds like a good enough excuse to put my XF-108 together... How come no F-110 (the one marked as such on the nose) or F-111? No fair! It's a shame the USN equivalents/superiors of the same era can't be included (F11F, A-5/A3J - directly descended from the XF-108, F-8/F8U, F-4), but I suppose you have to stop somewhere...
  10. Am I the only one who wants to see some single-engined variants? And maybe an HH-2?
  11. No, well, she's drifted from conservative sounding at the time she was nominated in 2010 to more moderate now. She voted in favour of the new budget deal.
  12. Soooo, with Sen Ayotte unblocking the confirmation of the new Secretary of the Air Force, does that mean the Hog is safe? Or just that Sen Ayotte trashed too much political capital last week and had to back down?
  13. Excellent? Where did you obtain scale plans, may I ask (since I have LOTS of these beauties still to build)
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