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  1. Thanks for the reply - you bring up a good point that had made me wonder... how did "towing" the cars make crossing trenches, terrain, etc any easier? But if they were on sledges, that makes more sense.
  2. Hi, Have just purchased MiniArt's Austin AC and read about how in the 1918 Battle of Amiens, 17th AC Battalion's cars were towed across no-man's land by 'heavy' tanks. Am assuming these would be Mk.V's but has anyone come across photos or more detailed information as to exactly how this took place, taks involved, etc? I would love to make as a diorama! Thanks very much, Ian
  3. Thanks bzn20! Yes, I saw those pics on Google - the green/yellow older scheme looks pretty 70s retro, so maybe how G-AYOZ would have looked in 1972? Cheers, Ian
  4. Hi, I’m trying to find any photos from the 1970s of Cessna 150s operated out of Fair Oaks, UK. My dad flew from there and I particularly want to build a model of the C150 he solo’ed in, G-AYOZ. Ive found some pics online, but they are quite recently taken. Thanks for any help, Ian
  5. Hi, I have the AM 1/48 B-25C/D kit and really want to finish in bare metal rather than OD/Gray... can anyone please point me to any pics if such aircraft exist, esp. in European Theatre? Thanks very much, Ian
  6. Hi, I want to finish my Tamiya Cromwell with the hessian camouflage tape netting such as that produced by Black Dog. But I can't actually find any photos online of any vehicle with such camouflage applied. Can anyone please help me by pointing me to some pics? Thanks very much, Ian
  7. Looks great and an unusual subject - well done!
  8. Yes, just stunning finish. Particularly like the cabin windos, very realistic!
  9. Yep, just to echo everyone else, very clever and great execution!
  10. Great work - very nice modelling!
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