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  1. IanW

    Cromwell Tank Camouflage Question

    Awesome, thanks for that!
  2. Hi, I want to finish my Tamiya Cromwell with the hessian camouflage tape netting such as that produced by Black Dog. But I can't actually find any photos online of any vehicle with such camouflage applied. Can anyone please help me by pointing me to some pics? Thanks very much, Ian
  3. IanW

    1/48 SAAF Martin Maryland

    Looks great and an unusual subject - well done!
  4. IanW

    Airfix 1/144 Vickers Vanguard

    Yes, just stunning finish. Particularly like the cabin windos, very realistic!
  5. IanW

    Corsair Wreck

    Yep, just to echo everyone else, very clever and great execution!
  6. IanW


    Great work - very nice modelling!
  7. That looks awesome! Nice one, love that aircraft and you've done it justice!
  8. Hey, thanks for all the kind comments guys! MikeW, the aerials are just stretched (black) sprue with some dollops of crystal clear for insulators (?). Yep, a DC-8 is on my list too, am waiting for the right-length kit to come out - at the rate we have of new releases, it can't be far away!! Along with a new DC-10! Cheers, Ian
  9. IanW

    My 2nd 1/32 B-17G completed

    They look awesome! Greart job with the paint-chipping... superb!
  10. Aarghh, you are right "Tasman" it is! What a stupid mistake to make, don't know what I was thinking! Thanks for the heads-up!
  11. Hi, Thought I'd post some pictures of my completed DC-6 in TEAL markings. TEAL used three DC-6s between 1954 and 1962 I believe and this is the Minicraft kit of the VC-118 with Old Models Decals used. I added the astrodome and what I think is a navigation equipment 'canoe' on the lower port fuselage. The kit went together well, although some of the smaller parts are a little rough/oversize, especially when compared to a kit like the new GWH 1/144 Avro Vulcan! I had a problem with the decals, which I also experienced with two other sets of laser decals from Old Models - they sometimes tended to fold/peal upwards and not stick. I think I have narrowed the problem down to the Micro Sol, which I think might dissolve the decal glue? Anyway, Micro Set works fine. As usual, the photos reveal a multitude of sins! Oh well, nice to have this surprisingly big airliner alongside my more modern ones. It's also such a beautiful, classic design I think! Cheers for now, Ian
  12. Hey, thanks for all the kind comments, guys. Forgot to add that she is meant to represent Gladiator II N5682 HP-K flown by Sqn Ldr P G O'Brien of 247 Squadron, based at Roborough in July 1940. Given that she was the Sqn Leader's aircraft, I took a bit of artisitic licence and painted the hubs red! Cheers, Ian