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  1. If you are going to do it as per the BBMF one then don't forget the finish is high gloss and there is the odd flashing beacon etc. - YUK!! Unique nose art by the way.... and this might help - from the BoBF gallery
  2. The Halifax did carry two 4000lb bombs - the canvas "fairing" did not seemingly make a lot of difference and it also carried an 8000lb one - the first being the night of 10/04/42 - the aircraft was piloted by Renaut and it was 76 Sqdn - raid on Essen - my Uncle was shot down that night and the ORB shows that his aircraft carried two 4000lb bombs plus... PS It is interesting to note that Bowan in his "Legend of the Lancasters" claims that "the 4000lb bomb was never widely used..... because only one could be carried by Lancaster aircraft and none by Halifaxes" I did write to him (he is local)
  3. You old meanie - 20/10 at the very least - just simply superb. I really do think that Revell should be aware of what can be done with their sad offering but I do like the fact that a much maligned older kit - the Matchbox one - came to the rescue of what they might have considered was their triumph. For effort and result the model of the year even though we are only two months in.
  4. I think you may find the outline of the flaps in the top wing surface is incorrect.
  5. Are you really sure you want the wheels - the tread did not appear until quite late in the war - for use on hard surface runways. The Tam ones can easily be filled to produce a "slick" tyre. I also feel that the "flats" on many AM tyres are very overdone. Just to be pedantic - the cooling slots in the gun barrel sleeves should be oval - there are or used to be brass ones available with correct slots but they were expensive. You might find this useful.... http://lancaster-archive.com/forum/viewtop...f=10&t=2954 PSI think in fact Quick boost do gun barrels with oval slots as well as ro
  6. There is in fact quite a lot wrong with the Tamiya Lancaster - if using the old kit the A frames in the rear turret and the framework on the front turret probably among the most evident of some other items. However someone I know is preparing CAD 3D images using the original Avro drawings which reveal errors in fuselage cross section, aerofoil, some outlines etc. etc. but I suggest that you avoid going down that road. Even if you had lots of time! Don't forget that except for the occasional photoshoot these aircraft were never cleaned and so even those that were finished "semi gloss" in the l
  7. That............ is a masterpiece! OK possibly still not entirely accurate (?) but infinitely more presentable than what would have been an OOB offering. Very well done and congratulations on your stamina and expertise.
  8. Of course overall the Lancaster was the better of the two. It had the advantage of following the Halifax. Certainly so far as the people to whom I have spoken, who flew in the Halifax, it seemed a bit more sturdy and easier to vacate in a hurry. This is supported by statistics. It was perhaps a bit more versatile than the Lancaster but of course Harris was rather covetous of them (Lancasters) so perhaps they never got a chance to prove their worth even more so. Otherwise I think it is simply like the Spitfire and the Hurricane - just a little harmless bias? The Stirling also had its fans
  9. Many thanks Mark. Why could I not find that? Senior moments obviously! David
  10. I gather these are available but knowing the views of the FM Halifax has anyone built a Horsa and if so how good/bad is it please?
  11. Very well done Neil - very tenacious of you - apart from the excellent building skills you have demonstrated. Please. if you show the model publicly do emphasise that it has been heavily modified and corrected as I would hate Revell to be in receipt of unjustified accolade.
  12. Hello Carlos, Have not got anything but you might like to try the War Museum at Duxford because coincidentally I was told by someone who I have reason believe that they do have a lot of HP plans but for some reason are coy about admitting it!! I am not sure however if that is only the more recent stuff as my enquiry was WWII. Otherwise you might try Hendon if you have not already. You may have to be a bit persistent because I worked as a volunteer at the National Maritime Museum in the draught room and I was entering the draughts they had on the computer. I was amazed to hear people there
  13. And the "nose art" from the "13th" is - or was - on display at Hendon.
  14. Very pleasing you have had a rely from Revell, Mark. I have not and so far as I am aware neither has Ken. Although the reply is fairly "standard" I feel that it is better than nothing. I wonder if you have had a response because when they got your they may have felt that the time had come, having received others to consider the matter. Of course the phrase "I have not heard mention of this before" is predictable like "we don't get any call for that......." etc. I wonder sometimes if this is a ploy to make one feel guilty for raising the matter?
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