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  1. I've used this technique the few models where I've got as far as wheels. Also detailed here, which is where I learnt about it: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4210-how-to-paint-tyrewheel-edges
  2. Looks great. How did you mask the wavy black/white along the top so it was the same, only mirrored, on both sides?
  3. Looks great - is this all ootb? I wish I had the confidence to start the two in my stash
  4. 5.4m = 5400mm / 72 = 75mm 5400mm / 76 = 71mm 5.4m to 60mm is 1/90 (5400/60)
  5. Good job - I can't even begin to imagine your patience to do the wrap-around scheme by hand! I think most people, i.e. me, balk at the idea and give it a white/grey underside
  6. I seem to recall I brush painted my canopy freehand (with a brush), then used a scalpel tip to very lightly lift/scrape any paint which strayed in to the marked window areas.Are you hand brushing or air brushing it? I used blutak rolled in to thin sausages then laid them out to mask the edges of the camo, then stretched cling film between the sausages to mask off the in between areas. Then air brushed it. I'm afraid I chickened out and did a grey and green gloss top with a white underside. I think full wrap around camo scheme would have resulted in even more swearing Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do. Edit: yes I know I quoted Rob, but my reply was directed at Rick
  7. Impressive stuff I've never come across plunge moulding before and had to look it up. What do you use as your heart source?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Unfortunately adding the seats after isn't an option as I had to split the cockpit tub down the middle and file down the inside walls to get them to fit in. I'll give the dish sponge idea a go as I know there's a pack under the sink. I've bought nail filing sticks and tweezers before, so make-up sponges won't be to bad. That's what self-service checkouts are for, right?
  9. Lovely finish. Which paint(s) did you use for the metal finish?
  10. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, but I can't see a way of masking an open cockpit, i.e. to have the canopy up when finished. There's not enough of an edge to get the masking tape to adhere to and the seats protrude so it can't be masked straight over. Any tips?
  11. Out of interest and for my own future reference, what's wrong with the light green in the photos? How far off the actual colour on the model is it?
  12. I'd not seen this stunning build before; amazing attention to detail and a real inspiration to take the time to try and replicate similar detail in my own builds.
  13. This thread is an interesting read. It's good to learn from other's experiences, so thank you for being so honest and detailing the steps (and I hesitate to use the word mistakes ).
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