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  1. Looks like a fully restored warbird to me. Is this really in1.72nd scale? Looks great in its "hanger"
  2. First up is the RAAF Museums (Point Cook) Tiger Moth and then a civvy version with ficticious rego. To be perfectly honest the scale was way too small for my eyes and fingers when it came to rigging but despite my modelling short-comings I'm calling them finished. The struts were very soft and hard for me to refine after cutting away the X-bracing that Messrs Airfix have deemed the ideal way to get perfect strut alignment. A couple of struts were eaten by the carpet monster. Now an enterprising soul should bring out some photo-etched struts for bumbling modellers such as myself.
  3. Super job. Nice rigging and wooden prop and struts effect. I remember doing this when it came out. I liked the way the struts could be slotted into the upper wing.
  4. Can't help you with the Harvard but post on www. aussiemodeller.com.au for the Boomerang. You'll have to register first. Cheers, Bertie Lissie from Melbourne
  5. So for hard edged camouflage I've been known to use Humbrol Maskol. In 1.72nd scale it works a treat. If you are using acrylics though it may pull off some of the paint when removing the Maskol.
  6. I tried to keep this a simple build..........some tape seat belts,drilled out landing lights and hobbled some spare decals to highlight the Canadian Warbirds No 54-3830.. The 54 is slightly under-scale but that was all I had.The ID lights are on the top of the wings should have been sanded off rather than painting them (Doh!!!).Oh,yes and I crudely scratch built the exhaust manifold.Not a masterpiece but I liked this Hobbyboss kit. Humbrol Yellow and Metal Cote for the prop with Model Master Gloss and Flat mixed to create a Satin (sort of) finish
  7. That looks really inspirational. The paintwork looks fabulous.
  8. Ye Gads!!Stunningly superb.Really, many thanks for sharing your work. I'm not a figure modeller (I tell a lie,I did Erwin Rommel plus those little Airfix pilot figures) but I just love admiring pieces like yours. Cheers from sunny Melbourne in Oz. Paul (aka Bertie)
  9. I usually have an opinion about everything but your painting skills,eye to detail ,step by step explanations and perseverance leave me speechless. Beautiful,beautiful, beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your Shield Maiden is inspirational.
  10. Have waited 24 hours for the Satin Enamel to dry over Matt Enamel and I found the surface still sticky and also the matt enamel started to bubble(only on one small area). I have always thinned my enamels with all purpose enamel thinners and this hasn't happened before. I tried gently sanding the affected area but it won't sand off cleanly. Has anyone experienced this with the new range of Humbrol Satin ,Gloss or Matt coats??? Thanks Bertie.
  11. WOW!!! I didn't expect so many similar responses. All I can say is that this kit won't be built by too many junior modellers. Thanks for all the responses and I'll endeavor to struggle on. The funny thing is I didn't have this problem building the original Airfix Bristol F2B (yes,I am a bit of a fossil!!) I sincerely hope that Airfix/Hornby reconsider their choice of such soft plastic. Happy modelling to all from sunny,Springtime Melbourne.
  12. What a beauty-awesome work you've done "the pureness" the only negative I can think of is that I couldn't do as good as you.
  13. Totally impressive. I think your wife would be very,very happy with this. Awesome NMF and the pilot figure really sets it off. Love the subtle weathering.Cheers from sunny Melbourne,Australia
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