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  1. Sad, sad news. I've always enjoyed his humour which was the golden thread throughout his life and in all his many guises. He excelled as Lily Savage, in his comedy acting, his tv shows and in his Radio 2 show. However, the love and compassion he displayed in his animal programmes showed the genuine warmth of the man and his real love of animals. So much to offer, so much still to do, but taken far too soon. RIP Paul. Chris.
  2. I too am considering buying one of these. From what I understand, the Combat Kits model of the Short Belfast is based on the old Magna kit, but from photographs seem to be worlds apart from the original. I have the Magna kit in the stash and it is quite basic in terms of detail and the castings, particularly the fuselage are very rough. The Combat Kits version looks to be quite refined in this respect, but either way, it will be a heavy model when completed. I'm currently trying to work out the modellers calculation of cost x effort x time x willpower = display, whereby the additional cost of the Combat kit may reduce the values of effort x time x willpower to a more manageable sum and a quicker display. Either way, she's still a hefty lass. Chris.
  3. Sad news Steve, yet another brave warrior laid to rest. Blue Skies Sir and thank you for your service. Thanks for sharing this Steve. Chris.
  4. Don't give up Paul, take a break yes, but don't do anything drastic. By all means thin out some of your stash, we've all got too many kits if we're being honest! I'll be hitting 68 this year. My arthritis in my knees and hips together constant lower back pain mean that the extended modelling sessions are a thing of the past, but an hour here and there is fine. My eyesight means the use of three pairs of glasses for driving, for reading and for modelling and it's a pain in the bum when the pair I need isn't at hand. I had always had great expectations of building up and displaying a huge collection of British military aircraft. I managed to build up a huge collection of kits, getting them built just didn't happen. I only managed to complete 9 models last year, but I no longer set targets or goals now and I enjoy what I'm doing all the more. Thinning out your collection of kits and part used transfer sheets may lighten your spirits. Keep your chin up Sunshine. Chris.
  5. That's a little beauty. It looks every inch a JP. Chris.
  6. It's always great to see the old Matchbox kits nicely built. You've done a lovely job with this one. Well done.
  7. What a fascinating document. Thank you for posting it. Chris.
  8. Philip, this is my lucky day. First, Simon's lovely Martinet from RAF Morpeth and now your stunning Meteor from RAF Acklington. The Meteor is exceptional and beautifully finished, resplendent in the APS unit markings. Both airfields were local to me and just a few miles from my house. Unfortunately RAF Morpeth remains mostly derelict, whilst the former RAF Acklington is now HM Prison Northumberland. Thanks for sharing it. Chris.
  9. Well done Simon, that's an outstanding Martinet. I can claim a rather tenuous connection with the airfield at RAF Morpeth. I used to explore Tranwell woods when I was a young whipper snapper, way back in nineteen hundred and frozen stiff, on what was the old and abandoned remains of RAF Morpeth (happy, happy days). Also, in my last job before I retired, I was based in a pharmaceutical factory that occupied the field opposite. I said it was tenuous didn't I. It's great to see a locally based aircraft. Well done, Chris.
  10. It's always a pleasure to see one of these old Contrail biplane kits finished to such a high standard. You've done a superb job with this one. It's even more impressive given the fact that this was your first vacform kit. Contrail produced a fantastic range of RAF pre-war aircraft, most of which I've got in my long term stash awaiting a suitable display cabinet. Thanks for sharing it with us here. Chris.
  11. "Rather excessive rudder input captain". Great idea and nicely executed.
  12. Stunning, simply stunning. The weathering is out of this world.
  13. What a varied selection of superbly built and finished models. The Shackleton T4 and Britannia stand out for me. Well done.
  14. This is serious modelling at its peerless best. It's nice to be reminded of the Chipmunk and the Provosts, but the "family" shot shows that there is definitely space at the back for two Jags, no, not the former member for Kingston upon Hull. Great inspirational work Steve, it's a privilege to watch. Chris.
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