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  1. Hi all, according to scalemates the kit has recently been re-issued by Trumpeter (No. 05618). Are there any differences to the Gallery/MRC boxing?
  2. I built the kit back in 2014 and it was (and still is) in my opinion the nicest kit I ever glued together. Sadly imageshack.us has killed every pictures in my original RFI-thread here... shame. However, am I wrong or is this reissue an identical twin to the first one? It seems to me that Airfix didn't even bother changing the decals. So no reason for me to buy one - I still have two more unbuilt kits from 2013 in the stash...
  3. Can't wait for this one to arrive over here. I just dropped a line to DRAWdecal if they are probably going to re-publish the decals for Spencer Flack's G-FIRE (NH904). They seem to have taken over the decal catalogue from Red Pegasus Decals who also did Mk.XIVe TZ138 in #80 "City of Edmonton" race "colours" (bare metal actually).
  4. XF442

    HK Lancaster ?.

    Collected my kit on Friday, probably the first one to be sold directly in Germany. While looking at the sprues I thought I did notice a blanking plate for the mid upper turret. I wonder if they even have a Tallboy or Grand Slam conversion in mind...
  5. I have to admit despite being German I have become completely blasé whether there's a swastika on an aircraft's fin or not. On the other hand I still do find aircraft showing "censored" national insignias of Finland or Latvia rather odd looking... And finally - I'd probably start suffering sleepless nights if someone would go on and outlaw decorating RAF aircraft with fin flashes ...
  6. Finally a decent Griffon Spitfire XIV! And I hope they'll include decals for Spencer Flack's scarlet G-FIRE!
  7. I also never knew there was a difference apart from the engines' manufacturer (Rolls Royce vs. Packard). Or maybe are you talking about the windows on top of the bomb bay? They were deleted on later machines but not specific to the Mk. I or III. Apart from that - I WANT ONE!!!
  8. Matchbox produced some really lovely kits despite their shortcomings. Their Fury was a joy to build - which Revell promptly re-released the following year. Looking at the stash (no even close to dogsbody's though) currently my main favorite for re-release is the Wellesly. I especially like the way Matchbox used to recreate the geodetic structure.
  9. Nice Phantom, Antti! Could you explain more about those exclusive stencils? (On the other hand if they are on the bottom surface I might just leave them off...) Sitrep: In the meantime I got hold of an high-resolution scan of Hasegawa's "Ark Royal" painting instructions as well as a set of Furball's F-4B/N stencils. I went for the Furball set because it seems to be the only one with the "homeycomb No Step markings" printed in red (also the price was most reasonable too...). Let's hope the main stencils are identical... I also drew the walkways and those circles on the aircraft's spine on the computer and will try to get some sets printed. The last piece of the puzzle remains the white lettering of the air and ground crew (I think) painted onto the starboard side of the canopies and intake ramp - in my case XT864 as seen in 1978. FLY NAVY! :-)
  10. Hi all, a long term project of mine is building one of Ark Royal's Phantoms using the Hasegawa RAF FG.1 kit (P17) and an old Model Alliance decal set. Now what about the correct stencils? Hobbydecal did a dedicated set of dry transfers but despite their website showing plenty available they seem to have gone out of business long ago. Is it possible to use the black stencils from Revell's FGR.2 reissue? Are there differences compared to the FG.1 stencils I should take care of? On photos I did notice white stencilling on the FG.1's intake ramps and black walkway areas (?) on top of the fuselage which the Revell decals lack. Cheers Chris
  11. Agree, a Typ 2 T3 would be gorgeous (at least for me) but they are most likely to go with everybody's darlings T1 (split window) or T2.
  12. Actually the Dornier was restored by Dornier themselves (in exchange for a 10 year loan to the Deutsches Musem in Munich until about 1986).
  13. For a (yet unfinished) Commando Wessex I bought AKAN acrylic paint 70008 BS:298 Olive Drab from Hobby Paint'n'Stuff in Finland: http://www.hpns.eu/ Including shipment to Germany two 15ml bottles cost me 7 Euro so they might be worth a try. I have to admit I haven't painted anything with them yet...
  14. What a bizarre looking aeroplane. I like it very much!
  15. Yeah, it's not high gloss (didn't know about that) but satin finish. Also I got probably carried away too far by the pictures of the aircraft's scruffy look while sitting in the farmer's field... Regarding the red paint I'll take my chance with Humbrol 174.
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