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  1. I have only just returned to Britmodeller after a break for a couple of years, so I have only just read this thread. I'm quite shocked and saddened that some of the exhibits at Cosford are going to be disposed of (hopefully not by the scrapman), I love the Test Flight hanger and I am always drawn to the Prone Meteor whenever I visit. However it would be nice to see some different types at the museum, there are only so many times you can visit and look at the same things.....
  2. Lovely job. I like all the extra detail youve added, I feel like I could climb in the cockpit!
  3. I'll enjoy watching this as well. my Dad used to make models this way.
  4. I love the wood effect, great colour scheme as well. I don't normally like WW1 era aircraft but this one I definitely do like ☺
  5. All of the photos are fantastic but the one that gets me is No 50 of the Typhoon.
  6. Did you get these finished? Would love to see the Swiss one if you have.
  7. I think that this thread is the most impressive thing I have ever seen. What creativity you have, totally blown away and inspired by your work. Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Could you not use Tamiyas own clear gloss over the black? At least that way you are 100% certain that there will be no nasty paint reactions.
  9. Im not really into cars of this era but I love this one. When i scrolled down to the picture showing the blue passenger door I couldnt help but smile. Great stuff.
  10. What an incredible engine, it looks stunning. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the car.
  11. I don't think that your posts are picture heavy. I like seeing the progress your making.
  12. Tom, how did you blend the stabiliser to the fuselage? If I was to try that i would have ended up sanding grooves in the stab and fuse! What sort of sanding tools do you use?
  13. Sorry to hear the cockpit is giving you trouble. Do you happen to have the part for the cannon port going spare from your donor kit? I dont mind paying.
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