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  1. In addition, "Motip" branded spray paints (aerosol cans) has proven itself among the modelers of Russia in recent years (just decant the required amount of paint). Here are the paint numbers for Aeroflot Classic livery: Gray - Motip #671 "Lada" (can be slightly lightened to taste) Blue "cheat line" - Motip #420 "Baltika" (can be little bit lightened or darkened, also) P.S. This is not advertising.
  2. Tamiya 180ml Fine Surface Primer L - Light Gray # 87064 is spot-on. That is, any Tamiya Light Gray primer in any form.
  3. Do not mention it. Here's another resource specifically by our scale and civil aviation. And another one. Enjoy surfing.
  4. The engines were the only thing that got copies in the resin Here is my unfinished project (little children and the lack of time for hobby). Everyone has his own thorny path. Happy modelling.
  5. If you have a great desire, why not P.S. Photographs analysis will be sufficient.
  6. Go shopping to the correct locations. 750 R rubles is just about GBP 16. + air mail and you will have a great math!
  7. For those who really hurrying. But probably better is to wait a bit more.
  8. Actually, you made spectacular start. So your project could be pinned as well. For clear windows, you can use strips of clear decal paper for laser printers (level difference with varnish and polishing) and if necessary apply frames over them. Happy modeling!
  9. Hi, Yes of course, the second A340 kit, the saw, tube of car putty and also will not interfere skillful hands, inspiration and patience. Links for information and ideas #1 and #2 (use Google translator). Happy modeling.
  10. I love sawing. Check out this and to assistance
  11. Super project! But, bear in mind that 773ER Emirates have larger wordmark for the carrier while the decal from FDcal is for a B777-200 with smaller wordmark and the windows are already printed over. Pay attention to the last 3 letters of wordmark (ie Emira-!tes!) closely, 4 windows over on 772 against 9 on the 773. Stoking up with chips and cola, tracing the project.
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