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  1. Good range which seem to be always available, have only used one decal sheet from them (the same Lanc as my Avatar picture ED666, WS-G) nicely printed and easy to use though the red for the A/C codes are far to bright a red and the letters/figures for the A/C serials seem a bit on the big side. Its difficult to be entirely accurate for some aircraft this aircraft is a case in point where no side view pictures exist, IX used a smaller identification letter on some of their aircraft W4964 shows a smaller and uniquely shaped 'J' ED666 came on Squadron at around the same time as W4964 so its difficult to be conclusive without hard evidence which ED666 had.
  2. Lancaster for me mainly because there's a family connection, My Grandfather served as a pilot with IX Squadron at RAF Bardney from May to September 1943 doing twenty ops in seven different Lanc's, fifteen of the ops were in just two aircraft ED666, G and W4964. J Other than the Lancaster, probably fair to say whatever I'm modelling at the time.
  3. Used their RAF Dark Earth for the first time today on the Airfix Lancaster. Sprays superbly straight from bottle through my Iwata HP-BC set at 15psi, won't be going back to Humbrol where there is an Alclad equivalent available. Sprays as well as Tamiya if not better, not much in it either way. Easy clean up with white spirit or cellulose thinner.
  4. You have probably looked at this, but if not http://aircrewremembered.com/dunton-frederick.html Might also be worth registering on here checking this chap out. http://100548.activeboard.com/t47922570/166-squadron-raf-kirmington-help-available-to-researchers/
  5. I would try another tin to start with if all the others spray alright.
  6. Now available in the UK from their web site or eBay Store. Just ordered 3 bottles to try on the Airfix Lancaster. http://www.alclad2-online.co.uk/index.php?CATEGORY=1&SUB=8&THISPAGE=1&RADIOSORT=5&SUPPLIERSCHOICE=&RNZ=262915&VIEWMODE=1 http://stores.ebay.co.uk/alclad2lacquers?_rdc=1
  7. You maybe right, guess its down to how much you want them to make it worth the risk. Never had any issues myself getting stuff from the Far East, eBay or otherwise be it kits, paint, or other stuff that's not available in the UK.
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=tamiya+enamels&_sop=15
  9. Quite a crew this four officers, though Arndell was the Pilot. The comments make disappointing reading as they made no attack on the primary target would be reasonable to assume they returned to Bardney without releasing the Tallboy. The info is exactly as it is written in the ORB. Another thing to note Ian was this was the final main force raid of WW2. Hope this helps, if you change your mind just let me know as I have all the details of the other ops. Stuart 25/4/45 Lancaster NG206 F/O K C Arndell (A.414983) P/O H Jones P/O A D Campbell (NZ.421948) F/O W H Porter F/S R Meads F/S P J Brown F/S G L Richards Bombing - Berchtesgaden Up at 04:24 Down at 12:46 Comments - PRIMARY NOT ATTACKED. This was owing to late identification of direction of run in, and interference from other aircraft. Instructed not to make second rum.
  10. Ian let me know which op you are depicting and I will send you all the crew members and comments from the ORB.
  11. What a coincidence nice to chat with someone who has a connection. I to contacted a decal manufacturer (Kitsworld) about doing the decals for ED666, pleasantly surprised when they got back in touch and told me they were going to print them. Will be using the new Airfix kits would liked to have done them in 1/48 but feel the Tamiya kit has to many drawbacks for my limited skills. Quietly hoping someone will do an up to date 1/48 kit in the near future not holding my breath though, but you never know. Look forward to seeing NG206 Ian. Stuart
  12. Pattisons artwork was superb, he was generally regarded as one of the best if not the best nose art creators from the War time period. Regarding whether she reverted back to standard BIII configuration is always going to be open to speculation, personally I would say she stayed as she was at the time of the Tirpitz raid as her last op against Hitlers Eagles Nest was also a Tallboy raid so I think you will be OK. Am currently building two IX Squadron Lancaster's myself W4964, WS-J after her 5th op (Dusseldorf 11/6/43) bit of a different take on Bardneys most famous Lanc only usually seen modelled after her last op. On this one she took a direct Flak hit over the target whilst flying straight and level for the required 18 seconds after the bombs had gone down she only just managed to get home after this one not only did she lose the use of her turrets but had to make the return journey with open bomb doors which could not be closed and on landing they had to lower the undercart and flaps using the compressed air bottle which acted as back up should there be a hydraulic failure and ED666, WS-G as she was just prior to the second Hamburg fire raid 27/7/43. My Grandfather was the pilot on both occasions.
  13. Just been doing a little more digging and with the help of a couple of people on another Forum have come up with this. NG206 did not serve with 630 Squadron all her ops were with IX, and as previously stated she may or may not have served with 227 after hostilities ceased. Have also found another source of info that states she did not serve with 630 "Avro Lancaster The Definitive History" by Harry Holmes page 218. PS Just been informed she didn't serve with 227 either
  14. Merlin 28

    Best P38 Kit

    Thanks for the replies all, looks like Academy or Hasegawa then, is the Hobby Boss kit any good?
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