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About Me

Current:  1:32 Spitfire Vc Trop, 81 Sqn North Africa 1942-43, conversion from Revell Spitfire IXc


Ongoing: Aircraft of my Father



Imai Angel Interceptor from Captain Scarlet

1:72 Round2 Eagle 14 inch number 2

1:32 Toyota Forklift truck from Aoshima

1:48 Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor - resin kit from UNCL (Interceptor GB)

1:8 Gold Emperor Dalek - Comet Miniatures

1:48 Revell Tornado F3 - 56 Sqn (Tornado STGB)

1:48 Spectrum Angel Mirage

1:24 Lamborghini Miura plus Italian Girl

1:24 Ford GT 40 - Fujimi (RFI)

1:48 Battle of Britain Diorama - Hurricane 501 Sqn at RAF Gravesend (BoB GB)

1:35 Hitachi ZC50T-5 Vibratory Road Roller

1:24 Ford Model T Fire Engine from ICM

Round2/MPC 22" Eagle 2 Laboratory Eagle and Booster Pack

Studio Scale UFO Mobile (RFI)

UNIT Diorama - 1:35 "Chap with wings there..."

Spectrum Angel Starfighter, 1:48

1:72 Eagle Transporter from Space:1999

1:35 APC from Aliens (RFI)

Rocinante from The Expanse

Space:1999 Lunar Tank #1, 1:48

Studio Scale (1:24) Angel Interceptor from Captain Scarlet (RFI)

Thunderbirds Recovery Vehicle from Aoshima, 1:72 Scale (RFI)

1:150 Tokyo Harbour Water Bus Himiko

1:48 Jet Prevost T4, 'The Macaws' Display Team, 1960s, Fly kit

1:48 Airfix Hawker Hunter F6 Tactical Weapons Unit. RAF Brawdy

HO scale Kibri Tower Crane (RFI)

1:32 Fly Hurricane IId - 5 Sqn SEAC, 1943, under repair! (RFI)

1:1000 Polar Lights USS Reliant

1:48 Specat Jaguar GR.3 - 16 Sqn, RAF Coltisall, 2005

1-48 Hasegawa F-14A (aka Tomcat FRS.1A) in a Fleet Air Arm scheme

1:350 Aoshima Thunderbird 2 & 4

1:35 Scammell Pioneer Recovery, Civilian - Wynns (Thunder Models) (RFI)

1:72 MPC/Round 2 Hawk Mk IX from Space:1999

1:35 Hasegawa Hitachi Zaxis 135US excavator RFI

1:48 Academy Hawker Hunter F6

1:48 Airfix Gloster Javelin, 5 Sqn

1:48 Classic Airframes Meteor NF 11

1:35 Scammell + CMP recovery diorama (RFI)

Model T Ford 1917 LCP + Aussie

Thunderbirds are Go! The new Thunderbird 2 and TB4

1:8 scale Comet Miniatures Dalek Mk 3 (RFI)

1-24 Centaur from MasterBox

1:48 Hawker Sea Fury

Imai SPV

Star Wars @ 40, Finemold 1:72 X-Wing and Y-Wing

Finemolds 1-72 X-Wing

RAF F-15E in 1:48 scale

22" Round 2/MPC Cargo Eagle Transporter

1:16 Dennis Fire Engine by Bandai 

Babylon 5 Omega Class Destroyer (RFI)

1:32 Fly Hurricane IIc, 5 Sqn Burma

1:48 Coastal Command Mosquito 

Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy

Studio Scale UFO 

Tony Curtis' Dino Ferrari 246GT from 'The Persuaders'

Takom Chieftain Mk5

Halcyon USS Sulaco

Aoshima Mole Tunnelling Diorama

1-48 ASR Lysander

1:200 Revell North Cormorant Oil Platform (RFI)

MPC/Round 2 Eagle Transporter #2  RFI

Aoshima Fireflash and Thunderbird 4 diorama (RFI)

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

TB2 Launch diorama (RFI)
AFV Club Centurion Mk 6
1:32 Flying Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea RFI
Hurricane IId, 5 Sqn, SEAC Burma, 1943-44 (RFI)
Bandai Garret Showman Engine Made in Great Britain GB (RFI)
22" Round2/MPC Space:1999 Eagle (RFI)
1:48 Spitfire Vb, 122 Sqn Summer '42
1:48 ASR Avro Anson RFI
1:32 Spitfire IIa (BoB GB)
Stingray Terror Fish (Non-Injection Molded GB)

Aoshima Thunderbird 4
Futuristic RAF Transport aircraft (What If GB)
1:144 Scale Thunderbird 2, 21" long!
Tamiya Tyrell 6 wheel F1 (French Fancies GB)
Thunderbirds Mole by Aoshima (SciFi GB)
Thunderbird 2 Launch Diorama (SciFi GB)
Airfix Paddle Steamer Engine
1:48 Tornado F.3 5 Sqn
1:72 Dambuster Lancaster (Bomber Command GB)
1:12 Christie Steam Fire Engine RFI
Wingnut Wings 1:32 DH.2
Aoshima Spectrum Saloon Car
Meng FT 17 WW1 Tank dio
D-Day Bridge Diorama
1-48 Hasegawa Typhoon 1B D-Day
Scimitar 2 scratch(ish) build RFI
Thunderbird 4
1:48 Airfix Warrior (RFI)
1/8th Iron Man Mk VI
81 Sqn Spitfire IX, Tunisia 1943 (RFI)
RAF SEAC 5 Sqn Thunderbolt I
Aoshima Thunderbird 1
5 Sqn F6 Lightning, Late 70s
Aoshima Thunderbird 3 RFI Thread
Bandai UFO Interceptor RFI thread
480 Routemaster Routemaster RFI
Imai Sky 1 from UFO (RFI)
Sara Chainmail Bikini (RFI)
5 Sqn Thunderbolt, SEAC 1944
Revell 1:48 Mosquito B Mk IV (Mosquito STGB)
1:32 Revell Hurricane IIC - 5 Sqn, Burma 1944-45 (RFI)
1:32 Revell Hurricane IIc, 5 Sqn Burma (build)
1:48 RAF SEAC Curtis Mohawk IV
Spectrum Passenger Jet
Royal Navy FRS 1 Sea Vespid (What If II GB) (RFI)
1:16 Bandai Steam Roller (RFI)
Stand By For Action! We are about to launch Stingray!
1:35 Op Herrick Scimitar CVR(T), LEP and Bar Armour!
Sherman Calliope (Sherman STGB)
1:35 Falklands Scorpion Tank (RFI)
Aliens Dropship (Movie & TV GB)
1:48 Revell Rafale M (RFI)
Bablyon 5 Starfury (Sci-Fi GB)
Tamiya 1:48 RAF Mustang III (Mustang STGB)
Thunderbirds Firefly (Emergency Services GB)
1:35 Challenger 1 with Dozer diorama
1:35 Austin Tilly diorama
1:48 BoB Diorama


On Hold:


RAF F-16 from Independence Day

Airfix Girder Bridge

1:32 Sopwith Camel

1:7 Jon Pertwee Dr Who

1:48 Walrus

1:35 Panama RC Mine Detector Land Rover 

Airfix Space:1999 Hawk
1:35 CrARRV conversion
1-35 Meng Char 2C
CZ Models 1:35 Spot-55 - Russian fire fighting tank
1:32 Hawker Hunter: Miss Demeanour



1:32 Spitfire I workshop diorama

1:48 23" Replicas Unlimited Eagle Transporter

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