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  1. I'm currently building my second Lab Eagle/Booster combo but havn't been documenting it on here as I did the first one last year and its pretty much the exact same build! Its an excellent kit - needs some careful sanding of mould lines and such but it builds into a great model. I don't do metal engine bells - my wallet doesn't believe the cost is worth it considering I know how to do Alclad!
  2. That looks excellent, I like the pod fixing solution. I aim to build a VIP one sometime but currently plodding away at my second 22" Lab Eagle. Keep up the good work, give it time and the mojo will be restored! YES you do want a 22" one
  3. It stalled back in 2015 and has been sitting on the shelf of doom ever since...
  4. Many happy doodahs on your wossname!
  5. Yup you get a load of them in the kit decals. What I've collected is various lining decals intended for railways and car models of various colours and widths that I can cut up and use to make the stripes etc on the spine
  6. I think I used XF-56 Metallic Grey as a good match
  7. Well yesterday was my last day in the 50s, today I reach the sunny uplands of 60 years old which is something I struggle to believe - except first thing in the morning when the bones creak! The inner teenager in me is shocked and disgusted to find itself clocking up this mileage and refuses to accept it so I shall continue to grow old disgracefully! The is a bottle of champagne in the fridge I was give by my company a couple years back when I won and award so I think now is the time to crack that open and I picked up a nice juicy looking rib eye steak for my dinner later, so c
  8. My Dad was the chief Electrician for the Fleetway Print works in Gravesend which printed comics like Lion, Valliant, Whizzer and Chips, Tiger and Battle and Action Picture Library war comics books. In 1978 they also started printing 2000AD and I had a complete collection of them including the toys on multiple copies of the first few issues! Needless to say when I went to Uni in 1979 my mother threw them all away, and gave away all my Meccano, Scalextrix and my models. I was not best pleased it would be fair to say.
  9. Um I'm not sure, most likely something like XF-20 and then one o the bluer greys, I think I've done it different on every Eagle I've built Its not really important it just needs to be two different shades The Ford Diamond White can take a while to completely cure so don't rush things. Its not the same sort of paint as we are used to. I've used it direct from the can as well as decanted into Tamiya paint bottles and sprayed, plus on a paintbrush from the bottle and its is a very thin paint that doesn't cover well in comparison to say Tamiya acrylics.
  10. Good progress so far. The decals I used were originally for the 22" kit, but I chopped them up to use on the smaller 14" kit. Sadly the weathering decals are no longer available. I don't use them on the 22" kits, I'm quite happy to mask the panels on that even though it does get a bit insane:
  11. Nice start, will be looking forward to seeing your progress on this! Glad to inspire someone else to have a bash at these fantastic kits! As for parts from other kits, you identified the Tiger and there is also a Panther hull on the other side. There are bits from the 1:24 Gemini above the doors of the passenger pod, there are various pieces from the Airfix Saturn 5 kit - eg the Lunar Module bits on the top of the walkways and on the underside of the passenger pod. The circular bit with 4 dimples on each leg pod is also from Saturn 5 kit, they are the underside par
  12. Cheers Iain, I will get back to this as soon as I've sorted out this stuff, it'll be nice to complete this particular built as it fill the final gap in my Dad's story. After that I guess my next challenge in that sequence would be to replace the 1:48 Thunderbolts with 1:32 versions to keep the whole thing consistent!
  13. There will be a pause on this build for a while as I've got involved in clearing my Meccano collection out of the shed and selling it on eBay as I havn't done any Meccano building for night on 10 years and see no point keeping it any longer. The build will resume in a few weeks...
  14. Here it is after surgery! This fitted remarkably well with only a minimal bit of fettling required. The gap cut out of the piece in the middle was made during the previous Spitfire I build to allow the fitting of a resin Oil filter that replaces the misshapen thing in the original Revell MK II kit. So with this initial bit of plastic bashing completed, it was time to take a look at the front end of the fuselage. You can see here the taped together fuselage halves along with a pencil line showing where I need to cut to remove the lengthened
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