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  1. To quote the David J Smith book, Action Stations 7: RAF Castle Archdale was ' renamed RAF Lough Erne on Air Ministry orders on Februray 18 [1941] (The title was to revert to Castle Archdale in Januray 1943.)' Smith's information is correct as Air Ministry and Ministry of Defence: Operations Record Books, Royal Air Force Stations reference No. AIR 28/497 held in TNA Kew is titled: 'LOUGH ERNE: later renamed Castle Archdale' With AIR 28/498 through to AIR 28/500 also being 'Lough Erne' Incidentally, I have a copy of the Senior Medical Officers report from 'RAF Station Lough Erne' which also refers to the Location as 'Castle Archdale', but not 'RAF Castle Archdale'. Evidently, both titles could even be used, regardless of official designation. However, St Angelo was an airfield and not a flying boat base, although fairly close to Killdeas geographically.
  2. That's fantastic. Didn't even know there was a kit of the Aerovan, and also nice to see it beside the Skyvan
  3. Thanks for the link Mike. I think its sometimes easier to navigate flickr through the themed albums if anyone's after a particular thing : https://www.flickr.com/photos/usani4245/albums Or link the photo
  4. It was what has been dubbed the YAKFIRE. Possible number of reasons Maybe the Imax camera was to bulky to mount on a Spitfire. Or the supporting frame. That alone could have been technical, or structural or even COA/insurance related So I guess the Yak was used hence the fake stubs being added. I think much of the cockpit shots were the Yak too.
  5. Went to see it this afternoon for a matinee show on 35mm. Sadly the Imax option is not available to me A very different style of war movie, and certainly not a typical Hollywood one. Understated, and all the better for it. I think its good Nolan steered away from the typical historical chronological narrative. Although I guess that's typical Nolan. Some of the camera work reminded me of Interstellar. Such as the aircraft at one point against the sky, being akin to the Endurance spaceship against the vastness of space, and the shots of the aircraft nose over the wing, much like similar stuff of the Ranger spacecraft. All made made me feel the English channel was potentially insurmountable, and as much the enemy. The Heinkels looked really great. Very convincing RC models. and well worked into the various scenes with the real aircraft. Compared to a film like Red Tails, it's chalk and cheese! I'll very probably go and see it again, as its a film I've come away from, and now been thinking about a bit. Hope when the DVD arrives they can put a some aerial out takes
  6. Great to see someone modelling RAuxAF Squadrons. Have ambitions in that area too
  7. Built this when I was a kid. Nice to see one again. Firefly's a good looking aircraft too.
  8. Just the sort of weirdness I love to see. Inspiration to crack on with a few obscure types myself! Contemplated buying the Contrail Botha years ago, but (maybe fortunately) never went there in the end.
  9. Completely hear what your saying but it just looked like a big white blob to me when it was just in the white. Hence the lines which I know are far from scale. The Landrover is N guage (I think) so not accurately to scale, but the figures are Preiser 1/144 airfield/aircrew
  10. Haven't posted any builds in a long time, but going to try and make an effort this year. This is the Anigrand 1/144 Short Sperrin dressed up in anti-flash white representing the aircraft as they may have appeared if production had started and they'd reached the RAF The kit is nice enough but as with the other two Sperrin kits available there are some accuracy issues. However the Anigrand kit actually maybe makes it look a better looking aircraft, or maybe I'm just liking it too much now. In retrospect I would change the wheels which are reminiscent of matchbox/hotwheels cars from the 70's. 1/144 isn't a scale I'd normally tackle and it was a bit of a fight to finish for various non kit quality related reasons (I managed to drop it once)... which didn't help the modelling mojo. Anyway, on to some pictures, and hope you find it interesting
  11. Always had a fondness for that brand. Easily built with just enough detail for back in the day. Nice scheme, which you don't see on a P-47 too often...if ever:)
  12. Tackling not one .....but two, MPM Blenhiems. Your a braver man than I And nice work BTW
  13. Oh yes. really like that and the colour scheme makes a change
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