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  1. The other Fulmar in the movie "6B" or "6R" seems to have a darker spinner
  2. Sorry, "6P" seems to have a sky spinner:
  3. This is a screenshot from a video about FAA raid on Petsamo (https://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/item/109948498-royal-navy-sails-north-give-aid-russia) Is the code "6P" painted sky, partially overpainted with black? Spinner is black. What was the serialbumber of "6P"?
  4. I have an old Academy 1/48 Spitfire XIV on the workbench. I 'm going to correct and convert it into a XIX. I have the Aerclub mk.21 conversion kit to correct the fuselage. But can use the Aeroclub underwing radiators to correct the Academy kit radiators?
  5. I bought an second hand old Airfix 1/48 Spitfire mk.Vb kit. These white metal parts were in the box. Is it an old Aeroclub set to build an early mk.V?
  6. I probably have to make a new nose wheel bay. I just realized that i only have reference pictures of the Vampire single seat wheel bay.
  7. Hi! I've started to build the Classic Airframes Vampire T.11. Its going to be a Swedish Air Force T.55, designated J 28C-2. The kit is not very good and needs a lot of corrections. The cockpit area on the fuselage needs a lot of attention. I'm going to use a Aeroclub canopy. Not much of the resin interior is going to be used. The J 28C-2 didn't have ejection seats. Also the instrument panel layout was different. Regards /Anton
  8. A small update. I wasn't satisfied with the bulges over the rockercovers on the kit. So i made new ones from evegreen, filler and a smal piece of sprue. The level of detail in the wheel wells are non existant. Some scratchbuilding is needed! Ed, I must say that a Jays kit looks fun to bulild! I have the High Planes Wirraway and it looks similar to the Spitfire kit. One more to go, and some filler needed:
  9. I fixed it with the old reliable abrasive paper and scalpel and a 1/48 Spitfire XIV as reference. For the wing fairing i used another 1/72 spitfire as template. I used aluminium foil tape and cut out the pieces. Then the tape was moved to the FR Mk.18e!
  10. I had an old Frog Spitfire XIV converted to a PR.XIX in the scrapheap. But now its back from the dead! Its going to be a FR Mk.18e from 208 Sqn. Egypt 1949, painted in Dark Earth and Light Slate Gray. The spine is from a late issue Spitfire IX/XVI. The oil coolers needed som attention as well as the omitted "gull wing". I hope to find a better canopy or use the one in the picture as master. Wheels shold be three-spoke but i have none in the spare parts box.
  11. Your welcome! Contact me if you need more information or references of aicrafts in Swedish service!
  12. Hi Will! The steelgray paint was changed over the years. Steelgray (1923) slightly darker than FS36320 Steelgray (1933) lighter and more metallic than FS16165 Lightblue (floats) slightly greener than FS35450 S 5A markings during a big exercise in southerns Sweden, autumn 1935. The 4.bomb sqd. had a blue flying fish pinted on the fuselage during the exersice. "2" belonged to 1.reconnasaince section and had red markings as well.
  13. Ok. Maybe i go for 60 lb rockets. Seems easier. Or can i use the bombs included in the Airfix Mosquito kit?
  14. Or are they exactly the same as the American M-8 rocket tubes? Drawing M-8 rocket tubes
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