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  1. My second build for this group build is the awkwardly named and equally odd looking Wellesley. This is a memorial build. My father wanted to build one before passing earlier this year so I have his kit and will build it as one of a number of models I am finishing or fully building from his shelf of doom and stash. I have not built this before but I remember a version sitting on my Dad's "Bomber Command" shelf. This will probably be OOB with some possible scratchbuild. I also have the 1/72 Valom version from his stash so this one will probably be the LR aircraft unless anyone here has any other ideas. Here is the kit in all its glory, decals could be an issue.
  2. Hello everyone, For my first group build i am starting with the Matchbox Meteor and will attempt to convert it to an NF 13 and paint as an example from Operation Musketeer. I have the Airwaves set although i have no idea how I will handle the airbrake since the set simply asks me to cut out the existing brakes. I also have no decals for this example but I think I can pull something together. Here is the kit and aftermarket: I hope the embed works.
  3. I am building the PK 129 Meteor and either PK-117 Lightning trainer or PK-126 Hawker Hunter Trainer. Hopefully I can finish this GB.
  4. I’m in with a Meteor NF 14 although I have a ton of old Matchbox and that may become a Hunter Trainer or something else.
  5. I'm in, I have the Airfix Victor and Valiant as well as the Matchbox Victor and 2 Airfix Vulcans. Need to build one at some point.
  6. I'm in, plenty of Spit's in the stash and time on my hands. This will be my first Group Build so we will see what happens.
  7. Hasagawa put out an issue of their 1/72 lanc with the resin and decals, but it was limited run. Might find it on e-bay.
  8. A company called Cammett LTD had decals, masks and paints for the aircraft. I don't know if they are still out there, but they do provide decals for the stars, etc. This is for the 1/32 Revell offering. Hope this helps. Chris
  9. Generally zinc cromate green although some had the more yellow interior green you see on the P-47 for example. The difference probably has to do with reapplication in the field. Chris
  10. I use either isopropol or denatured alchohol on a cotton ball or q-tip depending on the size of the area in question. This will not leave streaks or affect the plastic in any way although it does take a few minutes to clean large areas. Just make sure you zip a knife through the panel lines before you respray to ensure they are not inadvertently filled in. Chris
  11. If I said the pin-up is based on my wife.....hold on...what's that hun, back to the doghouse.....doh. I should say Allister's conversion is great any apparent issues are soley the fault of the modeller. Chris
  12. I use CA glue medium-curing with accelerator and beer. CA glue is great for resin parts, and the accelerator making things more convienent, the beer is for the realization that the aftermarket company clearly never actually saw the kit.
  13. So what you ask is so nerve racking about building a model, well chopping up the wings of a $160 model in front of the wife who so lovingly gave it to you while trying to install an expensive aftermarket set which she also got for you. Here are the wings as they stand now, outer wings are not glued up yet as I have to install bulbs and reflectors inside This is the fuselage with the wing. I have installed the ash thimble and added the strengthening rib. And since this is a WIP, although a little late to the game, here are a couple photos of the cockpit. If you look carefully there is a pin-up in there over the ash radar viewer, correct, maybe not, fun, yup.
  14. Esci did a 1/48 Skyraider AEW with radome, my father has two or three of them, but I suspect he would be unwilling to give them up. Chris
  15. Is it me or does the kit look almost identical to the Trumpter 1/48 minus the wing fold? As a side note do you think someone will do a resin wingfold for it or will I have to hunt up the Airwaves 1/72 wingfold?
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