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  1. I really want to do one of these in 48, but can't find the decals anywhere. I did, for a few moments, consider spraying it myself but noped out of that very quickly! You've done a fantastic job, well done
  2. Aaaah, Kittyhawk... Your experience mirrors, to the letter, my experience with their Mirage F1B. Mine sat on a shelf, unfinished, for a few years and when I did decide to pick it up again, I dropped it, splitting the canopy in two. So, well done on finishing the battle and congrats on what looks like a fine victory! The result appears well worth the struggle I'd say!
  3. Probably, it's of that general era. My thinking didn't go that far though. As usual, it was more a case of 'ooooo, bright colours, shiny things..'
  4. I hope so because I have a pile of their Mirages to get through as well!
  5. This. I'm busy with a couple of their Kfirs, one of which has been a shelf queen for nearly 6 years.. Getting back to it, I'm reminded why it sat collecting dust for so long! Just about every piece needs some degree of clean up and with the moulding not being 'sharp' and the plastic being soft, it's quite easy to deform a piece. It doesn't look like you've inserted the wingtip lights yet but I'd be interested to know how they fit - the Kfirs were slightly undersized Still, there are some absolutely stunning results being obtained from the kit so all in all, I guess with some dedication and elbow grease, it's not that bad a kit. You are doing a lovely job!
  6. Lovely Mig, Miroslav. I like that scheme!
  7. I tend to like the box art of kits I'm after.. So when I first re-entered the hobby my favourite box art for a long time was this one Once I'd acquired the kit, the artwork lost some of it's magnetism, but still remains a sentimental favourite! Another bias is anything SAAF, so the following is one of my favourites If I was forced to choose boxart without those biases, from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, the Eduard Rockin Rhino box is a favourite. Dunno, it cheers me up - must be the flowers
  8. Lovely pair! Stunning result! I hope they release a SAAF version..
  9. Hi Titouan, I'd be very happy with that as a first build, nice job! Just to answer your question Yes, there are a few solutions available which don't cost much. My go-to scriber is a Tamiya Plastic Scriber II. Sometimes I need to get get into nooks and crannies and that is where my Trumpeter scriber is useful. Together, they shouldn't cost much more than £10-£15 and I think are worthwile investments. I used to use a pin stuck into a knife handle but it's hard to control and doesn't scribe very neatly at all. That's what it's all about. You'll inevitably gain experience and tools along the way and get better at making models so don't pressure yourself and keep having fun!
  10. Thanks everyone, appreciate the compliments.
  11. This is the Academy Mig-21, Soviet Air Force and & Export boxing and their version of 'Red 1904' from the Sky Hussars Display Team, 1983, though I've tried to depict it as it stands (stood?) at the Szolnok Air Museum in Hungary. The model is slightly fortunate to have made it this far as I had a bit of a mishap yesterday while putting the finishing touches on and dropped it. Luckily, most of the bits that fell off (nose pitot, chin antennas and rear landing gear and their doors were fairly easy to reattach and patch up, the only permanent casualty being the triple chin antennas, replaced with straightened wire and one of the main landing gear struts, which I heard crunch underfoot while looking for the other disconnected bits, so you'll notice one of the linkages isn't present! Other than that, the build went pretty smoothly. The kit is a bit basic when compared to the Eduard Migs, but it goes together well. I added a bit of extra detail to the kit seats, namely a milliput cushion as well as some belts. I also used a spare Eduard decal for the IP. With the canopy closed, accuracy wasn't an absolute priority, so they'll do. The main colour is my own mix of Mr Color Aqueous while the cockpit is a mix of Mr.C's Emerald Green and Tamiya Sky Blue. I chose a Satin finish in the end. Anyway, on to the pics. Please excuse the unpainted underside of the belly pylon - I was going to hang another tank but decided against it for now. I may do so at a later date but for now I just want to move on Thanks for stopping by!
  12. Yesterday, I was slightly ahead of where you are on my Mig-21 (Academy in the yellow Hungarian Capeti scheme) . I was putting the finishing touches to it when I dropped it. Second model I've dropped lately.. Anyway, while crawling around looking for broken bits, I crushed a main landing gear leg. Now I'm behind you in terms of progress Looking good and looking forward to seeing yours complete!
  13. That's a striking scheme, great job!
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