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  1. I'm wondering how it's possible to arrange a sale at all without a pm. What am I missing?
  2. Lovely result. I'd never guess it put up a fight by looking at it. You've well and truly beaten it.
  3. Those colours work well together. Terrific job!
  4. Avgas

    Tamiya 23ml bottles

    Even my old stomping ground at the southern tip of Africa has them.
  5. Avgas

    Tamiya 23ml bottles

    For anybody who's interested, I've received a reply - "Dear XXXX, Thank you for your email and I would advise as follows. 1) Many resellers have limited shelf space and will therefore not stock both sizes, especially when they are stocking paints from a number of manufacturers 2) Each bottle of paint/colour has to undergo testing before distribution in the UK and this is an expensive exercise I trust that this information answers your question. Best regards" There you have it, shelf space and testing appare
  6. That's great, thanks both. I guess chopping the fins off an Aim-9 and painting it blue would make a passable representation.
  7. Can someone please help me identify the dark blue pod under the wing of this F-21 please? Looks like a finless Sidewinder. Airlinets.net picture so can't post directly, apologies. Just follow the link. https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/Israel-Aircraft-Industries-F-21A-Kfir/1793885/L
  8. Lovely result! (those stencils look like fun )
  9. Avgas

    Tamiya 23ml bottles

    Tamiya USA seem to still stock them too. I've found a couple of threads from 2012-2014 discussing the discontinuation of the 23ml bottles and the fact they were still available then. As I type, I can feel the cynic in me stirring, so I'll send Hobbyco an email to find out what the deal is before I conclude it's local unavailability is profit driven Thanks for the input everyone.
  10. I've only recently become aware of the fact Tamiya do their acrylics in 23ml bottles as well as the 10ml that appear to be the norm in the UK. Prices abroad indicate better value for money with the bigger bottles but I can't find any UK stockists. Does anybody know of a UK supplier? Seems a no brainer to buy a few better value bottles of the more frequently used colours.
  11. Yea, I recall Raymond saying on Facebook that Kinetic won't be making public any of their planned kits until just prior to release. This was immediately after the eventual release and final conclusion of the AMK Tomcat debacle. I think a few manufacturers learned from that!
  12. Very nicely done. The panel lines look good, not too dark, not too light, just right.
  13. Avgas


    Scalemates.com is a good source for this type of info. It'll give you the history of a certain kit in timeline form, including other manufacturers who may have boxed the kit. As an example https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-48265-he-111h-6-north-africa--1223782 - States that ICM produced the kit in 2017, added new parts in 2019 for this particular boxing and Revell reboxed it in 2019 as well.
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