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  1. Buying the plastic, PE, mask, resin and a set of decals comes in quite a bit cheaper than buying the full kit. Makes the price of the full kit appear interesting and going the individual parts route a better option, or are my calculations wrong?
  2. Lovely finish, looks great! I'd also like to know how easy the build was, things to watch out for etc?
  3. I always did like the look of the Vigilante and yours looks great, well done.
  4. Crikey, that's quite something. Stunning! I'm about 2 months into a single model and have only just started applying paint. What you've done would take me a year or two and not be remotely in the same ball park in terms of quality..
  5. The result makes your struggles worthwhile I reckon. Lovely job and SAAF too - what's not to like!
  6. Interesting back story, thanks. That's not one, but two things I've learned today - I'll call it a success
  7. Aaaaaaaaah.....!! I did wonder if that was the so called Mandela Effect in action. Berenstein, Berenstain, Martin, Martian.. Thanks for that - solved a year or two long minor mystery
  8. My experience is the complete opposite of yours. One of my biggest 'why didn't I try this earler ?!' moments in modelling was when I switched to acrylics. What I could do in 6hrs with enamels I could in one with acrylics. Drying time and clean up were the greatest improvements. No judgements, just interesting how we differ
  9. One of those schemes I feel I need to do one day to fully earn my modelling wings. You've done a very good job, looks great!
  10. Sorry about your fingers Lovely collection! Interesting size comparison.
  11. Actually, a braai usually goes on for hours and hours (weather works with is over there) , so if you drop in now, now-now, or just now, it probably won't make a difference!
  12. I'm originally South African. There are other South Africanisms that I brought over to the UK that I've had to abandon due to the frequency of blank stairs I received. A traffic light is a 'robot' in SA and a roundabout is simply called a 'circle'. There are also three versions of the word 'now'. They are: 'now' , 'now-now' and 'just now' , for each one you should add an increasing period of time to your expections of when the action will take place. 'Now' means within a few minutes, 'now-now' means anything up to 30 minutes or so and 'just now' could be an hour, could be a few hours. To mconfuse you even more, they're interchangeable, depending on who you speak to. If you've read all that, you'll now know what it means if a South African tells you to 'meet me now-now at the robot by the circle'. No thanks necessary!
  13. I've never completed any dual build I've started so congratulations on that alone! The results speak for themselves though - they both look superb. Well done!
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