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  1. Edgar Thank you for your promptly reply and for sharing your vast knowledge. Best regards, Machado
  2. Hi folks! I realy need the assistance from the Britmodeller experts.I am building the Airfix's Spitfire to depict the famous DW-K (P9495 Mk1a). With the information that I already have gathered in this forum and other sources from the internet I found out the this particular aircraft was build at Eastleigh and its first flight was on 16th April 1940. Arrived at 610 Squadron early June 1940 then it was written off due to the damages suffered during a fight with a 109 on 12.8.40. Considering these datas my doubts so far are the following: Can I assume that this aircraft was fitted with the m
  3. Hi folks. I received this Ligthing kit as a christmas gift from my wife who always support me on my hobby no matter how big my stash is. During the building research I saw on the book "Guide for the Modeller" from SAM Publications a profile of the aircraft XN732/R from the 92 Squadron, natural metal with blue spine, fin and rudder. As her name is Rita depict this aircraft seemed to be a beautiful tribute to her. Being so, I rushed to get the Xtradecal X72092 in order to be able to acomplish this mission. Of course, I also took advantage to get the Xtradecal X72089, the Aires resin cockpit
  4. Hi folks Happy New Year everyone, have a great year with a lot of good health and that perfect build may come true to all of us. I am back to the workbench after a week off and I would like to thank you guys for all the inputs and the welcome. I just finished to adjust the Aires cockpit and now I am starting to paint these parts and will post some pictures when done. Best regards, Machado.
  5. Hi, all. I'm building the Trumpeter's 1/72 Lightning F2A and I would like to know which color would be the most suitable for the interior, black or grey. The instructions calls for grey but I was told that as the F2A is an upgraded version of the F2 they could had kept the black color for a while. That makes me think if this couldn't be the case specially considering that the model will depict the NMF XN793/A 92 Sqn circa 1970. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot Machado
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