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  1. Fantastic work Sean! They're both exceptional models but I reckon the LWB just pips the shorty I just thought of a question; what did you use for the boom elevating cable? Cheers David
  2. The pressure is on and I may have some time for modelling over the next few weeks! Cheers David
  3. It certainly is! I had to enlarge the photographs to see it. I don't think I'll use that technique; cutting a fine thread with a dye should be be better for my eyesight and sanity Cheers David
  4. Sean The blue-grey finish looks good and really rounds off and excellent model. One of my ancient modelling magazines/books recommends using an appropriately sized bolt to replace the plastic component representing the screw jack. I haven't tried it myself but I think that it would work well. Something to bear in mind for you're next Amazon Cheers David
  5. Nice work Sean! I'll have to get to work on my Amazon; I can't have Ian producing a kit before I finish my conversion Cheers David
  6. I reckon MMS wheeled vehicles are right up there with the best small scale models, particularly the Crossleys and smaller vehicles like 15cwts and utilities. I don't like the simplified front axles on some of the 3 tonners but that's easily fixed. I haven't built any MMS Commers so I'll be watching yours with great interest. Cheers David
  7. I'm not sure about the pre- or early war vehicles and there's nothing in my references. However, I have asked Ted Angus and he is sure to know. I did notice that the first Thornycroft Amazons were delivered to Cranes for completion in 1939 so they would have been finished in the RAF blue-grey. Cheers David
  8. That is coming on really well and it is a very interesting AFV. As I understand, the BMP T won't enter service with the Russian army as the T-15 Armata HIFV will do the job. It is in service with Kazakistan, and possibly Algeria, if you're trying to find markings. Cheers David
  9. In a discussion about "Night Bombers" on another DG, Mike Starmer has provided some observations about "Night Bombers" on other DGs and I'll reproduce some relevant parts: " The bulk of this film was taken in 1944 and 1945 due to preponderance of green vehicles. In 1943 they would have been SCC.2 brown. Points worth noting: The Thornycroft crane is SCC.15 Olive Drab and black with the jib in yellow ... One overhead view of a [David Brown] tractor shows yellow bonnet and mudguards." "The Youtube version is very faded [I have the DVD and the colours are bolder] ... T
  10. More or less! I have a plan ... it's just taking a while to implement Here's a still from Night Bombers. Cheers David
  11. By the way, the excellent "Night Bombers" film features a Thornycroft Amazon that is the same configuration as the Airfix model; SWB and long jib screw crane.
  12. Nice work so far Sean. I particularly like the front wheels; something I will have to try. I have had a WF8/NR6 Coles Mk VII Series 7 under construction for a while but progress has been stalled for a bit. http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=44276 Hopefully, your build will provide the motivation I need to finish mine Cheers David
  13. Great job with the house body conversion! I just noticed that you have hand painted the AoS markings and Tac signs . . . and I had to look twice Cheers David
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