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  1. Fantastic work Sean! They're both exceptional models but I reckon the LWB just pips the shorty I just thought of a question; what did you use for the boom elevating cable? Cheers David
  2. The pressure is on and I may have some time for modelling over the next few weeks! Cheers David
  3. It certainly is! I had to enlarge the photographs to see it. I don't think I'll use that technique; cutting a fine thread with a dye should be be better for my eyesight and sanity Cheers David
  4. Sean The blue-grey finish looks good and really rounds off and excellent model. One of my ancient modelling magazines/books recommends using an appropriately sized bolt to replace the plastic component representing the screw jack. I haven't tried it myself but I think that it would work well. Something to bear in mind for you're next Amazon Cheers David
  5. Nice work Sean! I'll have to get to work on my Amazon; I can't have Ian producing a kit before I finish my conversion Cheers David
  6. I reckon MMS wheeled vehicles are right up there with the best small scale models, particularly the Crossleys and smaller vehicles like 15cwts and utilities. I don't like the simplified front axles on some of the 3 tonners but that's easily fixed. I haven't built any MMS Commers so I'll be watching yours with great interest. Cheers David
  7. I'm not sure about the pre- or early war vehicles and there's nothing in my references. However, I have asked Ted Angus and he is sure to know. I did notice that the first Thornycroft Amazons were delivered to Cranes for completion in 1939 so they would have been finished in the RAF blue-grey. Cheers David
  8. That is coming on really well and it is a very interesting AFV. As I understand, the BMP T won't enter service with the Russian army as the T-15 Armata HIFV will do the job. It is in service with Kazakistan, and possibly Algeria, if you're trying to find markings. Cheers David
  9. In a discussion about "Night Bombers" on another DG, Mike Starmer has provided some observations about "Night Bombers" on other DGs and I'll reproduce some relevant parts: " The bulk of this film was taken in 1944 and 1945 due to preponderance of green vehicles. In 1943 they would have been SCC.2 brown. Points worth noting: The Thornycroft crane is SCC.15 Olive Drab and black with the jib in yellow ... One overhead view of a [David Brown] tractor shows yellow bonnet and mudguards." "The Youtube version is very faded [I have the DVD and the colours are bolder] ... The Thornycroft/crane vehicle is finished in SCC15 Olive Drab with MTP46/4A style disruptive top surfaces in SCC.14 black. The whole of the crane jib is black excepting its top surface which is yellow. This fact alone shows that enemy air activity was not at the time anticipated." In response to a question about the black and yellow jib (and a Morris LRC in overall yellow), Ted Angus advised that WW2 UK aerodrome regs required all vehicles operating on the "landing area " to be equipped with ground danger markers and or markings. The marker was a double disc 2ft in diameter painted Orange or yellow or yellow upper surfaces. AMO 486 of 25 May 1944 required the upper surfaces of all vehicles employed within the landing area to be painted yellow or orange. Sorry to be so long-winded but a Thornycroft with Coles Crane operating in the UK from 1944 onwards could be SCC 15 with a black disruptive camouflage and a black jib with yellow upper surfaces or with the end of the jib in yellow. Cheers David
  10. More or less! I have a plan ... it's just taking a while to implement Here's a still from Night Bombers. Cheers David
  11. By the way, the excellent "Night Bombers" film features a Thornycroft Amazon that is the same configuration as the Airfix model; SWB and long jib screw crane.
  12. Nice work so far Sean. I particularly like the front wheels; something I will have to try. I have had a WF8/NR6 Coles Mk VII Series 7 under construction for a while but progress has been stalled for a bit. http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=44276 Hopefully, your build will provide the motivation I need to finish mine Cheers David
  13. Great job with the house body conversion! I just noticed that you have hand painted the AoS markings and Tac signs . . . and I had to look twice Cheers David
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