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  1. I'm unsure which squadrons fallmonk but yes, they did serve in Africa
  2. Did you give it a coat of Klear first?
  3. perry

    unpainted models?

    me too, lack of time
  4. I've got their 1/48 Wellington in the stash (got cheap off ebay coz I couldn't afford the Trumpy), not looked at it yet but after 1/32 ID and Combat vacs which I've built a few of, surely it can't be any more of a problem..... can it?
  5. Love to see a nice 'Jukebox on Wheels!'
  6. perry

    Dam Buster night!

    I don't know about the Airfix Lanc but, I called in my local Sainsburys on the way home from work tonight to pick up a bottle of Lancaster Bomber and.......... they'd sold out!
  7. Matt, leave the canopy to soak in Klear overnight and that will strip the Klear off. Wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth. Instead of dipping clear parts, I use a soft brush to paint the Klear on. Then mask and paint the frame. If you muck the painting up and get paint on the canopy, just soak the part overnight again and the Klear will strip the old coat off along with the paint. HTH
  8. Wht torture to us who would love but never be able to afford our dream...... and, I know how i would display it in my small house!
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